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Revelation.1 Chapter Title Slide
Revelation.1.1a God Gave John Revelation
Revelation.1.1b Revelation Events WILL Take Place
Revelation.1.1c An Angel Delivered Revelation To John
Revelation.1.1d “Soon” In Greek Can Mean “Happen FAST When It Starts”
Revelation.1.1 Surgical Prayer
Revelation.1.5 REF-Jesus Is A Witness To The Great Resurrection
Revelation.1.7 REF-Jesus Will Return With The Clouds Of Heaven
Revelation.1.9 Christians Are Suffering Partners
Revelation.1.9 Surgical Prayer
Revelation.1.11 Scrolls Recorded Messages To The 7 Churches Of Asia
Revelation.1.11 Surgical Prayer
Revelation.1.19 Scrolls Recorded Past, Present, & Future Events
Revelation.1.19 Surgical Prayer
Revelation.2 Chapter Title Slide
Revelation.2.1 Scrolls Recorded A Specific Message For Ephesus
Revelation.2.1a Some Angels Are Assigned To Churches – Ephesus
Revelation.2.1b God Sent Word To Angel Authorities– Ephesus
Revelation.2.1 Surgical Prayer
Revelation.2.3 Christians Suffer Patiently
Revelation.2.3 Surgical Prayer
Revelation.2.5 God Wants You Back
Revelation.2.5 Surgical Prayer
Revelation.2.7a Christians:  Listen to The Holy Spirit
Revelation.2.7b Win Life’s Battle, & You’ll Eat From The Tree Of Life
Revelation.2.7c The Tree Of Life Is In God’s Beautiful Garden
Revelation.2.7 Surgical Prayer
Revelation.2.8 Scrolls Recorded A Specific Message For Smyrna
Revelation.2.8a Some Angels Are Assigned To Churches – Smyrna
Revelation.2.8b God Sent Word To Angel Authorities – Smyrna
Revelation.2.8 Surgical Prayer
Revelation.2.9a Some Rich Think Themselves Poor
Revelation.2.9b Some Will Endure Slander
Revelation.2.9c Some Ungodly Think They Are Godly
Revelation.2.9d Satan Has His Own church
Revelation.2.9e God Knows Our Suffering
Revelation.2.9 Surgical Prayer
Revelation.2.10a God Knows Our Suffering
Revelation.2.10b God Limits Suffering
Revelation.2.10 Surgical Prayer
Revelation.2.12 Scrolls Recorded A Specific Message For Pergamum
Revelation.2.12a Some Angels Are Assigned To Churches – Pergamum
Revelation.2.12b God Sent Word To Angel Authorities– Pergamum
Revelation.2.12 Surgical Prayer
Revelation.2.17 REF-Christians Will Eat Manna Hidden In Heaven
Revelation.2.18 Scrolls Recorded A Specific Message For Thyatira
Revelation.2.18a Some Angels Are Assigned To Churches – Thyatira
Revelation.2.18b God Sent Word To Angel Authorities– Thyatira
Revelation.2.18 Surgical Prayer
Revelation.2.22 Some Suffering Is Self-Inflicted
Revelation.2.22 Surgical Prayer
Revelation.2.24a False Teaching Should Not Be Followed
Revelation.2.24b False Teaching Is Disguised As “Deeper Truths”
Revelation.2.24 Surgical Prayer
Revelation.3 Chapter Title Slide
Revelation.3.1 Scrolls Recorded A Specific Message For Sardis
Revelation.3.1a Some Angels Are Assigned To Churches – Sardis
Revelation.3.1b God Sent Word To Angel Authorities– Sardis
Revelation.3.1 Surgical Prayer
Revelation.3.7 Scrolls Recorded A Specific Message For Philadelphia
Revelation.3.7a Some Angels Are Assigned To Churches – Philadelphia
Revelation.3.7b God Sent Word To Angel Authorities- Philadelphia
Revelation.3.7 Surgical Prayer
Revelation.3.10 God Will Protect His Own In The End
Revelation.3.14 Scrolls Recorded A Specific Message For Laodicea
Revelation.3.14a Some Angels Are Assigned To Churches – Laodicea
Revelation.3.14b God Sent Word To Angel Authorities- Laodicea
Revelation.3.14 Surgical Prayer
Revelation.3.16 Lukewarmness Disgusts God
Revelation.3.16 Surgical Prayer
Revelation.4 Chapter Title Slide
Revelation.4.1 REF-Heaven Has A Door Leading To Earth
Revelation.4.2 REF-God’s Throne Is In Heaven
Revelation.4.11 REF-God Created Everything
Revelation.5 Chapter Title Slide
Revelation.5.1 Scrolls Exist In Heaven
Revelation.5.1 Surgical Prayer
Revelation.5.10 Christians Will Reign On Earth
Revelation.5.13a Creatures Will Praise God On Earth
Revelation.5.13b Creatures Will Praise God Forever
Revelation.6 Chapter Title Slide
Revelation.7 Chapter Title Slide
Revelation.7.12 Bring Your Thanks & Praise To God
Revelation.7.12 Surgical Prayer
Revelation.7.17a Jesus Will Be On His Throne
Revelation.7.17b Jesus Will Lead His Own To Living Water
Revelation.7.17c God Will Wipe Away Everyone’s Tears
Revelation.7.17 Surgical Prayer
Revelation.8 Chapter Title Slide
Revelation.9 Chapter Title Slide
Revelation.10 Chapter Title Slide
Revelation.10.4 REF-God Speaks From Heaven
Revelation.10.4a Scrolls Exist In Heaven
Revelation.10.4 Surgical Prayer
Revelation.10.6 REF-God Created Heaven
Revelation.10.7 God’s Mysterious Plan Will Happen
Revelation.10.8 REF-God Speaks From Heaven
Revelation.11 Chapter Title Slide
Revelation.11.2 REF-God Speaks From Heaven
Revelation.11.19 REF-The Ark Of The Covenant Is In Heaven
Revelation.12 Chapter Title Slide
Revelation.12.9a Satan = Snake, Devil, Dragon, Deceiver
Revelation.12.9b Satan Has His Own Angels (Demons)
Revelation.12.9c Satan Deceives The Whole World
Revelation.12.9d Satan Is Assigned To Earth (For Now)
Revelation.12.9 Surgical Prayer
Revelation.12.10b Satan Constantly Accuses Christians Before God
Revelation.12.10b Surgical Prayer
Revelation.12.11a WEAPON 3a-Blood Of Jesus
Revelation.12.11b WEAPON 3b-Your Testimony
Revelation.12.11c WEAPON 3c-Selfless Devotion
Revelation.12.11 Surgical Prayer
Revelation.13 Chapter Title Slide
Revelation.13.2b Satan Has Power & Authority
Revelation.13.2ba Satan Has A Throne
Revelation.13.4a Satan Has Worshipers
Revelation.13.4b Satan Gives Great Power To Beast
Revelation.13.4c The Beast’s Power Is Great
Revelation.13.6 Satan Blasphemes God’s Home
Revelation.14 Chapter Title Slide
Revelation.14.3 REF-God Speaks From Heaven
Revelation.14.7 REF-There Is A Temple In Heaven
Revelation.14.13 Scrolls Recorded Blessings For the Faithful
Revelation.14.13 Surgical Prayer
Revelation.15 Chapter Title Slide
Revelation.15.5 REF-There Is A Temple In Heaven
Revelation.16 Chapter Title Slide
Revelation.16.13a Some Demons Look Like Frogs
Revelation.16.13b Some Demons Live In Others
Revelation.16.13c Satan Has His Own Trinity
Revelation.17 Chapter Title Slide
Revelation.18 Chapter Title Slide
Revelation.19 Chapter Title Slide
Revelation.19.1 REF-Christians Will Sing In Heaven
Revelation.19.9 Scrolls Recorded Blessings For the Faithful
Revelation.19.9 Surgical Prayer
Revelation.19.9b God’s Word Is Trustworthy
Revelation.19.9b Surgical Prayer
Revelation.19.10 Bible Prophecy Confirms Jesus
Revelation.19.11 REF-There Are Horses In Heaven
Revelation.19.14 REF-God Is Lord Of Heaven’s Armies
Revelation.20 Chapter Title Slide
Revelation.20.5-6 REF-There Are Two Resurrections (Besides Jesus)
Revelation.20.13 The Sea Will Yield The Dead
Revelation.21 Chapter Title Slide
Revelation.21.1 5 Of 5 Earths In Scripture – New Earth
Revelation.21.1b New Earth Has No Oceans
Revelation.21.2 New Jerusalem = New Earth Capital
Revelation.21.3 God Will Live On New Earth
Revelation.21.4a God Will Wipe Away Every Tear
Revelation.21.4b Death Is A Temporary Enemy
Revelation.21.4c Death Will Be Gone Forever
Revelation.21.4d Pain & Sorrow Will Vanish Forever
Revelation.21.6b New Earth Has The Water Of Life
Revelation.21.5 Scrolls Recorded Restoration Plans
Revelation.21.5 Surgical Prayer
Revelation.21.8 Who Misses Heaven?
Revelation.21.16 New Jerusalem = 1400 Miles Square
Revelation.21.21 Heaven’s Capitol City Has A Gold Street
Revelation.21.23 God & Jesus Are New Earth’s Light
Revelation.21.27 No Evil Will Ever Enter Heaven
Revelation.22 Chapter Title Slide
Revelation.22.1a Living Water Flows In A River
Revelation.22.1b Living Water Shines Like Crystal
Revelation.22.1c Living Water Flows From The Throne Of God & Jesus
Revelation.22.1 Surgical Prayer
Revelation.22.2a Living Water Flows Down Main Street In Heaven
Revelation.22.2b Living Water Nourishes The Tree Of Life In Heaven
Revelation.22.2c Living Water Grows Healing Leaves On The Tree Of Life
Revelation.22.2 Surgical Prayer
Revelation.22.12 Jesus Is Coming & Bringing Rewards
Revelation.22.14a People In Washed Robes Get To Enter Heaven
Revelation.22.14b People In Washed Robes Get To Eat From The Tree Of Life
Revelation.22.14 Surgical Prayer
Revelation.22.15 Liars Live Outside The Eternal City
Revelation.22.17a God Invites Us Home
Revelation.22.17b God Wants Us To Invite Others
Revelation.22.17c God Invites The Thirsty
Revelation.22.17d God Offers To Quench Our Thirst With Living Water
Revelation.22.17e Living Water Is Free
Revelation.22.17 Surgical Prayer
Revelation.22.18 Don’t Add To God’s Word
Revelation.22.18 Surgical Prayer
Revelation.22.19a Don’t Discount Revelation’s Prophecies
Revelation.22.19b Discount Revelation’s Prophecies & Lose Your Place In Heaven
Revelation.22.19c Discount Revelation’s Prophecies & Not Eat From Tree Of Life
Revelation.22.19 Surgical Prayer
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