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Matthew.1 Chapter Title Slide
Matthew.1a TL-2100BC – 1000BC Genealogy – Abraham To David
Matthew.1b TL-1000BC – 640BC Genealogy – David To Josiah
Matthew.1c TL-640BC – 0BC Genealogy – Josiah To Jesus
Matthew.1.18a Jesus Is The Messiah
Matthew.1.18b Mary Was Jesus’ Virgin Mother
Matthew.1.18c The Holy Spirit Enabled Mary’s Pregnancy
Matthew.1.18d The Holy Spirit Is Powerful
Matthew.1.19 INJUSTICE-Mary’s Pre-Marital Pregnancy Disgrace
Matthew.1.19a Joseph Was Kind & Good
Matthew.1.19b Joseph Was Sensitive & Thoughtful
Matthew.1.19c Mary Was Publically Disgraced
Matthew.1.19 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.1.20 REF-God Appeared To Joseph In A Dream
Matthew.1.20a Joseph Carefully Weighed His Options
Matthew.1.20b God Sends Angels In Dreams
Matthew.1.20c Satan Can Send Fallen Angels
Matthew.1.20d Joseph Was A Descendant Of David
Matthew.1.20e God Wanted Joseph To Marry Mary
Matthew.1.20f The Holy Spirit Fathered Mary’s Baby
Matthew.1.21a Mary Was To Have A Baby Boy
Matthew.1.21b Joseph Was To Name Mary’s Boy Jesus
Matthew.1.21c Jesus Was To Save People From Sin
Matthew.1.21d Sin Can Destroy
Matthew.1.23 REF-The Virgin Mary Was Pregnant With God
Matthew.2 Chapter Title Slide
Matthew.2.9 REF–A Star Led Wise Men To The Newborn King
Matthew.2.12 REF-God Warned Wise Men About Herod In Dream
Matthew.2.13 REF-God Warned Joseph In Dream To Flee Herod
Matthew.2.13-14 INJUSTICE-Unfair-Mary & Joseph Had To Flee Israel
Matthew.2.13-14 Mary & Joseph Fled Israel
Matthew.2.14 REF-Joseph Took Mary & Jesus & Fled To Egypt
Matthew.2.13-14 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.2.15 REF-Jesus Was In Egypt To Fulfill Prophecy
Matthew.2.16 INJUSTICE-Unfair & Cruel To Kill Innocent Babies
Matthew.2.16 Herod Killed Innocent Babies
Matthew.2.16 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.2.19 REF-God Told Joseph In A Dream To Return To Israel
Matthew.3 Chapter Title Slide
Matthew.3.2 REF-The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Near
Matthew.3.4 REF-John The Baptist Ate Locusts & Wild Honey
Matthew.3.6 REF-Confession Precedes Baptism
Matthew.3.6a Baptism Demonstrates An Appeal For Forgiveness
Matthew.3.6 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.3.11a John Baptized Those Who Repented
Matthew.3.11b Repentance Precedes Baptism
Matthew.3.11c Repentance Means Turning To God
Matthew.3.11d John Predicted Jesus’ Arrival
Matthew.3.11e Jesus Is Greater Than John
Matthew.3.11f John Not Worthy As Jesus’ Slave
Matthew.3.11g Jesus Was To Baptize With The Holy Spirit
Matthew.3.11h Jesus Was To Baptize With Fire
Matthew.3.16 REF-John Baptized Jesus In The Jordan River
Matthew.3.16b REF-God Can Open The Heavens When He Wants
Matthew.3.16-17 God First Acknowledged Jesus @ Baptism
Matthew.3.16-17 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.3.17 REF-God Speaks From Heaven When He Wants
Matthew.3.17a God Acknowledged Jesus As Family
Matthew.4 Chapter Title Slide
Matthew.4.1-11 WEAPON 1-Quote God’s Word
Matthew.4.1-11 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.4.4b Jesus Quoted Scripture To Satan
Matthew.4.6 God Can Use Angels To Protect You
Matthew.4.12 INJUSTICE-Arrested-Teaching Repentance-Baptism
Matthew.4.12 John Was Unjustly Arrested
Matthew.4.12 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.4.17 REF-The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Near
Matthew.4.19 Christians Are Kingdom Fishermen
Matthew.5 Chapter Title Slide
Matthew.5.1 Disciples Trust & Follow Jesus
Matthew.5.1 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.5.3 REF-Heaven Is For People Who See Need For God
Matthew.5.5 The Meek Will Inherit The Earth
Matthew.5.10 REF-Heaven Is For People Who Suffer Doing Right
Matthew.5.11-12 Insults & Persecution Are Rewarded
Matthew.5.11-12 INJUSTICE-Persecution For Doing Right
Matthew.5.11-12 Endure In Light Of Heaven
Matthew.5.11-12 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.5.12 REF-Heaven Has Great Rewards For The Faithful
Matthew.5.16 REF-Your Good Deeds Cause Others To Praise God
Matthew.5.19 REF-Some Will Be Least & Some Great In Heaven
Matthew.5.23-24 Reconcile Before Worshiping God
Matthew.5.34 REF-Heaven Is God’s Throne
Matthew.5.39 Be Kind To Others Who Are Unkind
Matthew.5.41 INJUSTICE-Forced Labor For A Persecutor
Matthew.5.41 Go Farther Than Your Persecutor Demands
Matthew.5.41 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.5.44 Satan Uses Animosity Against Us
Matthew.6 Chapter Title Slide
Matthew.6.1 Self-Promotion Forfeits Rewards
Matthew.6.2a INJUSTICE-Some Are In Dire Need
Matthew.6.2a Help Someone In Need
Matthew.6.2a Surgical Prayer
Matthew.6.9-10a Pray The Kingdom Will Come Here
Matthew.6.9-10b Pray God’s Will Be Done Here
Matthew.6.10 REF-God’s Will Is Done In Heaven
Matthew.6.10a God’s Kingdom Will Come
Matthew.6.10b God’s Will Done Here As In Heaven
Matthew.6.12 Sins Are Forgiven Like You Forgive
Matthew.6.11 Pray For Your Daily Bread
Matthew.6.11 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.6.13 God Delivers From Evil
Matthew.6.13 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.6.15 Forgive To Get God’s Forgiveness
Matthew.6.19-21 Earthly Treasures Won’t Last
Matthew.6.19a Store Up Treasure
Matthew.6.19b Store Your Treasure Where It’s Safe
Matthew.6.19 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.6.20 Storing Up Treasure Is God’s Idea
Matthew.6.20a REF-Heaven Is The Place To Store Your Treasures
Matthew.6.20b Heaven Has The Only Safe Storage
Matthew.6.20c No Moths, Rust, Or Thief In Heaven
Matthew.6.20d REF-Heaven Is The Place To Store All Your Treasures
Matthew.6.24 Dethrone Money To Serve God
Matthew.6.24a 2 Choices – 1 Master
Matthew.6.24b Love God = Hate Riches
Matthew.6.24c Hate God = Love Riches
Matthew.6.24d Serve God = Reject Riches
Matthew.6.24e Serve Riches = Reject God
Matthew.6.24 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.6.25 INJUSTICE-Some Worry They Won’t Have Enough
Matthew.6.25a God Doesn’t Want You To Worry About Daily Life
Matthew.6.25b Life Is Much More Than Food & Clothing
Matthew.6.25 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.6.26a God Doesn’t Neglect Birds
Matthew.6.26b God Won’t Neglect You
Matthew.6.26 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.6.27 Worry Doesn’t Help At All
Matthew.6.25-27 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.6.33 Change Your Priorities
Matthew.6.34a Don’t Worry About Potential Future Problems
Matthew.6.34b Focus On Today
Matthew.6.34 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.7 Chapter Title Slide
Matthew.7.15a Watch For False Teachers In The Church
Matthew.7.15b False Teachers In The Church Are Dangerous
Matthew.7.15c False Teachers Are Like Wolves Among Sheep
Matthew.7.15 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.7.21 REF-Heaven Is For All Who Do God’s Will
Matthew.7.24  Build On God’s Solid Rock: Jesus
Matthew.7.28-29 Jesus Taught With Authority
Matthew.8 Chapter Title Slide
Matthew.8.5a Jesus Came To Capernaum
Matthew.8.5b A Gentile Asked Jesus For Help
Matthew.8.6a The Gentile Cared For His Servant
Matthew.8.6b The Servant Was Incapacitated
Matthew.8.6c The Servant’s Condition Was Dire
Matthew.8.7a Jesus Offers Healing
Matthew.8.7b Jesus Offers Healing To Gentiles
Matthew.8.7c Jesus Was Confident He Could Heal
Matthew.8.7d Jesus Was Willing To Travel To Help
Matthew.8.8a The Gentile Understood Authority
Matthew.8.8b The Gentile Recognized Jesus’ Authority
Matthew.8.8c Sickness Is A Spiritual Problem
Matthew.8.8d Sickness Is Under Jesus’ Authority
Matthew.8.8e Sickness Can Be Commanded To Go
Matthew.8.9 The Gentile Understood Authority
Matthew.8.10a Jesus Was Shocked Gentile Understood Authority
Matthew.8.10b Jesus Announced That The Gentile Had Great Faith
Matthew.8.11 REF-Heaven Is The Place Of Feasting
Matthew.8.11a Jesus Promised Heaven Has Food
Matthew.8.11b Jesus Promised Heaven Has Fellowship
Matthew.8.11c Heaven Means Gathering Together
Matthew.8.11d Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob Are Alive
Matthew.8.11e REF-Heaven Will Be A Place Of Feasting
Matthew.8.12a The Kingdom Started With Jews
Matthew.8.12b Many Jews Will Be Put Out Of Heaven
Matthew.8.12c Sadness Is Outside Of Heaven
Matthew.8.12d Anger Is Outside Of Heaven
Matthew.8.12e Regret Is Outside Of Heaven
Matthew.8.13a Jesus Granted The Gentile’s Request
Matthew.8.13b Jesus Healed The Gentile’s Servant
Matthew.8.13c Faith Healed The Gentile’s Servant
Matthew.8.13d The Servant Was Immediately Well
Matthew.8.16a Demons = Evil Spirits
Matthew.8.16b Demons Are Connected To Sickness
Matthew.8.16c Jesus Has Power Over Demons
Matthew.8.16d Some Demons Leave On Command
Matthew.8.16e Jesus Heals
Matthew.8.16f Jesus Healed All Who Came
Matthew.8.20 Covenants Require Name Exchange
Matthew.8.20a Jesus Was Homeless
Matthew.8.20a INJUSTICE-Jesus Was Homeless
Matthew.8.20a Surgical Prayer
Matthew.9 Chapter Title Slide
Matthew.9.20 Suffering Can Seem Unending
Matthew.9.20a A Lady Had Been Sick 12 Years
Matthew.9.20b The Sick Lady Followed Jesus
Matthew.9.20c The Sick Lady Touched Jesus’ Coat
Matthew.9.20 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.9.21a The Sick Lady Wanted Healing
Matthew.9.21b The Sick Lady Believed In Healing
Matthew.9.21c The Sick Lady Recognized Jesus’ Power
Matthew.9.22a Jesus Was Kind To The Sick Lady
Matthew.9.22b Jesus Called The Sick Lady “Daughter”
Matthew.9.22c Jesus Said Faith Heals
Matthew.9.22d Faith Heals Instantly
Matthew.9.27a Some Asked Jesus For Mercy
Matthew.9.27b Blind People Followed Jesus
Matthew.9.27c Jesus Was Son Of David
Matthew.9.28a Blind People Kept Following Jesus
Matthew.9.28b Jesus Asked The Blind About Their Faith
Matthew.9.28c Some Believed Jesus Could Heal
Matthew.9.29a Jesus Touched Those He Healed
Matthew.9.29b Jesus CAN Heal
Matthew.9.29c Faith Makes Healing Happen
Matthew.9.30a Jesus Healed The Blind
Matthew.10 Chapter Title Slide
Matthew.10.1a Jesus Has Authority To Give
Matthew.10.1b Disciples Have Jesus’ Authority
Matthew.10.1c Disciples Have Authority Over Demons
Matthew.10.1d Disciples Have Authority To Heal
Matthew.10.1e Demons Are Connected To Sickness
Matthew.10.5-7 Gentiles Excluded From Jesus’ 1st Commission
Matthew.10.5-7 INJUSTICE-Half- & Non-Jews Not Initially Included
Matthew.10.5-7 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.10.7 REF-The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Near
Matthew.10.8-9a Money Can’t Buy Healing
Matthew.10.8-9b Money Can’t Buy Resurrection
Matthew.10.8-9c Money Can’t Buy Restoration
Matthew.10.8-9d Money Can’t Buy Eternal Youth
Matthew.10.8-9e Money Can’t Buy Freedom From Demons
Matthew.10.8-9f Money Isn’t The Key To God’s Work
Matthew.10.8-9g Help From God Is Free
Matthew.10.8-9 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.10.16a Jesus’ Disciples Evangelize
Matthew.10.16b Jesus’ Disciples Are In Enemy Territory
Matthew.10.16c Jesus’ Disciples Go Out Quietly
Matthew.10.16d Jesus’ Disciples Must Be Shrewd
Matthew.10.16e Jesus’ Disciples Must Be Harmless
Matthew.10.17a Jesus’ Disciples Must Beware
Matthew.10.17b Jesus’ Disciples Will Be Attacked
Matthew.10.17c Disciples Are Unsafe Even In Church
Matthew.10.18 Tried For Being Christian
Matthew.10.18a Disciples Will Stand Trial
Matthew.10.18b Disciples’ Trials Are Opportunities
Matthew.10.18c Disciples’ Trials Witness To Others
Matthew.10.18 INJUSTICE-Tried For Being Christian
Matthew.10.18 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.10.19a Disciples Will Be Arrested
Matthew.10.19b Disciples Need Not Worry
Matthew.10.19c Disciples Will Be Given Responses
Matthew.10.19d God Gives Disciples What To Say
Matthew.10.19e God Tells Disciples When To Speak
Matthew.10.20a The Holy Spirit Speaks For Disciples
Matthew.10.20b The Holy Spirit Speaks Through Disciples
Matthew.10.21-22 Common Deathly Betrayal
Matthew.10.21-22 INJUSTICE-Common Deathly Family Betrayal
Matthew.10.21-22 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.10.21-22a Governments Against Christianity
Matthew.10.21-22a INJUSTICE-Governmental Hatred Because Of Faith
Matthew.10.21-22a Surgical Prayer
Matthew.10.23 Local Persecution
Matthew.10.23 INJUSTICE-Local Persecution
Matthew.10.23 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.10.26 Threatened For Faith
Matthew.10.26 INJUSTICE-Being Threatened For Faith In Jesus
Matthew.10.26 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.10.28 Death Threats On Christians
Matthew.10.28 INJUSTICE-Death Threats Because Of Faith
Matthew.10.28 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.10.32 REF-Heaven Is For All Who Acknowledge Jesus
Matthew.10.38a Christians Sacrifice To Follow Jesus
Matthew.10.38b Christians Who Sacrifice Are Worthy
Matthew.10.38c Those Who Won’t Sacrifice Aren’t Worthy
Matthew.10.39a Self-Preservation Leads To Loss
Matthew.10.39b Self-Sacrifice Leads To Life
Matthew.10.39 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.10.40a Accept Christians & Jesus Is With You
Matthew.10.40b Accept Jesus & God Is With You
Matthew.10.41 Specific Rewards For Specific Deeds
Matthew.11 Chapter Title Slide
Matthew.11.2 Prison For Teaching Truth
Matthew.11.2 INJUSTICE-John Jailed – Teaching Repent & Baptism
Matthew.11.2 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.11.2-3 Satan Uses Doubt Against Us
Matthew.11.25 REF-God Is Lord Of Heaven
Matthew.11.28a Jesus Calls The Weary
Matthew.11.28b Jesus Offers Rest
Matthew.11.28 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.12 Chapter Title Slide
Matthew.12.14-15a The Pharisees Planned To Kill Jesus
Matthew.12.14-15b Jesus Knew The Pharisees Wanted Him Dead
Matthew.12.14-15c Jesus Wanted Away From The Pharisees
Matthew.12.14-15d The Common People Followed Jesus
Matthew.12.14-15e Jesus Healed All Sick People Who Came
Matthew.12.15-16 Jesus Paced His Ministry
Matthew.12.15-17 Jesus Planned To Fulfill Prophecy
Matthew.12.18a God Chose Jesus To Serve
Matthew.12.18b God Was Pleased With Jesus
Matthew.12.18c The Holy Spirit Was On Jesus
Matthew.12.18d Jesus Was To Promote God’s Justice
Matthew.12.19a Jesus Was To Accept His Fate
Matthew.12.19b Jesus Would Not Cry Out For Help
Matthew.12.20 Justice Will Ultimately Win Out
Matthew.12.21 Jesus (A Jew) Gives Gentiles Hope
Matthew.12.27 False Accusations Condemn Self
Matthew.12.28 Jesus Promoted Demon Deliverance
Matthew.12.28a Demons Expelled by God’s Spirit
Matthew.12.28b Demons Can’t Be In God’s Kingdom
Matthew.12.28c Kingdom Arrival = Demons Go
Matthew.12.28d Demons Gone Means God’s Here
Matthew.12.28e The Holy Spirit Removes Demons
Matthew.12.28 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.12.29 Jesus Is Stronger than Satan
Matthew.12.29b WEAPON 2-Bind The Enemy
Matthew.12.29 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.12.30 Covenant Means Fighting For God’s Agenda
Matthew.12.30 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.12.31a The Holy Spirit Can Be Blasphemed
Matthew.12.31b The Holy Spirit Blasphemy Cannot Be Forgiven
Matthew.12.31 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.12.32a Slandering Jesus Can Be Forgiven
Matthew.12.32b Spirit Slander Can’t Be Forgiven
Matthew.12.32c Forgiveness Now & Later
Matthew.12.43a Demons Can Come & Go
Matthew.12.43b Demons Search For Rest
Matthew.12.43c Demons Can’t Find Rest
Matthew.12.43d Demons Search Desert (No Water)
Matthew.12.44a Demons Can Come & Go
Matthew.12.44b Humans Vulnerable To Demons
Matthew.12.44c No Holy Spirit = Open To Demons
Matthew.12.45a Demons Can Come In Groups
Matthew.12.45b Demons Can Live In Groups
Matthew.12.45c Demons Want To Live In People
Matthew.12.45d Many Demons = Worse Then One
Matthew.12.45e Wicked People Are Worse Off
Matthew.12.45f Wicked People Open to Demons
Matthew.13 Chapter Title Slide
Matthew.13.11 REF-God’s People Know His Secrets
Matthew.13.11a God’s Chosen Know His Secrets
Matthew.13.11b REF-The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Full Of Secrets
Matthew.13.11 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.13.39a Satan Is The Enemy
Matthew.13.39b Satan Puts His Agents (Demons) Among God’s People
Matthew.13.39 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.13.41 Angels Will Remove All Evil
Matthew.13.43 Evil Removed, & Righteous Shine
Matthew.13.44 REF-The Kingdom Of Heaven Is A Great Treasure
Matthew.13.44a Heaven Is Like Hidden Treasure
Matthew.13.44b Heaven Is Worth ALL Your Money
Matthew.13.44 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.13.47 REF-Heaven Is For All Kinds Of People
Matthew.13.58a Little Faith Means Few Miracles
Matthew.13.58b Great Faith Means Many Miracles
Matthew.13.58c Faith & Miracles Are Connected
Matthew.13.58d Lack Of Faith Limits Miracles
Matthew.13.58e Miracles Require Faith
Matthew.13.58 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.14 Chapter Title Slide
Matthew.14 REF-Jesus & Peter Walked On Water
Matthew.14a REF-5 Loaves & 2 Fish Fed Over 5000 With Leftovers
Matthew.14.4-10 Killed For Teaching On Adultery
Matthew.14.4-10 INJUSTICE-John Beheaded For Teaching Adultery
Matthew.14.4-10 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.14.21 God Could’ve Acknowledged Jesus @ Feeding 5000
Matthew.14.25 REF-Jesus Walked On Water @ 3:00 a.m.
Matthew.15 Chapter Title Slide
Matthew.15.11-13 Pharisees Offended By Jesus
Matthew.15.11-13 INJUSTICE-Religious Elite Offended By Jesus
Matthew.15.11-13 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.15.22 Demons Target Children
Matthew.15.22 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.15.22-28 Gentiles Not Initially Included
Matthew.15.22-28 INJUSTICE-Gentiles Not Initially Given Healing
Matthew.15.22-28 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.16 Chapter Title Slide
Matthew.16.18a The Church Belongs To God
Matthew.16.18b Demon Powers Are Trying To Conquer The Church
Matthew.16.18c Demon Powers Will Fail To Conquer The Church
Matthew.16.18 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.16.19 Authority To Bind & Loose
Matthew.16.21 Some Church Leaders Cause Suffering
Matthew.16.21 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.16.24 REF-Must Take Up Your Own Cross & Follow Jesus
Matthew.16.24a Jesus Requires Unselfishness
Matthew.16.24b Jesus Requires Self-Denial
Matthew.16.24c Jesus Requires Total Commitment
Matthew.16.25 INJUSTICE-Disciples May Have To Die For Faith
Matthew.16.25a Self-Preservation Causes Loss
Matthew.16.25b Self-Sacrifice Is Self-Preservation
Matthew.16.25c Jesus Requires Self-Sacrifice
Matthew.16.25d Jesus Requires Self-Denial
Matthew.16.25e Following Jesus Can Cause Death
Matthew.16.25 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.17 Chapter Title Slide
Matthew.17.5 God Acknowledged Jesus As His Son
Matthew.17.9 REF-Jesus Predicted His Death & Resurrection
Matthew.17.12 Some Church Leaders Cause Suffering
Matthew.17.12 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.17.15 Some Suffering Is Demon-Induced
Matthew.17.15 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.17.22 Betrayal Of A Disciple
Matthew.17.22 INJUSTICE-Betrayal By Judas
Matthew.17.22 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.17.23 REF-Jesus Predicted His Death & Resurrection
Matthew.17.23 Murdered For Political Reasons
Matthew.17.23 INJUSTICE-Jesus Was Murdered – Political Reasons
Matthew.17.23 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.18 Chapter Title Slide
Matthew.18.1-3a Jesus Called Disciples Sinners
Matthew.18.1-3a INJUSTICE-Jesus Called ALL His Disciples Sinners
Matthew.18.1-3b Jesus Told Disciples They Couldn’t Go to Heaven
Matthew.18.1-3b INJUSTICE-Jesus Said Heaven Only For Non-Sinners
Matthew.18.1-3 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.18.3 Want Heaven? Become Like A Child
Matthew.18.3b REF-Heaven Is For All Who Turn From Their Sins
Matthew.18.4 REF-Heaven Is For All Who Are Humble As Children
Matthew.18.10a Children Have Guardian Angels
Matthew.18.10b Children’s Guardian Angels Have Access To God
Matthew.18.10 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.18.15-17 Brother Sins Against Brother
Matthew.18.15-17 INJUSTICE-Sinned Against By A Fellow Believer
Matthew.18.15-17 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.18.23-35 Unforgiven Debt
Matthew.18.23-35 INJUSTICE-Unforgiving, Even Though Forgiven
Matthew.18.23-35 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.19 Chapter Title Slide
Matthew.19.3-9 God Is Against Divorce
Matthew.19.3-9 INJUSTICE-Marriage Def. By God & Shouldn’t End
Matthew.19.3-9 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.19.12 REF-Some Stay Single For The Sake Of The Kingdom
Matthew.19.12a Some Are BORN Incapable Of Sex
Matthew.19.12a INJUSTICE-Some Are Born Without Sexual Ability
Matthew.19.12b Some Are MADE Incapable Of Sex
Matthew.19.12b INJUSTICE-Some Are Made To Be Sexually Incapable
Matthew.19.12c Some CHOOSE No Sex For Heaven
Matthew.19.12c INJUSTICE-Some Must Choose Sexual Inactivity
Matthew.19.12 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.19.21 REF-Heaven Is The Place To Store Your Treasures
Matthew.19.21 Perfection Requires Total Sacrifice
Matthew.19.21a REF-Put God’s Kingdom Above Your Own
Matthew.19.21 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.19.27-29 Christians Must Sacrifice
Matthew.19.27-29 INJUSTICE-Christians Must Be Willing To Sacrifice
Matthew.19.27-29 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.19.28 REF-Jesus Promised The Apostles 12 Thrones
Matthew.19.28a Jesus Predicted Renewal For Earth
Matthew.19.28b Jesus Will Have An Earthly Throne
Matthew.19.29 Eternal Return On Investment = 10,000% Minimum
Matthew.19.29 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.19.30 Rank In Eternity Won’t Be The Same As Now
Matthew.19.30 INJUSTICE-Eternal Rank Won’t Remain As Is Now
Matthew.19.30 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.20 Chapter Title Slide
Matthew.20.1-15 Unfair Wages Currently
Matthew.20.1-15 INJUSTICE-Unfair Wages Now WILL Be Unfair Later
Matthew.20.1-15 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.20.16 Rank Won’t Be The Same As Now
Matthew.20.16 INJUSTICE-Eternal Rank Won’t Remain As Is Now
Matthew.20.16 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.20.19 REF-Jesus Predicted His Death & Resurrection
Matthew.20.20-23 God Honors Those He Chooses
Matthew.20.20-23 INJUSTICE-God Will Eternally Honor All He Chooses
Matthew.20.20-23 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.20.22 Jesus’ Suffering Was Bitter
Matthew.20.22 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.20.27 REF-Those Who Want To Be Great Become Slaves
Matthew.21 Chapter Title Slide
Matthew.21.22 Pray Specifically
Matthew.22 Chapter Title Slide
Matthew.22.11-13 Those Outside Heaven Will Cry
Matthew.22.23 REF-Sadducees Say There Is No Resurrection
Matthew.22.28 REF-Sadducees Focus On Resurrection (Don’t Believe In It)
Matthew.22.31-32 REF-Jesus Advocated For A Resurrection
Matthew.23 Chapter Title Slide
Matthew.24 Chapter Title Slide
Matthew.24.1-2a Disciples Pointed To The Beauty Of Herod’s Temple
Matthew.24.1-2b Jesus Said Temple Would Be Destroyed
Matthew.24.1-2 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.24.3a Disciples Asked About The Future Of The Temple
Matthew.24.3b Disciples Asked When The Temple Be Destroyed
Matthew.24.3c Disciples Asked Jesus When He Would Return
Matthew.24.3d Disciples Asked Jesus About Signs Of the End
Matthew.24.3e Disciples Thought These Were Same Question
Matthew.24.3f This Actually 2 Questions & Jesus Answered Both
Matthew.24.3 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.24.4 Don’t Be Misled About The End Times
Matthew.24.4 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.24.5 In The End, Many Will Believe False Teaching
Matthew.24.5 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.24.6 Wars & Threats Of Wars Precede The End
Matthew.24.6 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.24.7a Ethnic Groups Will Be At War Before The End
Matthew.24.7b Nations Will Be At War Before The End
Matthew.24.7c Various Famines Will Come Before The End
Matthew.24.7d Various Earthquakes Will Come Before The End
Matthew.24.7 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.24.8 War, Famine, & Earthquake Precedes The New
Matthew.24.8 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.24.9a In The End, Christians Will Be Arrested
Matthew.24.9b In The End, Christians Will Be Hurt
Matthew.24.9c In The End, Christians Will Be Murdered
Matthew.24.9d In The End, Christians Will Be Hated
Matthew.24.9 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.24.10a In The End, Many Christians Turn From Jesus
Matthew.24.10b In The End, Many Christians Hate Other Christians
Matthew.24.10 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.24.11a In The End, Many False Prophets Will Come
Matthew.24.11b In The End, False Prophets Tell Convincing Lies
Matthew.24.11c In The End, Many Believe Lies Of False Prophets
Matthew.24.11 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.24.12a In The End, The World Will Be More & More Evil
Matthew.24.12b In The End, The World Stop Showing Brotherly Love
Matthew.24.12 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.24.13 Salvation Is For All Who Endure To The End
Matthew.24.13 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.24.14a The Message Of God’s Kingdom Is Good News
Matthew.24.14b In The End, Gospel Will Be Preached Worldwide
Matthew.24.14 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.24.15a Not Everyone Will Understand This-Pay Attention!
Matthew.24.15b In The End, A Sacrilegious Object In Holy Place
Matthew.24.15c What Does Daniel Teach About This End Event?
Matthew.24.15 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.24.16 God’s People Will Have To Run To The Mountains
Matthew.24.16 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.24.17 God’s People Won’t Have Time To Gather Things
Matthew.24.17 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.24.18 God’s People Won’t Have Time To Even Get A Coat
Matthew.24.19-20 Time Of End Will Be Terrible Time For Everyone
Matthew.24.19-20 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.24.21a End Times Lives Lost Will Be The Worst Ever
Matthew.24.21b End Times Lives Lost Will Never Be Matched
Matthew.24.21 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.24.22a Christians Will Have To Face This Tribulation
Matthew.24.22b God will Cut This Tribulation Short For Christians
Matthew.24.22c If Tribulation NOT Cut Short, ALL People Would Die
Matthew.24.22 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.24.23a During This Tribulation, There Will Be Imposters
Matthew.24.23b Don’t Trust The Imposters During This Tribulation
Matthew.24.23 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.24.24 At The End, Impostors Do Convincing Miracles
Matthew.24.24 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.24.25 Jesus Provided Us This Advanced Warning
Matthew.24.26a In The End, Some Will Point Toward Fake Jesus
Matthew.24.26b In The End, Messiah Won’t Need A Herald
Matthew.24.27a Lightning Comes Fast, & So Will Jesus
Matthew.24.27b Jesus Will Come Again In Great Glory
Matthew.24.27c When Jesus Comes Again, All Will See Him
Matthew.24.27 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.24.28 This Is A List Of The Signs Of The End
Matthew.24.28 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.24.29a At The End After Signs, Sun Darkened (Eclipse?)
Matthew.24.29b At The End After Signs, Moon  Darkened (Eclipse?)
Matthew.24.29c At The End After Signs, Stars Fall (Meteors?)
Matthew.24.29d At The End After Signs, Demonic Powers Tremble
Matthew.24.29 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.24.30 Jesus Will Return In The Clouds
Matthew.24.30b REF-Jesus Will Come From Heaven In Power & Glory
Matthew.24.30c After These Signs, Jesus Will Appear In The Sky
Matthew.24.30d When Jesus Appears, Many Will Mourn & Weep
Matthew.24.30e Jesus Will Appear With Power
Matthew.24.30f Jesus Will Appear In All His Glory
Matthew.24.30 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.24.31a When Jesus Returns, He Will Dispatch His Angels
Matthew.24.31b A Trumpet Blast Will Disperse The Angels
Matthew.24.31c Angels Will Gather God’s People From Everywhere
Matthew.24.31 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.24.32-33a The “Fig Tree” Represents Israel
Matthew.24.32-33b Watch Israel & These Signs To Know Time Of End
Matthew.24.32-33 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.24.34 Generation Sees Israel Accept Jesus Sees 2nd Coming
Matthew.24.35a Present Earth Won’t Last Forever
Matthew.24.35b The Words Of God Will Last Forever
Matthew.24.36 REF-The Timing Of The Return Of Jesus Is A Secret
Matthew.24.36a Exact Timing Of The 2nd Coming Is A Secret
Matthew.24.36b Angels Don’t Know When The 2nd Coming Is
Matthew.24.36c Jesus Doesn’t Know When The 2nd Coming Is
Matthew.24.36d Only God Knows When The 2nd Coming Is
Matthew.24.36 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.24.37 The 2nd Coming Will Happen Like The Flood
Matthew.24.37 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.24.38 REF-People Partied Until The Flood Came
Matthew.24.38a Most Will Be Oblivious To God’s Judgment
Matthew.24.38 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.24.39 REF-The Flood Swept Everyone Away
Matthew.24.39a God’s Judgment Comes With Return Of Jesus
Matthew.24.39b People Will Be Clueless To Judgment Until Too Late
Matthew.24.39 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.24.40-41a At The 2nd Coming, Wicked Removed For Judgment
Matthew.24.40-41b At The 2nd Coming, Godly Will Remain
Matthew.24.40-41 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.24.42a Be Ready for Jesus’ Return
Matthew.24.42b You Won’t Know The Day Of Jesus’ Return
Matthew.24.42c Doesn’t Mean You Won’t Know Season Of His Return
Matthew.24.42 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.24.43-44a Christians Must Be Ready For Jesus’ Coming
Matthew.24.43-44b The Exact Hour Of Jesus’ Coming Will Be A Surprise
Matthew.24.43-44 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.24.45 Faithful Christians Will Have Responsibilities Then
Matthew.24.45 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.24.46 God Has A Job For You
Matthew.24.46b Blessed Are Those Who Stay Focused On Kingdom
Matthew.24.46 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.25 Chapter Title Slide
Matthew.25.35a Feeding Other People = Feeding Jesus
Matthew.25.35b Hospitality To Other People = Hospitality to Jesus
Matthew.25.35c Make Sure Jesus Is Welcome In Your Home
Matthew.25.35 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.26 Chapter Title Slide
Matthew.26.26 Lord’s Supper = New Covenant
Matthew.26.27-28a Lord’s Supper = New Covenant
Matthew.26.27-28b Jesus’ Blood Confirms The Covenant
Matthew.26.28b Jesus’ Blood Sacrifice Forgives Sin
Matthew.26.32 REF-Jesus Predicted His Death & Resurrection
Matthew.26.39 Jesus Preferred To Avoid Suffering
Matthew.26.39 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.26.53 God’s Angels Can Protect Us
Matthew.26.64 REF-Jesus Will Return On The Clouds Of Heaven
Matthew.27 Chapter Title Slide
Matthew.27.5 Judas Committed Suicide
Matthew.27.5 Surgical Prayer
Matthew.27.35 REF-They Nailed Jesus To A Cross
Matthew.27.40 REF-They Mocked Jesus On The Cross
Matthew.27.42 REF-They Scoffed At Jesus On The Cross
Matthew.27.50-53 Others Rose From Death With Jesus
Matthew.27.52 REF-Godly People Were Raised When Jesus Died
Matthew.27.53 REF-Resurrected Godly People Appeared To Many
Matthew.27.63 REF-Jesus Predicted His Death & Resurrection
Matthew.27.63-64 REF-Pharisees Remembered Jesus Predicted Res.
Matthew.28 Chapter Title Slide
Matthew.28.1 REF-Two Marys Visited Jesus’ Tomb Sunday Morning
Matthew.28:6 REF–Resurrection!
Matthew.28.6b REF-An Angel Announced Jesus’ Resurrection
Matthew.28.7 REF-Angel Said To Tell Disciples Of Jesus’ Res.
Matthew.28.18 God Gave Jesus Total Authority
Matthew.28.18a REF-Jesus Has All Authority In Heaven & On Earth
Matthew.28.18-20 Baptism Is Part Of The Great Commission
Matthew.28.19a Evangelism Is Required
Matthew.28.19b Evangelism Includes All Nations
Matthew.28.19c Evangelism Requires Talking
Matthew.28.19d Evangelism Requires Teaching
Matthew.28.19e Jesus Wants Us To Evangelize
Matthew.28.19f Jesus Says To Go
Matthew.28.19g Discipling = Baptizing
Matthew.28.19h Baptism Is Always In 3 Names
Matthew.28.19i Baptize In The Father’s Name
Matthew.28.19j Baptize In Jesus’ Name
Matthew.28.19k Baptize In The Holy Spirit’s Name
Matthew.28.19b-20a Every Christian Is To Evangelize
Matthew.28.18-20 Surgical Prayer
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