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Romans.1 Chapter Title Slide
Romans.1.4 REF-Jesus’ Resurrection Proves He Is God’s Son
Romans.1.5 Obedience Is The Result Of Internalized Faith
Romans.1.5 Surgical Prayer
Romans.1.12a Encourage Each Other
Romans.1.12b Faith Encourages Faith
Romans.1.12 Surgical Prayer
Romans.1.16a Don’t Be Ashamed Of The Gospel
Romans.1.16b The Gospel of Jesus Is Powerful
Romans.1.16c The Gospel of Jesus Is At Work Here
Romans.1.16d The Gospel of Jesus Saves
Romans.1.16e The Gospel of Jesus Is For Jews First
Romans.1.16f The Gospel of Jesus Is For Others Second
Romans.1.16 Surgical Prayer
Romans.1.17a The Gospel Is About Reconciliation
Romans.1.17b Faith Reconciles Us With God
Romans.1.17c Those Reconciled Live By Faith
Romans.1.17 Surgical Prayer
Romans.1.20 REF-God Created Everything To Reveal Himself
Romans.1.24 Doing Vile Sexual Things Separates You From God
Romans.1.24 Surgical Prayer
Romans.1.25 REF-God Created Everything, But Worship HIM
Romans.1.25a Some Exchange God’s Truths For Clever Lies
Romans.1.25b Believing Lies Leads To Worshipping The Earth
Romans.1.25c God Alone Deserves Our Eternal Worship
Romans.1.25 Surgical Prayer
Romans.1.26a Doing Vile Sexual Things Separates You From God
Romans.1.26b Vile Sexual Things Include Same-Sex Sex
Romans.1.26c Practicing Same-Sex Sex Is Unnatural
Romans.1.26d Practicing Same-Sex Sex Is Shameful
Romans.1.26 Surgical Prayer
Romans.1.27 Some Suffering Is Self-Inflicted
Romans.1.27a Vile Sexual Things Include Same-Sex Sex
Romans.1.27b Heterosexual Sex Is Normal
Romans.1.27c Same-Sex Sex Is Shameful
Romans.1.27d Same-Sex Sex Has A Penalty
Romans.1.27 Surgical Prayer
Romans.2 Chapter Title Slide
Romans.2.11a God Is Your Judge
Romans.2.11b God Judges All Equally
Romans.2.11 Surgical Prayer
Romans.3 Chapter Title Slide
Romans.3.2 Jews Brought Us The Bible
Romans.3.2 Surgical Prayer
Romans.3.9 All Have Sinned
Romans.3.9 Surgical Prayer
Romans.3.12 All Have Sinned
Romans.3.12 Surgical Prayer
Romans.3.13 All Lie & Deceive
Romans.3.13 Surgical Prayer
Romans.3.19a All Answer To God
Romans.3.19b All Are Guilty Before God
Romans.3.19 Surgical Prayer
Romans.3.21-22 Faith In Jesus Is The Way To Be Right With God
Romans.3.21-22 Surgical Prayer
Romans.3.23 All Have Sinned
Romans.3.23 Surgical Prayer
Romans.3.24a Grace Is A Gift From God
Romans.3.24b Grace Comes Through Jesus
Romans.3.24c Jesus Freed Us From Death
Romans.3.24 Surgical Prayer
Romans.4 Chapter Title Slide
Romans.4.24 REF-God Resurrected Jesus
Romans.5 Chapter Title Slide
Romans.5.5a The Holy Spirit Is In The Hearts Of Christians
Romans.5.5b The Holy Spirit In Us Is Proof Of God’s Love
Romans.5.5 Surgical Prayer
Romans.5.12 There Was No Death Before Sin
Romans.5.15 God Gave Us Jesus
Romans.5.15 Surgical Prayer
Romans.5.17a Earth Had No Death Before Sin
Romans.5.17b Adam’s Sin Brought Death To Earth
Romans.5.17c Death Currently Rules All People
Romans.5.17d God Wants Us To Accept His Grace
Romans.5.17e God Wants to Reconcile With Us
Romans.5.17f All Those Reconciled To God Will Have Life
Romans.5.17g Eternal Life Comes Only Through Jesus
Romans.5.17 Surgical Prayer
Romans.6 Chapter Title Slide
Romans.6.3 REF-Baptism Joins You To Jesus Christ
Romans.6.3-5 Baptism Is 1st Step In Resurrection
Romans.6.4 REF-Baptism Is A Burial
Romans.6.4a Baptism Connects You To Jesus
Romans.6.4b REF-God Resurrected Jesus
Romans.6.4c Baptism Begins Your Change To A New Life
Romans.6.4 Surgical Prayer
Romans.6.6 REF-Christians Are No Longer Slaves To Sin
Romans.6.8 Baptism Connects You To Jesus’ Resurrection
Romans.6.8 Surgical Prayer
Romans.6.9 REF-Jesus Was Resurrected & Will Not Die Again
Romans.6.12a Don’t Let Sin Control You
Romans.6.12b Don’t Give In To Sinful Desires
Romans.6.13a Don’t Use Your Body To Sin
Romans.6.13b Don’t Use Your Body To Disobey God
Romans.6.13c Death To Sin Leads To New Life
Romans.6.13d Use Your Body For Good
Romans.6.13e Use Your Body For God
Romans.6.14a All Have Served Sin As Master
Romans.6.14b Some Are Now Free From Sin
Romans.6.14c Grace Is From God
Romans.6.14d Grace Is Freedom From Sin
Romans.6.14 Surgical Prayer
Romans.6.16 REF-Slavery To Sin Leads To Death
Romans.6.23a The Cost Of Sin Is Death
Romans.6.23b God Offers Eternal Life
Romans.6.23c Eternal Life Is Free
Romans.6.23d Eternal Life Comes Through Jesus
Romans.6.23 Surgical Prayer
Romans.7 Chapter Title Slide
Romans.7.5a Sin Can Control Your Body
Romans.7.5b Don’t Let Sin Control Your Body
Romans.7.5c Don’t Let Sin Control Your Mind
Romans.7.5d Sin Fulfilled Brings Death
Romans.7.5e Sin Can Rule Your Life
Romans.7.5f Sin Once Ruled All Christians
Romans.7.6a Law Held People Prisoner
Romans.7.6b Spiritual Death Frees Us From Law
Romans.7.6c Spiritual Life Frees Us To Serve
Romans.7.6d Christians Are Reborn to Serve God
Romans.7.6e Christians Serve From The Heart
Romans.7.14 REF-Without Jesus, All Are Slaves To Sin
Romans.7.23 REF-Evil Powers Work To Make You Slaves To Sin
Romans.8 Chapter Title Slide
Romans.8.1 Christians Will Not Be Judged Guilty
Romans.8.1a Christians Belong To Jesus
Romans.8.1b Christians Won’t Be Condemned
Romans.8.2a The Holy Spirit Gives Us Life
Romans.8.2aa The Holy Spirit Offers Life
Romans.8.2b The Holy Spirit Gives Us Power
Romans.8.2bb The Holy Spirit Offers Life Through Jesus
Romans.8.2c  The Holy Spirit Gives Us Freedom
Romans.8.2cc The Holy Spirit Frees You From Sin
Romans.8.2d Sin Is Powerful
Romans.8.2dd Jesus Frees You From Sin
Romans.8.2e Sin Has The Power Of Death
Romans.8.2ee The Holy Spirit Frees You From Death
Romans.8.2f  Sin Leads To Death
Romans.8.2ff Jesus Frees You From Death
Romans.8.3a The Law Lacked Power
Romans.8.3b The Law Was Powerless Because Of Sin
Romans.8.3c God Did What The Law Couldn’t
Romans.8.3d God Sent Jesus As A Human
Romans.8.3e God Sent Jesus To Live Perfect
Romans.8.3f Humans Use The Body To Sin
Romans.8.3g God Sent Perfect Jesus To Pay For Sin
Romans.8.3h God Sent Jesus To Destroy Sin
Romans.8.4a  Jesus Came So We Would Fulfill Law
Romans.8.4b Jesus Freed Us To Obey The Holy Spirit
Romans.8.4c Deny Self & Obey The Holy Spirit
Romans.8.4d Following Desires Is Disobeying The Holy Spirit
Romans.8.5a Desire Can Rule Your Life
Romans.8.5b Desire Focus Is Self-Centeredness
Romans.8.5c  The Holy Spirit Can Rule Your Life
Romans.8.5d People Ruled By The Holy Spirit Are Spiritually Centered
Romans.8.6a Sin Can Control You
Romans.8.6b Sin-Focus Leads To Death
Romans.8.6c The Holy Spirit Can Control You
Romans.8.6d Holy Spirit–Focus Leads To Life
Romans.8.6e Holy Spirit–Focus Leads To Peace
Romans.8.7a  Sin-Focus Folks Are Hostile To God
Romans.8.7b Sin-Focus Folks Never Obeyed God
Romans.8.7c Sin-Focus Folks Will Never Obey God
Romans.8.8a Some Are Ruled By A Sin-Focus
Romans.8.8b Sin-Focus Folks Can’t Please God
Romans.8.9a Spirit-Focused Folks Are Now Free
Romans.8.9b Spirit-Focused Folks Are Ruled By The Holy Spirit
Romans.8.9c The Holy Spirit Lives In Christians
Romans.8.9d Folks Without The Holy Spirit Aren’t God’s
Romans.8.10a Jesus Lives In Christians
Romans.8.10b Your Current Body Will Die
Romans.8.10c Sin Is The Root Cause Of Death
Romans.8.10d The Holy Spirit Gives Life
Romans.8.10e The Holy Spirit Renews When You Obey
Romans.8.11a The Holy Spirit Resurrected Jesus
Romans.8.11b The Holy Spirit Lives In Christians
Romans.8.11c God Resurrected Jesus
Romans.8.11d God Will Resurrect Christians
Romans.8.11e This Mortal Body Will Be Raised
Romans.8.11f The Holy Spirit Will Raise Christians
Romans.8.12a Christians Are In The Same Family
Romans.8.12b Our Nature Is To Sin
Romans.8.12c Don’t Sin Like Your Body Wants To
Romans.8.13a Death Results In Living By Sin
Romans.8.13b The Holy Spirit Is Powerful
Romans.8.13c Christians Use Holy Spirit Power On Sin
Romans.8.13d Kill Your Deeds That Lead To Death
Romans.8.13e Life Results In Living By The Holy Spirit
Romans.8.14a God Has Children & Impostors
Romans.8.14b Impostors Don’t Let The Holy Spirit Lead
Romans.8.14c All Who Let The Holy Spirit Lead Are God’s
Romans.8.15a Christians Are Delivered From Slavery
Romans.8.15b You Can Fall Away From God
Romans.8.15c Christians Overcome Fear
Romans.8.15d Christians Are Adopted By God
Romans.8.15e Christians Call God “Father”
Romans.8.15f Christians Can Cry Out To God
Romans.8.16a The Holy Spirit Testifies With Us
Romans.8.16b The Holy Spirit Testifies For Us
Romans.8.16c The Holy Spirit Testifies About Us
Romans.8.16d The Holy Spirit Testifies To God
Romans.8.16e The Holy Spirit Confirms We Are God’s
Romans.8.17 Christians Are God’s Heirs
Romans.8.17a Christians Must Suffer
Romans.8.17a Surgical Prayer
Romans.8.18 Suffering Is Worth It
Romans.8.18 Surgical Prayer
Romans.8.19a God’s Children Are Currently Hidden
Romans.8.19b God’s Children Will Be Revealed
Romans.8.19c Creation Will See God’s Own Revealed
Romans.8.19 Surgical Prayer
Romans.8.20a All Creation Was Cursed
Romans.8.20b God Cursed Everything
Romans.8.20c There’s Hope For The Curse To Be Lifted
Romans.8.20 Surgical Prayer
Romans.8.21 4 Of 5 Earths In Scripture
Romans.8.21b Creation Will Be Free From Death
Romans.8.22a Creation Groans In Pain
Romans.8.22b Creation’s Groans Will Bring New Life
Romans.8.23a The World Itself Is In Pain
Romans.8.23b Every Person Has Pain Inside
Romans.8.23c Christians Have The Holy Spirit Inside
Romans.8.23d The Holy Spirit Is A Down-Payment
Romans.8.23e The Holy Spirit Confirms God’s Promises
Romans.8.23f Christians Wait For God To Finish Us
Romans.8.23g Christians Are God’s Children
Romans.8.23h There’s More To Being God’s Than Just Christianity
Romans.8.23i We Will Get A New Body
Romans.8.23j This Body Enslaves Us
Romans.8.23k Our New Body Will Free Us
Romans.8.23m Christians Won’t Suffer Very Long
Romans.8.23 Surgical Prayer
Romans.8.24a Christians Hope For A New Body
Romans.8.24b Christians Are Saved
Romans.8.24c The New Body Is A Future Event
Romans.8.24d We Don’t Have The New Body Yet
Romans.8.25a Hope Yearns For A Better Future 
Romans.8.25b Hope Longs For The Attainable 
Romans.8.25c Christians Hope & Wait Patiently
Romans.8.26a Christians Are Saved, But Weak
Romans.8.26b We Don’t Know How To Pray
Romans.8.26c The Holy Spirit Helps Us
Romans.8.26d The Holy Spirit Feels Deeply For Us
Romans.8.26e The Holy Spirit Talks To God For Us
Romans.8.26f The Holy Spirit Begs God For Us
Romans.8.26g The Holy Spirit Expresses Deep Feelings
Romans.8.26h Words Can’t Describe The Holy Spirit’s Work
Romans.8.27a God Searches Your Heart
Romans.8.27b The Spirit Has A Mind
Romans.8.27c God Knows The Spirit’s Mind
Romans.8.27d The Spirit Intercedes For Christians
Romans.8.27e The Spirit Pleads For Christians
Romans.8.27f The Holy Spirit Coordinates
Romans.8.27g The Spirit Orchestrates God’s Will
Romans.8.27 Surgical Prayer
Romans.8.28a God Coordinates Everything
Romans.8.28b Love God & He Makes All Things Work Out for Good
Romans.8.28c Follow God & He Calls You For A Special Purpose
Romans.8.28d God Blends Your Purpose With Everyone Else’s
Romans.8.28 Surgical Prayer
Romans.8.29a God Knows Who Will Choose Him
Romans.8.29 Surgical Prayer
Romans.8.31a God Is On Our Side
Romans.8.31b God Can’t Lose
Romans.8.31 Surgical Prayer
Romans.8.34 REF-Jesus Died For Us
Romans.8.38 There Is A Demonic Chain Of Command
Romans.8.38a Nothing Can Separate Us From God
Romans.8.38b Demon Powers Try To Separate Us From God
Romans.8.38c Satan Uses Fear To Try To Separate Us From God
Romans.8.38d Satan Uses Worry To Try To Separate Us From God
Romans.8.38e Death Can’t Separate Us From God’s Love For Us
Romans.8.38 Surgical Prayer
Romans.8.39a Demons Can’t Keep Us From God’s Love
Romans.9 Chapter Title Slide
Romans.9.4a God Chose Israel
Romans.9.4b God Adopted Israel
Romans.9.4c God Revealed Himself To Israel
Romans.9.4d God Made Covenants With Israel
Romans.9.4e God Gave Israel Many Promises
Romans.9.4 Surgical Prayer
Romans.9.20 REF-God Created Humans
Romans.9.29 REF-God Is Lord Of Heaven’s Armies
Romans.10 Chapter Title Slide
Romans.10.5 Scrolls Recorded The Law Of Moses
Romans.10.5 Surgical Prayer
Romans.10.9  REF-God Resurrected Jesus
Romans.10.17a Faith Isn’t Automatically Present
Romans.10.17b Faith Develops From Good News
Romans.10.17c Faith Develops In Your Mind
Romans.10.17d Faith Arrives After A Specific Event
Romans.10.17e Faith Results From Hearing Of Jesus
Romans.10.17f The Message Of Jesus Is Good News
Romans.10.21 God Accepts The Disobedient Who Repent
Romans.10.21 Surgical Prayer
Romans.11 Chapter Title Slide
Romans.11.25 God’s Mystery Includes Gentiles
Romans.12 Chapter Title Slide
Romans.12.1a Christians Are All Family
Romans.12.1b Paul Advises Total Commitment
Romans.12.1c Give Your Body To God
Romans.12.1d Give To God Out Of Thankfulness
Romans.12.1e God Has Done So Much For Us
Romans.12.1f Be A Living Sacrifice For God
Romans.12.1g Giving Your Body Pleases God
Romans.12.1h Bodily Sacrifice Is Worship To God
Romans.12.1i Bodily Sacrifice Is Appropriate
Romans.12.2a Don’t Copy The World’s Behavior
Romans.12.2b Don’t Adopt The World’s Customs
Romans.12.2c Let God Transform You
Romans.12.2d Transformation Changes Your Thinking
Romans.12.2e You Can Learn God’s Will For You
Romans.12.2f God’s Will For You Is Good
Romans.12.2g God’s Will For You Pleases Him
Romans.12.2h God’s Will For You Is Perfect
Romans.12.3a God’s Gave Paul His Authority
Romans.12.3b Don’t Be Conceited
Romans.12.3c Evaluate Yourself Honestly
Romans.12.3d Evaluate Your Faith
Romans.12.3e God Gives You Your Faith
Romans.12.5a Christians Are All One In Jesus Christ
Romans.12.5b Christians Are Members Of One Another
Romans.12.5 Surgical Prayer
Romans.12.10a Be Devoted To One Another
Romans.12.10b Give Preference To One Another
Romans.12.10 Surgical Prayer
Romans.12.16a Be Of The Same Mind Toward One Another
Romans.12.16b Don’t Be Haughty, Be Kind To The Less Fortunate
Romans.12.16c Don’t Think Too Highly Of Yourself
Romans.12.16 Surgical Prayer
Romans.12.19 Leave Revenge To God
Romans.13 Chapter Title Slide
Romans.13.1  All Authority Comes From God
Romans.13.8a Debt Often Deters Us
Romans.13.8b Don’t Owe One Another
Romans.13.8c Love One Another
Romans.13.8 Surgical Prayer
Romans.14 Chapter Title Slide
Romans.14.13a Don’t Judge One Another
Romans.14.13b Judging One Another Creates Stumbling Blocks
Romans.14.13 Surgical Prayer
Romans.14.19a Build One Another Up
Romans.14.19b Make Peace With One Another
Romans.14.19 Surgical Prayer
Romans.15 Chapter Title Slide
Romans.15.5a God Gives Perseverance
Romans.15.5b God Gives Encouragement
Romans.15.5c God Gives Unity
Romans.15.5d Destroying Unity Means Defying God
Romans.15.5e Agree With One Another
Romans.15.5 Surgical Prayer
Romans.15.7a Jesus Accepted You
Romans.15.7b Accept One Another
Romans.15.7c Accepting One Another Brings God Glory
Romans.15.7 Surgical Prayer
Romans.15.14 Admonish (Warn or Reprimand) One Another
Romans.15.15 Scrolls Recorded Reminders
Romans.15.15 Surgical Prayer
Romans.15.16 The Holy Spirit Makes Us Holy
Romans.15.16 Surgical Prayer
Romans.15.30a Paul Asked For Prayers
Romans.15.30b Prayers Help Us In Our Struggle
Romans.15.30c Love Leads To Prayer
Romans.15.30d Love Comes From The Spirit
Romans.16 Chapter Title Slide
Romans.16.16 Greet One another Affectionately
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