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Titus.1 Chapter Title Slide
Titus.1.1a Paul Served God & Jesus
Titus.1.1b Paul Was An Apostle
Titus.1.1c Jesus Sent Paul To Help Our Faith
Titus.1.1d Jesus Sent Paul To Unveil Truth
Titus.1.1e Truth Helps Us Serve God
Titus.1.11a False Teaching Must Be Silenced
Titus.1.11b False Teaching Turns Folks Away From Truth
Titus.1.11c False Teachers Often Focus Only On Money
Titus.1.11 Surgical Prayer
Titus.2 Chapter Title Slide
Titus.3 Chapter Title Slide
Titus.3.3 REF-Without Jesus, All Are Slaves To Sin
Titus.3.3a Don’t Stay Disobedient & Foolish: Obey God
Titus.3.3 Surgical Prayer
Titus.3.4-5a God Saved Us
Titus.3.4-5b God Appeared In The Form Of Jesus
Titus.3.4-5c God Saved Us Out Of Kindness
Titus.3.4-5d God Saved Us Out Of Love
Titus.3.4-5e Christians Can’t Earn Salvation
Titus.3.5a Righteousness Can’t Save Us
Titus.3.5b Salvation Comes Because Of Mercy
Titus.3.5c Sins Are Washed Away
Titus.3.5d Baptism Is A New Birth
Titus.3.5e New Life Comes By The Holy Spirit
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