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Mark.1 Chapter Title Slide
Mark.1.4 REF-Baptism Demonstrates Your Intent To Change
Mark.1.4b REF-Baptism Demonstrates An Appeal For Forgiveness
Mark.1.5 REF-Confession Precedes Baptism
Mark.1.6 REF-John The Baptist Ate Locusts & Wild Honey
Mark.1.7a John The Baptist Preached Jesus
Mark.1.7b John’s Ministry Preceded Jesus
Mark.1.7c Jesus Is Greater Than John
Mark.1.8a John Baptized People
Mark.1.8b John Prophesied A Baptism By Jesus
Mark.1.8c John Prophesied A Baptism Of The Holy Spirit
Mark.1.9 REF-John Baptized Jesus In The Jordan River
Mark.1.9a Jesus (Our Example) Was Baptized
Mark.1.9 Surgical Prayer
Mark.1.9-11 God First Acknowledged Jesus @ Baptism
Mark.1.9-11 Surgical Prayer
Mark.1.11 REF-God Speaks From Heaven
Mark.1.11a God Acknowledged Jesus As Family
Mark.1.23a Demons Can Reside in People
Mark.1.23b Demons Can Be In Church People
Mark.1.23c Demons Sometimes Shout Abruptly
Mark.1.24a Demons Can Make People Yell
Mark.1.24b Demons Can Take People Over
Mark.1.24bb Demons Can Come In Groups
Mark.1.24c Demons Know Jesus’ Home Town
Mark.1.24d Demons Know They’ll Be Destroyed
Mark.1.24e Demons Know Jesus Is God’s Son
Mark.1.24 Surgical Prayer
Mark.1.25a Jesus Quieted The Demon
Mark.1.25b Demons Are @ Jesus’ Command
Mark.1.25c Jesus Ordered The Demon Out
Mark.1.26a Demons Can Make People Yell
Mark.1.26b Demons Can Take People Over
Mark.1.26c Demons Can Hurt People
Mark.1.26d The Demon Left @ Jesus’ Command
Mark.1.35 Jesus Conversed Often With God
Mark.1.39a Jesus Often Expelled Demons
Mark.1.39b Ministry Involved Demon Removal
Mark.1.39 Surgical Prayer
Mark.2 Chapter Title Slide
Mark.3 Chapter Title Slide
Mark.3.27 WEAPON 2-Bind The Enemy
Mark.3.27 Surgical Prayer
Mark.4 Chapter Title Slide
Mark.4.12 Some Are Biblically Clueless
Mark.4.12 Surgical Prayer
Mark.5 Chapter Title Slide
Mark.5.3a Demons Like Tombs (Death)
Mark.5.3b Demons Can Make People Strong
Mark.5.3c Demons Can’t Be Restrained
Mark.5.4a Demons Can’t Be Restrained
Mark.5.4b Demons Can Make People Strong
Mark.5.5a Demons Like Tombs (Death) 
Mark.5.5b Demons Often Yell
Mark.5.5c Demons Can Hurt Their Host
Mark.5.6a Demons Recognize Jesus
Mark.5.6b Demons Submit To Jesus
Mark.5.7a Demons Often Yell
Mark.5.7b Demons Recognize Jesus
Mark.5.7c Demons Submit To Jesus
Mark.5.7d Demons Are Afraid Of Torture
Mark.5.7e Demons Know Jesus Can Torture
Mark.5.8a Jesus Spoke To The Demon, Not The Man
Mark.5.8b Jesus Told The Demon To Leave
Mark.5.8c Demons Can Inhabit People
Mark.5.9a Jesus Commands Demons
Mark.5.9b Demons Have Names
Mark.5.9c Demons Like To Live In People
Mark.5.9d Some Demons Live In Groups
Mark.5.9e Some Have Many Demons
Mark.5.10a Demons Submit To Jesus
Mark.5.10b Demons Want To Stay Put
Mark.5.11-12a The Demons Asked For Pig Hosts
Mark.5.11-12b Demons Ask Jesus For Permission
Mark.5.13a Jesus Conversed With Demons
Mark.5.13b Jesus Commands Demons
Mark.5.13c Demons Killed 2000 Pigs
Mark.5.13d Demons Enjoy Killing
Mark.5.15a Jesus Drew A Crowd
Mark.5.15b Demon Removal Is Healing
Mark.5.15c Demon Removal Heals The Mind
Mark.5.15d Demon Removal Scares People
Mark.5.16 Demon News Travels Fast
Mark.5.17 Gerasene People Feared Jesus
Mark.5.25 Suffering Can Seem Unending
Mark.5.25 Surgical Prayer
Mark.5.25-26a Even God’s People Suffer
Mark.5.25-26b Some Suffering Can’t Be Healed By Humans
Mark.5.25-26 Surgical Prayer
Mark.5.27-28a The Law Said To Yell “Unclean” & She Did Not
Mark.5.27-28b Seeking Healing From Jesus
Mark.5.27-28c Desperately Seeking Healing
Mark.5.27-28d Seeking Healing By Faith
Mark.5.27-28e Seeking Healing By Action
Mark.5.27-28 Surgical Prayer
Mark.5.29 Jesus + Faith Can Heal
Mark.5.29 Surgical Prayer
Mark.5.30-31a Power Flows Through Jesus
Mark.5.30-31b Jesus Knows When His Power Flows
Mark.5.30-31 Surgical Prayer
Mark.5.32-33 Woman Confesses To Jesus
Mark.5.32-33 Surgical Prayer
Mark.5.34 Suffering Can End Abruptly
Mark.5.34-Pray Surgical Prayer
Mark.5.34a Faith Brings Healing
Mark.5.34b Faith Leads To Healing
Mark.5.34c Faith Leads To The End Of Suffering
Mark.5.34a Surgical Prayer
Mark.6 Chapter Title Slide
Mark.6.13a Sick People Were Anointed
Mark.6.13b Healed People Had Been Anointed
Mark.6.13c Anointing Helps Demon Removal
Mark.6.20a Good People Are Safe Until It’s Time For Heaven
Mark.6.48 REF-Jesus Walked On Water @ 3:00 a.m.
Mark.7 Chapter Title Slide
Mark.7.34 REF-Jesus Can Command The Heavens To Open
Mark.8 Chapter Title Slide
Mark.8.31 REF-Jesus Predicted His Death & Resurrection
Mark.8.31b Jesus Came To Suffer
Mark.8.31b Surgical Prayer
Mark.9 Chapter Title Slide
Mark.9.7 God Acknowledged Jesus As Family
Mark.9.9 REF-Jesus Predicted His Death & Resurrection
Mark.9.12 Jesus Came To Suffer
Mark.9.12 Surgical Prayer
Mark.9.17 Demons Can Render You Mute
Mark.9.17 Surgical Prayer
Mark.9.25 WEAPON 7-Rebuke Evil Spirits
Mark.9.25 Surgical Prayer
Mark.9.28-29 WEAPON 4-Prayer & Fasting
Mark.9.28-29 Surgical Prayer
Mark.9.31 REF-Jesus Predicted His Death & Resurrection
Mark.9.34 REF-You Must Take Up Your Own Cross & Follow Jesus
Mark.9.38-40 Those Not Against Us Are With Us
Mark.9.38-40 Surgical Prayer
Mark.9.49 Fire Will Test Every Single Person
Mark.9.50 Be At Peace With One Another
Mark.9.50 Surgical Prayer
Mark.10 Chapter Title Slide
Mark.10.6-7 Mankind Was Created @ The Beginning
Mark.10.21 REF-Heaven Is The Place To Store All Your Treasures
Mark.10.21-22 Focus On People, Not Stuff
Mark.10.21-22 Surgical Prayer
Mark.10.38 Jesus’ Suffering Was Bitter
Mark.10.38 Surgical Prayer
Mark.10.44 REF-Those Who Want To Be Great Become Slaves
Mark.11 Chapter Title Slide
Mark.11.25 Unforgiveness Hinders Your Prayers
Mark.11.25a REF-God Forgives From Heaven
Mark.11.26 Forgiveness Breeds Forgiveness
Mark.12 Chapter Title Slide
Mark.12.18 REF-Sadducees Say There Is No Resurrection
Mark.12.23 REF-Sadducees Focus On Resurrection (They Don’t Believe It)
Mark.12.24 Scripture Reveals How God Works
Mark.12.25 REF-Angels Are In Heaven
Mark.12.44 Giving Is About The %
Mark.12.44a God Focuses ON The %
Mark.12.44 Surgical Prayer
Mark.13 Chapter Title Slide
Mark.13.19 REF-God Created The Whole World
Mark.13.32 REF-The Timing Of The Return Of Jesus Is A Secret
Mark.13.32a REF-Heaven’s Angels Don’t Know When End Will Come
Mark.14 Chapter Title Slide
Mark.14.26 REF-Jesus Will Return On The Clouds Of Heaven
Mark.14.28 REF-Jesus Predicted His Death & Resurrection
Mark.14.36 Jesus Preferred To Avoid Suffering
Mark.14.36 Surgical Prayer
Mark.15 Chapter Title Slide
Mark.15.24 REF-They Nailed Jesus To The Cross
Mark.15.30 REF-They Taunted Jesus On The Cross
Mark.15.32 REF-They Ridiculed Jesus On The Cross
Mark.16.19 REF-Jesus Was Taken Up To Heaven
Mark.16 Chapter Title Slide
Mark.16.1 REF-Two Marys Visited Jesus’ Tomb On Sunday Morning
Mark.16.6 REF-An Angel Announced Jesus’ Resurrection
Mark.16.9 REF-A Woman Was First To See Jesus After Resurrection
Mark.16.9a The Body Of Jesus Was Restored
Mark.16.16 REF-Faith Precedes Baptism
Mark.16.16a Baptism Without Faith Gets You Wet, Not Saved
Mark.16.16b REF-Baptism Is Connected To Salvation
Mark.16.16 Surgical Prayer
Mark.16.17a Believers Can Prove They Are God’s
Mark.16.17b Believers Will Cast Out Demons
Mark.16.17c Believers Will Speak New Languages
Mark.16.17d Demons Must Be Forced Out
Mark.16.17e Jesus’ Name Forces Demons Out
Mark.16.17 Surgical Prayer
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