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Nehemiah.1 Chapter Title Slide
Nehemiah.1.1-11 1of56-Nehemiah’s Prayer
Nehemiah.1.1a 2of56-Everyone Has A Boss
Nehemiah.1.1b 3of56-Kings Feel Infallible
Nehemiah.1.2a 4of56-Israel Was Ruled By Babylon
Nehemiah.1.2b 5of56-Nehemiah Asked About Israel
Nehemiah.1.2c 6of56-Nehemiah Cared For Jerusalem
Nehemiah.1.2d 7of56-Good Leaders Are Effective With Subordinates
Nehemiah.1.3a 8of56-Jerusalem & Israel Were In Trouble
Nehemiah.1.3b 9of56-Jerusalem & Israel Were Ashamed
Nehemiah.1.3c 10of56-Jerusalem Walls Were Broken
Nehemiah.1.3d 11of56-Jerusalem Gates Were Burned
Nehemiah.1.3e 12of56-Jerusalem Lay In Rubble
Nehemiah.1.4a 13of56-Nehemiah Cried Over Jerusalem
Nehemiah.1.4b 14of56-Real Men Cry
Nehemiah.1.4c 15of56-Good Leaders Are Sensitive To The Environment
Nehemiah.1.4d 16of56-Nehemiah Mourned Over Jerusalem
Nehemiah.1.4e 17of56-Nehemiah Fasted Over Jerusalem
Nehemiah.1.4f-Prayer 18of56-Nehemiah Prayed For Jerusalem
Nehemiah.1.4g-Prayer 19of56-Nehemiah Made HIS Problem God’s Problem
Nehemiah.1.5a-Prayer 20of56-God Rules Heaven
Nehemiah.1.5b-Prayer 21of56-God Is Great & Awesome
Nehemiah.1.5c-Prayer 22of56-God Honors Covenants
Nehemiah.1.5d-Prayer 23of56-God Loves The Obedient Forever
Nehemiah.1.5e-Prayer 24of56-Obey God’s Commands
Nehemiah.1.6a-Prayer 25of56-Nehemiah Pleads For God To Hear
Nehemiah.1.6b-Prayer 26of56-God Can See Us All
Nehemiah.1.6c-Prayer 27of56-Israel – God’s People
Nehemiah.1.6d-Prayer 28of56-Nehemiah Prayed Day & Night
Nehemiah.1.6e-Prayer 29of56-Nehemiah Confessed Israel’s Sins
Nehemiah.1.6f-Prayer 30of56-Nehemiah Confessed His Family’s Sins
Nehemiah.1.6g-Prayer 31of56-Nehemiah Confessed His Sins
Nehemiah.1.7a-Prayer 32of56-Disobedience Is Terrible Sin
Nehemiah.1.7b-Prayer 33of56-Obey All God Requires
Nehemiah.1.7c-Prayer 34of56-Moses Was God’s Servant
Nehemiah.1.7d-Prayer 35of56-God Gave Laws Through Moses
Nehemiah.1.8a-Prayer 36of56-Nehemiah Knew God’s Rules
Nehemiah.1.8b-Prayer 37of56-Nehemiah Repeated God’s Words Back To Him
Nehemiah.1.8c-Prayer 38of56-Unfaithfulness Has Consequences
Nehemiah.1.8d-Prayer 39of56-Israel’s Sin Led To Their Dispersion
Nehemiah.1.9a-Prayer 40of56-Obey God’s Commands
Nehemiah.1.9b-Prayer 41of56-Return To God
Nehemiah.1.9c-Prayer 42of56-God Unites All Who Return To Him
Nehemiah.1.9d-Prayer 43of56-God Frees All Who Return to Him
Nehemiah.1.9e-Prayer 44of56-God Desires Worship
Nehemiah.1.10a-Prayer 45of56-God Rescues
Nehemiah.1.10b-Prayer 46of56-God Is Powerful & Strong
Nehemiah.1.10c-Prayer 47of56-God’s People Serve Him
Nehemiah.1.11a-Prayer 48of56-Nehemiah Pleads For God’s Answer
Nehemiah.1.11b-Prayer 49of56-Good Leaders Are Good With Their Superiors
Nehemiah.1.11c-Prayer 50of56-God’s People Honor Him
Nehemiah.1.11d-Prayer 51of56-Nehemiah Prayed About Specifics
Nehemiah.1.11e-Prayer 52of56-Prayer Unloads Burdens
Nehemiah.1.11f-Prayer 53of56-Some Leaders Can’t Follow
Nehemiah.1.11g-Prayer 54of56-Nehemiah Waited On God
Nehemiah.1.11h-Prayer 55of56-God’s Timing Works
Nehemiah.1.11i-Prayer 56of56-Nehemiah Was Humble
Nehemiah.2 Chapter Title Slide
Nehemiah.2.1 Nehemiah Was Sad Before The King
Nehemiah.2.2 The King Cared For Nehemiah
Nehemiah.2.4 Nehemiah Conversed Often With God
Nehemiah.2.4-5 Nehemiah Prayed & Answered The King
Nehemiah.2.6a Nehemiah’s Prayer Worked
Nehemiah.2.6b Nehemiah Set The Schedule
Nehemiah.2.6c The King Took Joy In Sending Nehemiah
Nehemiah.2.7a Nehemiah Asked For Even More
Nehemiah.2.7b Nehemiah Asked For Safe Passage
Nehemiah.2.8a Nehemiah Asked For Even More
Nehemiah.2.8b Nehemiah Asked For Building Supplies
Nehemiah.2.8c God Was Influencing The King
Nehemiah.2.8d God Was Guiding Nehemiah
Nehemiah.2.9a Nehemiah Used The King’s Letters
Nehemiah.2.9b The King Did More Than Nehemiah Asked
Nehemiah.2.10 Sanballat & Tobiah Hated Israel
Nehemiah.2.11-12a Nehemiah Scouted Jerusalem At Night
Nehemiah.2.11-12b God Inspired Nehemiah’s Plans
Nehemiah.2.13 Nehemiah Inspected Jerusalem’s Defenses
Nehemiah.2.14 Nehemiah Saw That Jerusalem Lay In Rubble
Nehemiah.2.15 Nehemiah Inspected Jerusalem At Night
Nehemiah.2.16a Nehemiah Avoided The Local Officials
Nehemiah.2.16b Nehemiah Temporarily Hid His Plans
Nehemiah.2.16c Nehemiah Planned The Repair Work
Nehemiah.2.17a Disobedience Distorts Focus
Nehemiah.2.17b Disobedience Brings Shame
Nehemiah.2.17c Nehemiah Helped Israel Focus
Nehemiah.2.17d Nehemiah Pointed Israel To A Better Future
Nehemiah.2.18a Nehemiah Witnessed For God
Nehemiah.2.18b Nehemiah’s Witness Inspired Activity & Revival
Nehemiah.2.19a Israel’s Enemies Taunted Nehemiah
Nehemiah.2.19b Israel’s Enemies Accused Nehemiah Falsely
Nehemiah.2.20a Nehemiah Radiated Optimism
Nehemiah.2.20b God Blesses What He Ordains
Nehemiah.2.20c Nehemiah Was God’s Servant
Nehemiah.2.20d God’s Servants Share In His Domain
Nehemiah.2.20e God’s Enemies Have No Part In His Domain
Nehemiah.3 Chapter Title Slide
Nehemiah.4 Chapter Title Slide
Nehemiah.4.9 Pray For God To Do What You Can’t
Nehemiah.5 Chapter Title Slide
Nehemiah.6 Chapter Title Slide
Nehemiah.7 Chapter Title Slide
Nehemiah.8 Chapter Title Slide
Nehemiah.9 Chapter Title Slide
Nehemiah.9.15-20 REF-Manna Came From Heaven
Nehemiah.9.20a The Holy Spirit Is Good
Nehemiah.9.20b The Holy Spirit Teaches
Nehemiah.9.27a Suffering Can Come From Disobedience
Nehemiah.9.27b God Knows Our Suffering
Nehemiah.9.27-Pray Surgical Prayer
Nehemiah.9.27-28 REF-God Hears Our Prayers From Heaven
Nehemiah.9.30a God Loved Israel
Nehemiah.9.30b God Was Patient With Israel
Nehemiah.9.30c God Sent The Holy Spirit To Israel
Nehemiah.9.30d The Holy Spirit Warned Israel
Nehemiah.9.30e The Holy Spirit Warned Through Prophets
Nehemiah.9.30f Israel Wouldn’t Listen To Prophets
Nehemiah.9.30g Israel Was Conquered By Enemies
Nehemiah.10 Chapter Title Slide
Nehemiah.11 Chapter Title Slide
Nehemiah.11.17 Bring Your Thanks & Praise To God
Nehemiah.11.17-Pray Surgical Prayer
Nehemiah.12 Chapter Title Slide
Nehemiah.12.8 Bring Your Thanks & Praise To God
Nehemiah.12.8-Pray Surgical Prayer
Nehemiah.12.24 Bring Your Thanks & Praise To God
Nehemiah.12.24-Pray Surgical Prayer
Nehemiah.12.46 Bring Your Thanks & Praise To God
Nehemiah.12.46-Pray Surgical Prayer
Nehemiah.13 Chapter Title Slide
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