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Philemon.1 Chapter Title Slide
Philemon.1.1a Paul Encouraged Others From Jail
Philemon.1.1b Paul Jailed For Preaching Good News
Philemon.1.1c Paul Jailed For Preaching Jesus
Philemon.1.1d Philemon Had Become A Christian
Philemon.1.1e Philemon Helped Paul’s Ministry
Philemon.1.1f Paul Loved Philemon
Philemon.1.2a Christians Are Soldiers For Jesus
Philemon.1.2b Churches Often Met In Homes
Philemon.1.3a Christians Are Part Of God’s Family
Philemon.1.3b God Is The Father Of Christians
Philemon.1.3c Christians Spread Grace & Peace
Philemon.1.4 Bring Your Thanks & Praise To God
Philemon.1.4-Pray Surgical Prayer
Philemon.1.19 Scrolls Recorded Debt Reminders
Philemon.1.19-Pray Surgical Prayer
Philemon.1.21 Scrolls Recorded Personal Requests
Philemon.1.21-Pray Surgical Prayer
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