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Micah.1 Chapter Title Slide
Micah.1.3 REF-God Sits On His Throne In Heaven
Micah.2 Chapter Title Slide
Micah.3 Chapter Title Slide
Micah.4 Chapter Title Slide
Micah.4.1a Micah 4 Explains End Times
Micah.4.1b End Times = God’s House Most Important
Micah.4.1c End Times = God’s House Above All
Micah.4.1d End = Earth’s People Going To God’s House
Micah.4.4 REF-God Is Lord Of Heaven’s Armies
Micah.5 Chapter Title Slide
Micah.5.2 Born In Bethlehem Prophecy Literal
Micah.6 Chapter Title Slide
Micah.6.4 REF-God Rescued Israel From Slavery
Micah.7 Chapter Title Slide
Micah.7.9a Some Suffering Is Self-Inflicted
Micah.7.9b Some Suffering Is From Enemies
Micah.7.9 Surgical Prayer
Micah.7.15 REF-God Rescued Israel From Slavery
Micah.7.18a God Is Like No Other
Micah.7.18b God Pardons Sinners
Micah.7.18c God Doesn’t Stay Angry
Micah.7.18d God Enjoys Showing Love
Micah.7.18 Surgical Prayer
Micah.7.19a God Has Compassions On Us
Micah.7.19b God Throws Away Our Sins
Micah.7.19 Surgical Prayer
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