My Search for Prayers that Satan Hates

My Search for Prayers Satan Hates

Are evil spirits real?  Do we really have invisible enemies?  Do unseen beings affect the visible world?  Satan tries to convince people he doesn’t exist, but he does.  Steve Hemphill’s powerful new book provides inspirational insight into one of the most powerful weapon in this cosmic conflict:  prayer.  He gives us the courage to fight back, putting Satan on notice.  He reveals shocking subtleties about the enemy.

This book is informative, inspirational, and instructional in strategies that help advance God’s kingdom while protecting yourself.  This Scriptural journey examines how a believer can overcome the forces of darkness through prayer and the power of God’s word.  Marvel at the way Steve has seen God work to overthrow strongholds and change lives.  Learn about his personal experiences and enjoy the testimony of others.  Steve dissects the Scriptures with amazing focus, and offers prayers to remedy the pains of life that are presently haunting you.

This is a must read for anyone interested in “fighting the good fight” as a Christian in the real world.  This is not a book of theory, but reality.  Steve unveils prayers that defeat Satan on many fronts. The examples here are compelling and challenging. The spiritual battles described here are informative and encouraging.  Powerful, practical solutions are revealed—solutions that will leave you thankful and hopeful.  Learn how to access God’s power in real-life situations.  Tired of a defensive battle?  Ready to take it to the enemy?  Read this book.  You may never be the same.  Satan will hate this book because it can turn you into a truly effective Prayer Warrior!


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What Others are Saying

“This book is a winner!  It reminds me of “The Shack”–a national best selling religious book that swept across America.  Satan will also hate this book!  It shows the power of prayer in all situations.  You will be shocked with the spiritual warfare battles with Satan!  You will encounter stories from people today that are beyond belief!!  You will learn powerful prayer solutions that will leave you with gratefulness for God’s faithfulness and protection.” Ray Fulenwider, Retired Christian minister and author of best selling books:  “The Prayer Driven Church” and “The Servant Driven Church.”


“My Search for Prayers Satan Hates” will challenge you to take the spiritual dimension of life more seriously while giving you the tools you need to experience God’s protection and direction in your daily life.  Satan may hate Steve’s book, but you will love it.” Gordon Dabbs, Ph.D, Preaching Minister, Prestoncrest Church of Christ, Dallas, TX.


“This book is a “must read” for anyone interested in being challenged to pray and “fight the good fight” Paul referred to in 1 Timothy 1:18. Steve shares a message from his life. This is a book about prayer and spiritual warfare; not in theory, but reality. He sets forth a pattern of prayers that will defeat Satan on many fronts. The examples shared are compelling and challenging. There are prayers that Satan hates. I highly recommend this book.” Jim Woodell, Executive Director, River City Ministry, North Little Rock, AR, and author of “Heaven’s Star.”


“Are evil spirits real?  Do we really have an unseen enemy?   Steve Hemphill says, “Yes!”  Follow him on a Scriptural journey that examines how a believer can overcome the forces of darkness through prayer and the power of God’s word.  Marvel at the way he has seen God work to overthrow strongholds and change lives.  Learn about Steve’s personal experiences in spiritual warfare, and enjoy the testimony of others.”  You’ll be blessed! Buddy Helms, Pastor, Brentwood Family Fellowship, San Angelo, Texas, and author of “Marriage: What’s the Big Deal?,” “Outrageous Christian Discipleship,” and “A Campaign For Christ.”


“Steve Hemphill has written a different book on the topic of prayer.  Those who read this book and put its principles in their life will become greater “Prayer Warriors.”  When we call on God, we reach out to the greatest power in the universe.  This book is a great read!” Coach Wally Bullington, Athletic Director Emeritus, Abilene Christian University.


“As one who has experienced firsthand the horror of combat during two tours in the jungles of Vietnam, I can attest to the fact that warfare is a shock to every aspect of one’s being. Yet, as Christian warriors engaged in a vast spiritual struggle with the forces of darkness, the shock is no less intense. Steve Hemphill, in this powerful new book, has provided us insight into one of the most powerful weapons at our disposal in this cosmic conflict: prayer. In so doing, he gives our fellow combatants the courage to fight on, and puts the enemy, Satan, on notice that his days are numbered. It is a must read for all who daily face the shocking subtleties of an enemy who seeks our defeat. I highly recommend it to my fellow brothers-in-arms.”  Al Maxey, author of, “Down, But Not Out,” “One Bread, One Body,” and “Immersed By One Spirit.”


“Like Keyser Soze, the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.  Steve Hemphill knows that the Devil does exist, and that one of the Christian’s most effective weapons in our war against him is prayer.  If you are weary of fighting a defensive police action and are ready to take the battle to the enemy, pick up this book and read it.  You may never be the same.” Chuck Monan, Preaching Minister, Pleasant Valley Church of Christ, Little Rock, AR.


“Anyone who is privileged to read this powerful account of Steve Hemphill’s coming face to face with the prayers Satan hates will become not only fully informed but also greatly inspired to take up the Sword of the Spirit each day throughout a lifetime of service to others.”  Bob Hunter, Senior Vice president Emeritus of Abilene Christian University, & Texas State Representative 1986 – 2006.


“Lord, thank you for opening my eyes to where the true battle is.”  This quote is from Steve Hemphill’s new book, My Search for Prayers Satan Hates. “Certainly, Satan hates this prayer. Even though I have preached and taught on the subject of prayer for years, I needed to read that prayer today, and then pray it. I am thankful for this book, and thankful for this Godly man who has yielded to God’s Spirit to write it. This book is a blessing already. May God use it where He wants.” David Mathews, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Spark of Life Foundation.


“The subject of spiritual warfare is one of the most important studies for this generation. The claim of those who would have us believe the darker powers of this world are greatest of all is wrong. Steve Hemphill guides us through a systematic and practical way of fighting Spiritual Warfare with the use of the Sword of the Spirit (the Word of God) and prayer. Never before have I seen such a practical approach to using prayer to fight the devil on a daily basis. Filled with specific illustrations (both from his own personal life and the life of others with whom he has communicated) it gives the admonition of Paul to “pray without ceasing” (1 Thess. 5:17) a new understanding. Some illustrations may seem difficult to accept, even far-fetched for the person who has never fought spiritual warfare at this level, but in each example he gives biblical evidence for the principle he employs.

I talk with people regularly who are fighting these kinds of battles and I believe they will be served quite well in reading Steve’s book. Before you dismiss too quickly what he is saying, observe the battles that are being fought by people you know. Ask them how they are handling the forces of evil that challenge their living for Christ. You just might find yourself wanting to give them this book to read for practical help in addressing the problem.

Here is a tool of great value in helping people through the distresses of life and assuring them that God talks with us (through Scripture) and we talk to Him (through prayer) – this is the only way we will ever win the battle.”  Edward P. Myers, Ph.D., Professor of Bible and Christian Doctrine, College of Bible and Ministry, Harding University


“The world of unseen spirits–good and bad–does exist.  Steve Hemphill, in his distinctive and forthright style, forces us to come to grips with this spiritual reality found throughout the pages of Scripture.  Whether you agree with him or not, you will find yourself grappling with the concepts Steve brings the reader in his stories.  A good and thought-provoking read.” Royce Money, Ph.D., Chancellor, Abilene Christian University


“There is an invisible war taking place between the dominion of God and evil. If you are a Christian, there is no escaping the battle.  The battle is fought every time we decide to do what is right or wrong.  Satan brings this battle into our homes through media. I believe Steve Hemphill has provided a wonderful resource to encourage believers to emerge victorious in the fight. My Search for Prayers Satan Hates is a common sense look at the Bible verses that guide your spiritual warfare. He offers practical illustrations that will renew your faith in the power of prayer. This book will help equip you for the daily battle each of us face.”  Noel Whitlock, Preaching Minister, College Church of Christ, Searcy, AR

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