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Malachi.1 Chapter Title Slide
Malachi.1 REF-God Is Lord Of Heaven’s Armies
Malachi.2 Chapter Title Slide
Malachi.2 REF-God Is Lord Of Heaven’s Armies
Malachi.2.10 REF-God Created All The Races
Malachi.3 Chapter Title Slide
Malachi.3 REF-God Is Lord Of Heaven’s Armies
Malachi.3.2 God Is Coming As A Soapy Fire
Malachi.3.6a God Is Lord Of All
Malachi.3.6b God Never Changes
Malachi.3.6c God’s Promise To Love Israel Endures
Malachi.3.7a Israel Scorned God For Generations
Malachi.3.7b Israel Disobeyed God For Generations
Malachi.3.7c God Wanted Israel To Be Faithful
Malachi.3.7d God Accepts Repentant Hearts
Malachi.3.7e God Had Abandoned Israel
Malachi.3.7f Heaven Has Armies
Malachi.3.7g God Commands Heaven Armies
Malachi.3.7h Israel Denied Rejecting God
Malachi.3.7i Israel Ignorant Of Their Disobedience
Malachi.3.8a God Can Be Robbed
Malachi.3.8b Some People Rob God
Malachi.3.8c Some Rob God In Offerings
Malachi.3.8d Israel Had Robbed God
Malachi.3.8e 10% Should Go To God
Malachi.3.8f Less Than 10% Is Robbing God 
Malachi.3.8g 10% & More Is Not Robbing God 
Malachi.3.8-10 WEAPON 6-Tithing
Malachi.3.8-10 Surgical Prayer
Malachi.3.9-10a No Tithe = God’s Curse
Malachi.3.9-10a Surgical Prayer
Malachi.3.16 Scrolls Record Names Of The Godly
Malachi.3.16-Pray Surgical Prayer
Malachi.4 Chapter Title Slide
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