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Philippians.1 Chapter Title Slide
Philippians.1.3 Bring Your Thanks & Praise To God
Philippians.1.3 Surgical Prayer
Philippians.1.6a God Is At Work In You
Philippians.1.6b God Works In You Until Jesus’ Return
Philippians.1.6c Jesus Will Return
Philippians.1.21 Heaven Is Better Than Living
Philippians.1.27 REF-Christians Live As Citizens Of Heaven
Philippians.1.27a REF-Christians Are Already Citizens Of Heaven
Philippians.1.29 It’s A Privilege To Suffer For Jesus
Philippians.1.29 Surgical Prayer
Philippians.2 Chapter Title Slide
Philippians.2.3a Don’t Be Motivated By Selfishness
Philippians.2.3b Don’t Be Motivated By Conceit
Philippians.2.3c Be Motivated By Humility
Philippians.2.3d Honor One Another
Philippians.2.3 Surgical Prayer
Philippians.2.8 God Could’ve Acknowledged Jesus @ His Death
Philippians.2.9a God Gave Jesus The Highest Place Of Honor
Philippians.2.9b God Gave Jesus The Name Above All Other Names
Philippians.2.9 Surgical Prayer
Philippians.2.10 REF-Every Knee Will Bow To The King Of Heaven
Philippians.3 Chapter Title Slide
Philippians.3.10 Christians Readily Suffer For Jesus
Philippians.3.10 Surgical Prayer
Philippians.3.10-11 REF-Paul Longed To Die So He Could Be Resurrected
Philippians.3.13a It’s Hard To Forget The Past
Philippians.3.13b Forget Your Past Mistakes
Philippians.3.13c Focus On The Future
Philippians.3.13 Surgical Prayer
Philippians.3.14a Keep On Keeping On
Philippians.3.14b Finish Your Race For God
Philippians.3.14c Finish Your Race For Heaven
Philippians.3.14d Heavenly Prizes Await You
Philippians.3.14e God Calls You Toward Your Heavenly Prizes
Philippians.3.14 Surgical Prayer
Philippians.3.18 REF-The Cross Of Jesus Has Many Enemies
Philippians.3.20a Christians Are Citizens Of Heaven
Philippians.3.20b Christians Eagerly Await Jesus’ Return
Philippians.3.21 Heaven’s Body Will Be Like Jesus’
Philippians.4 Chapter Title Slide
Philippians.4.6a Don’t Worry – Just Pray
Philippians.4.6b Prayer Can Beat Worry
Philippians.4.6c Prayer Tells God Your Worry
Philippians.4.6d Thank God In Prayer
Philippians.4.6 Surgical Prayer
Philippians.4.17 Giving Increases Your Own Reward
Philippians.4.19 God Provides For Covenant Folks
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