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Proverbs.1 Chapter Title Slide
Proverbs.1.2a Proverbs Teach Wisdom
Proverbs.1.2b Proverbs Teach Discipline
Proverbs.1.2c Proverbs Teach Understanding
Proverbs.1.2d Proverbs Teach Insights
Proverbs.1.2 Surgical Prayer
Proverbs.1.7a Knowledge Breeds Respect For God
Proverbs.1.7b Fools Despise Wisdom
Proverbs.1.7c Fools Despise Discipline
Proverbs.1.7 Surgical Prayer
Proverbs.2 Chapter Title Slide
Proverbs.2.2a Listen To Wisdom
Proverbs.2.2b Concentrate On Understanding
Proverbs.2.2 Surgical Prayer
Proverbs.2.21-22 Godly Will Stay, Evil Will Go
Proverbs.3 Chapter Title Slide
Proverbs.3.5a Trust God, Not Yourself
Proverbs.3.5b Trust God Wholeheartedly
Proverbs.3.5 Surgical Prayer
Proverbs.3.5-6a Seek God’s Will In Everything
Proverbs.3.5-6b God Will Direct You
Proverbs.3.5-6 Surgical Prayer
Proverbs.3.14 Wisdom Is Of The Highest Value
Proverbs.3.14 Surgical Prayer
Proverbs.3.18a Wisdom Is The Tree Of Life
Proverbs.3.18b Seeking Wisdom Is Seeking The Tree Of Life
Proverbs.3.18c Seeking Wisdom & The Tree Of Life Brings Happiness
Proverbs.3.18 Surgical Prayer
Proverbs.3.19 REF-God Created Heaven
Proverbs.3.33 God Blesses Or Curses Your House
Proverbs.3.33 Surgical Prayer
Proverbs.4 Chapter Title Slide
Proverbs.4.5a Use Wisdom & Good Judgment
Proverbs.4.5b Don’t Turn From God Or His Words
Proverbs.4.5 Surgical Prayer
Proverbs.5 Chapter Title Slide
Proverbs.5.1a Pay Attention To Wisdom
Proverbs.5.1b Listen To Those Who Understand
Proverbs.5.1 Surgical Prayer
Proverbs.6 Chapter Title Slide
Proverbs.7 Chapter Title Slide
Proverbs.7.4a Learn To Love Wisdom
Proverbs.7.4b Seek Insight Like Family
Proverbs.7.4 Surgical Prayer
Proverbs.8 Chapter Title Slide
Proverbs.8.11a Wisdom Is Precious
Proverbs.8.11b Wisdom Is Unequaled
Proverbs.8.11 Surgical Prayer
Proverbs.9 Chapter Title Slide
Proverbs.9.12 Wisdom Helps You Avoid Suffering
Proverbs.9.12 Surgical Prayer
Proverbs.10 Chapter Title Slide
Proverbs.10.11a Good Words Are Like Living Water To Others
Proverbs.10.11b Words Of The Wicked Only Bring Violence
Proverbs.10.11 Surgical Prayer
Proverbs.10.30 The Righteous Will Stay In The Land
Proverbs.11 Chapter Title Slide
Proverbs.11.18 God’s Rewards Will Last
Proverbs.11.22 Stay Away From Porn
Proverbs.11.22 Surgical Prayer
Proverbs.11.30a Good Deeds Become A Tree Of Life
Proverbs.11.30b Wisdom Wins Friends
Proverbs.11.30 Surgical Prayer
Proverbs.12 Chapter Title Slide
Proverbs.13 Chapter Title Slide
Proverbs.13.12 Dreams Fulfilled Are Like Eating Fruit From The Tree Of Life
Proverbs.14 Chapter Title Slide
Proverbs.14.26 God Protects Families Who Respect Him
Proverbs.14.26 Surgical Prayer
Proverbs.14.29 Satan Uses Impatience Against Us
Proverbs.15 Chapter Title Slide
Proverbs.15.1 Satan Uses Unkindness Against Us
Proverbs.15.4a Gentle Words Are A Tree Of Life
Proverbs.15.4b Deceit Crushes The Spirit
Proverbs.15.4 Surgical Prayer
Proverbs.15.29 Living In Wickedness Hinders Prayers
Proverbs.15.29 Surgical Prayer
Proverbs.16 Chapter Title Slide
Proverbs.16.24 REF-Kind Words Are Like Honey, Sweet & Healthy
Proverbs.16.33 God Determines Success
Proverbs.16.33 Surgical Prayer
Proverbs.17 Chapter Title Slide
Proverbs.18 Chapter Title Slide
Proverbs.18.4 Wisdom Is Living Water To Those Who Need It
Proverbs.18.4 Surgical Prayer
Proverbs.19 Chapter Title Slide
Proverbs.20 Chapter Title Slide
Proverbs.20.27 God Knows Your Motives
Proverbs.21 Chapter Title Slide
Proverbs.21.1 God Directs Kings
Proverbs.22 Chapter Title Slide
Proverbs.22.6a Train Children To Follow God
Proverbs.22.6b Train Children To Find Their Gift
Proverbs.22.6c The Trained Are Faithful In Old Age
Proverbs.22.6 Surgical Prayer
Proverbs.23 Chapter Title Slide
Proverbs.23.5 REF-Earthly Treasure Won’t Last
Proverbs.23.5 Wealth Will Soon Disappear
Proverbs.23.5 Surgical Prayer
Proverbs.24 Chapter Title Slide
Proverbs.24.16a The Godly Sometimes Fail
Proverbs.24.16b The Godly Will Recover From Failure
Proverbs.24.16c The Wicked Will Not Recover From Failure
Proverbs.24.16 Surgical Prayer
Proverbs.25 Chapter Title Slide
Proverbs.25.16 REF-Too Much Honey Can Make You Sick
Proverbs.26 Chapter Title Slide
Proverbs.27 Chapter Title Slide
Proverbs.28 Chapter Title Slide
Proverbs.29 Chapter Title Slide
Proverbs.29.11 Satan Uses Lack Of Control Against Us
Proverbs.29.25a Don’t Fear People
Proverbs.29.25b Fear Of People Is Dangerous
Proverbs.29.25c Trust God
Proverbs.29.25d Trusting God Is Safe
Proverbs.29.25 Surgical Prayer
Proverbs.30 Chapter Title Slide
Proverbs.30.4 REF-God Goes To Heaven & Returns
Proverbs.30.4a REF-God Created The Whole World
Proverbs.30.5 God’s Word Is A Protective Shield
Proverbs.30.5a God’s Every Word Is True
Proverbs.31 Chapter Title Slide
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