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Luke.1 Chapter Title Slide
Luke.1.1 Scrolls Record Events About Jesus
Luke.1.1 Surgical Prayer
Luke.1.3 Scrolls Record Luke’s Account Of Jesus
Luke.1.3 Surgical Prayer
Luke.1.11a Zechariah Was A Temple Priest
Luke.1.11b An Angel Appeared To Zechariah
Luke.1.11c Angels Answer To God
Luke.1.12a The Angel Shocked Zechariah
Luke.1.12b Zechariah Was Afraid of The Angel
Luke.1.13a The Angel Calmed Zechariah
Luke.1.13b Zechariah Prayed For A Son
Luke.1.13c Zechariah Would Have A Son
Luke.1.13d John Would Be Zechariah’s Son
Luke.1.13e God Hears Prayers Of The Godly
Luke.1.13f God Answers Prayers Of The Godly
Luke.1.13g God Decides Who Gets Children
Luke.1.14a John Would Make Zechariah Happy
Luke.1.14b John’s Birth Would Be Celebrated
Luke.1.15a John Would Be Great In God’s Sight
Luke.1.15b John Would Never Drink Alcohol
Luke.1.15c John Would Be Filled With The Holy Spirit
Luke.1.15d John Would Have The Holy Spirit Pre Birth
Luke.1.16 John Would Turn Many Jews To God
Luke.1.17a John Would Have Elijah’s Spirit
Luke.1.17b John Would Have Elijah’s Power
Luke.1.17c John Would Prepare Israel For Jesus
Luke.1.17d John Would Help Fathers Focus On Kids
Luke.1.17e John Would Help Israel Reform
Luke.1.28 REF-Gabriel Told Mary God Was With He
Luke.1.30 REF-Gabriel Told Mary God Favored Her
Luke.1.31 REF-Gabriel Told Mary She Would Have A Son – Jesus
Luke.1.32a REF-Gabriel Told Mary Jesus Would Be Great
Luke.1.32b REF-Gabriel Told Mary Jesus Was Son Of God
Luke.1.32c REF-Gabriel Told Mary Jesus Would Have David’s Throne
Luke.1.35a The Angel Informed Mary
Luke.1.35b The Holy Spirit Would Be On Mary
Luke.1.35c The Holy Spirit Has God’s Power
Luke.1.35d The Holy Spirit Overshadowed Mary
Luke.1.35e Mary Was To Have A Baby Boy
Luke.1.35f Mary’s Baby Would Be Holy
Luke.1.35g Mary’s Baby Would Be God’s Son
Luke.1.36 REF-Gabriel Told Mary Elizabeth Was Pregnant
Luke.1.39-40 Jesus’ Mom Visited John’s Mom
Luke.1.41a Elizabeth Saw Mary, & John Jumped
Luke.1.41b Elizabeth Was Full Of The Holy Spirit
Luke.1.67a Zechariah Was Full Of The Holy Spirit
Luke.1.67b The Holy Spirit Inspires Prophecy
Luke.2 Chapter Title Slide
Luke.2.13 REF-Heaven Has Armies
Luke.2.16 God Could’ve Acknowledged Jesus @ Birth
Luke.2.20a The Shepherds Saw Jesus & Glorified God
Luke.2.20b Angels Sometimes Reveal The Future
Luke.2.20 Surgical Prayer
Luke.2.27-28 Are You Where God Wants You?
Luke.2.42 God Could’ve Acknowledged Jesus @ Age 12
Luke.3 Chapter Title Slide
Luke.3.3 REF-Baptism Demonstrates An Appeal To God For Forgiveness
Luke.3.7-14a Repentance = Giving To The Poor
Luke.3.7-14b Repentance = Getting Rid Of Greed
Luke.3.7-14c Repentance = Financial Contentment
Luke.3.7-14d Repentance Is About Money!
Luke.3.7-14 Surgical Prayer
Luke.3.12 REF-Evil People Desired Baptism
Luke.3.21 REF-John Baptized Jesus In The Jordan River
Luke.3.21-22 God First Acknowledged Jesus @ Baptism
Luke.3.22 God Acknowledged Jesus As Family
Luke.3.21-22 Surgical Prayer
Luke.3.23 REF-John Baptized People Where There Was Plenty Of Water
Luke.4 Chapter Title Slide
Luke.4.1a Jesus Was Baptized In The Jordan
Luke.4.1b After Baptism, Jesus Was Full Of The Holy Spirit
Luke.4.1c After Baptism, Jesus Was Led By The Holy Spirit
Luke.4.1d The Holy Spirit Led Jesus Into The Wilderness
Luke.4.1-2a The Holy Spirit Led Jesus Into Temptation
Luke.4.1-2b Jesus Was Tempted In The Wilderness
Luke.4.1-2c Jesus Was Tempted By Satan
Luke.4.1-2d Jesus Was Tempted For 40 Days
Luke.4.1-2e Jesus Fasted During Temptation
Luke.4.1-2f Jesus Fasted For 40 Days
Luke.4.10 God Sends Angels To Protect Us
Luke.4.13a Satan’s Attacks Come In Spurts
Luke.4.13b Satan Temporarily Quit Tempting Jesus
Luke.4.13c Satan Probably Tempted Jesus Again
Luke.4.13d Satan Finds Opportunities To Tempt
Luke.4.13e Satan Is Free To Come & Go (For Now)
Luke.4.14a After Tempting, Jesus Went Home
Luke.4.14aa After Temptation, Jesus Went Home
Luke.4.14b After Tempting, Jesus Was Full Of The Holy Spirit
Luke.4.14bb Jesus Went Home With The Power Of The Holy Spirit
Luke.4.14c The Holy Spirit Is Powerful
Luke.4.14d Jesus’ Fame Spread Like Wildfire
Luke.4.15a Jesus Began His Ministry By Teaching
Luke.4.15b Jesus’ Teaching Was Loved & Praised
Luke.4.16a Jesus Went Home To Nazareth
Luke.4.16b Jesus Always Went To Church
Luke.4.16c Jesus Read Scripture At Church
Luke.4.17 Jesus Read Isaiah Aloud In Church
Luke.4.18a The Holy Spirit Was On Jesus
Luke.4.18b The Holy Spirit Is An Anointing
Luke.4.18c God Sent Jesus With Good News
Luke.4.18d God Sent Jesus To Encourage The Poor
Luke.4.18e God Sent Jesus To Announce Freedom
Luke.4.18f God Sent Jesus To Restore The Blind
Luke.4.18g God Sent Jesus To Set People Free
Luke.4.19 God Sent Jesus To Announce Grace
Luke.4.20a Jesus Closed The Scriptures & Sat
Luke.4.20b Every Eye In church Was On Jesus
Luke.4.21a Jesus Said Grace Had Arrived
Luke.4.21b Jesus Was Isaiah’s Prophecy (Grace)
Luke.4.33 A Demon Is An Evil Spirit
Luke.4.33 Surgical Prayer
Luke.5 Chapter Title Slide
Luke.5.22a Jesus Knew Their Thoughts
Luke.6 Chapter Title Slide
Luke.6.23 REF-Heaven Has Great Rewards For The Faithful
Luke.6.35 Satan Uses Your Lack Of Love
Luke.6.35a REF-Rewards Are In Heaven
Luke.6.35b Rewards For Lending
Luke.6.35c REF-Heaven Has Great Rewards For The Faithful
Luke.6.47 Follow God & This Happens
Luke.6.47 Surgical Prayer
Luke.6.48a Follow God & Disasters Won’t Ruin Your Life
Luke.6.48b Follow God & Your Life Is On Solid Rock
Luke.6.48c Follow God & Your Life Will Always Stand Firm
Luke.6.48 Surgical Prayer
Luke.7 Chapter Title Slide
Luke.8 Chapter Title Slide
Luke.8.12 Demons Steal Thoughts
Luke.8.30 Demons Come In Groups
Luke.8.30 Surgical Prayer
Luke.8.43 Suffering Can Seem Unending
Luke.8.43 Surgical Prayer
Luke.9 Chapter Title Slide
Luke.9.8 REF-Many Doubted Jesus’ Resurrection
Luke.9.19 REF-Many Doubted Jesus’ Resurrection
Luke.9.22 REF-Jesus Predicted His Death & Resurrection
Luke.9.22a Jesus Came To Suffer
Luke.9.22a Surgical Prayer
Luke.9.23 REF-You Must Take Up Your Own Cross & Follow Jesus
Luke.9.23a Crowds Followed Jesus
Luke.9.23b Jesus Requires Unselfishness
Luke.9.23c Jesus Requires Self-Denial
Luke.9.23d Discipleship Requires Daily Renewal
Luke.9.24a Self-Preservation Is Futile
Luke.9.24b Self-Sacrifice Is Required
Luke.9.24c Jesus Requires Self-Sacrifice
Luke.9.24d Self-Sacrifice Is Self-Preservation
Luke.9.35 God Acknowledged Jesus As Family
Luke.9.35 Surgical Prayer
Luke.10 Chapter Title Slide
Luke.10.15 REF-Heaven Will Honor Some
Luke.10.20 REF-Some Are Pre-Registered For Heaven
Luke.10.21 REF-God Is Lord Of Heaven
Luke.11 Chapter Title Slide
Luke.11.1 Disciples Saw The Power Of Prayer
Luke.11.11-13a Fathers Give Children Good Things
Luke.11.11-13b Sinners Know To Give Good Things
Luke.11.11-13c God REALLY Knows What To Give
Luke.11.11-13d God Can Give You The Holy Spirit
Luke.11.11-13e Ask God For The Holy Spirit
Luke.11.50-51 Able’s Murder Synonymous With Creation
Luke.12 Chapter Title Slide
Luke.12.7a God Knows The Numbers Of Hairs On Your Head
Luke.12.7b Don’t Fear, Because God Knows Your Situation
Luke.12.7c You Are More Valuable To God Than You Know
Luke.12.7 Surgical Prayer
Luke.12.8a Jesus Reveals Truth
Luke.12.8b Jesus = Covenant Son Of Man
Luke.12.8c Claim Jesus Publicly
Luke.12.8d Claim Jesus & He Will Claim You
Luke.12.8e Claim Jesus Now & He’ll Claim You Later
Luke.12.8f Jesus Will Claim You Before Angels
Luke.12.9a Deny Jesus Now & He’ll Deny You Later
Luke.12.9b Jesus Will Deny Unbelievers Before Angels
Luke.12.10a Jesus = Covenant Son Of Man
Luke.12.10b God Can Forgive Denying Jesus
Luke.12.10c God Won’t Forgive Denying The Holy Spirit
Luke.12.10d Don’t Blaspheme The Holy Spirit
Luke.12.11-12a Christians Will Face Opposition
Luke.12.11-12b Don’t Worry About Future Trials
Luke.12.11-12c Don’t Worry About Defending Yourself
Luke.12.11-12d The Holy Spirit Teaches
Luke.12.11-12e The Holy Spirit Provides Responses
Luke.12.11-12f The Holy Spirit = Just In Time Help
Luke.12.20 FOOLS Are Focused On Riches
Luke.12.20b Everyone Parts With Possessions At Death
Luke.12.20 Surgical Prayer
Luke.12.33 REF-Heaven Is The Place To Store All Your Treasures
Luke.12.50 Jesus Came To Suffer
Luke.12.50 Surgical Prayer
Luke.13 Chapter Title Slide
Luke.13.10 Jesus Went To Church Regularly
Luke.13.11a Demons Can Possess People
Luke.13.11b Demons Can Disable People
Luke.13.12 Demons Can Bind People Through Sickness
Luke.13.13a Jesus Touched Those He Healed
Luke.13.13b Healing Was Immediate
Luke.13.13c Healing Leads To Praise
Luke.13.13d Healing Glorifies God
Luke.13.14a Jews Didn’t Like Sabbath Healings
Luke.13.14b Jews Focused On Rules, Not People
Luke.13.15a Jesus Is Lord
Luke.13.15b Jewish Leaders Were Hypocrites
Luke.13.15c Jewish Leaders Put Animals Over People
Luke.13.16a Jews Descended From Abraham
Luke.13.16b Sickness Can Be Satanic Bondage
Luke.13.16c Satanic Bondage Can Last A Long Time
Luke.13.16d Healing Is Freedom From Satanic Bondage
Luke.13.16e Healing Can Happen Anytime
Luke.13.17a Jesus Shamed His Jewish Enemies
Luke.13.17b Many Jews Rejoiced About Jesus
Luke.13.17c Jesus Did Many Wonderful Things
Luke.14 Chapter Title Slide
Luke.14.14 Rewards At The Resurrection
Luke.14.14b REF-Rewards Will Be Given At The Great Resurrection
Luke.14.28 Satan Uses Financial Fears
Luke.15 Chapter Title Slide
Luke.15.7 REF-Heaven Parties When We Repent
Luke.16 Chapter Title Slide
Luke.16.11 REF-Heaven Is Full Of Rich Treasures
Luke.16.22 Angels Escort The Faithful to Heaven
Luke.16.22 Surgical Prayer
Luke.16.23 Jesus Often Discussed Hell
Luke.16.24 The Dead Rich Man Wanted Water
Luke.16.27-28 Memories Continue In Eternal Torment
Luke.16.31 REF-Jesus’ Resurrection Doesn’t Convince Everyone
Luke.17 Chapter Title Slide
Luke.17.25 Jesus Came To Suffer
Luke.17.25 Surgical Prayer
Luke.17.27 REF-People Partied Until The Flood Came
Luke.18 Chapter Title Slide
Luke.18.22 REF-Heaven Is Full Of Rich Treasures
Luke.18.22a REF-Heaven Is The Place To Store Your Treasures
Luke.18.42 God Could’ve Acknowledged Jesus During His Miracles
Luke.18.42a Healing Is Based On Faith
Luke.18.42 Surgical Prayer
Luke.19 Chapter Title Slide
Luke.20 Chapter Title Slide
Luke.20.27 REF-Sadducees Say There Is No Resurrection
Luke.20.33 REF-Sadducees Focus On Resurrection (They Don’t Believe In It)
Luke.20.35-38 REF-Jesus Promoted Resurrection
Luke.21 Chapter Title Slide
Luke.22 Chapter Title Slide
Luke.22.15 Jesus Came To Suffer
Luke.22.15 Surgical Prayer
Luke.22.42 Jesus Preferred Avoiding Suffering
Luke.22.42 Surgical Prayer
Luke.23 Chapter Title Slide
Luke.23.33 REF-They Nailed Jesus To A Cross
Luke.23.34 Jesus Gave The Proper Response
Luke.24 Chapter Title Slide
Luke.24.1 REF-Two Marys Visited Jesus’ Tomb On Sunday Morning
Luke.24.6 REF-An Angel Announced Jesus’ Resurrection
Luke.24.21 When Jesus Died, They Lost Hope
Luke.24.26 Jesus Came To Suffer
Luke.24.26 Surgical Prayer
Luke.24.31 Jesus’ New Body Could Disappear
Luke.24.34 Jesus LITERALLY Rose From Death
Luke.24.39 Jesus Said Touch – Resurrection Is Tangible
Luke.24.39 Surgical Prayer
Luke.24.40-41a Jesus’ New Body Was Marked
Luke.24.42-43 Jesus’ New Body Could Eat
Luke.24.46 REF-Prophets Predicted Jesus’ Resurrection
Luke.24.50-51 Jesus Is In Heaven In His Body
Luke.24.51 REF-Jesus Ascended As He Was Blessing His Disciples
Luke.24.51b REF-Jesus Was Taken Up To Heaven
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