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Leviticus.1 Chapter Title Slide
Leviticus.1.5 Blood On The Doorpost, Blood On The Tabernacle Door
Leviticus.2 Chapter Title Slide
Leviticus.2.11-12 REF-Honey Never Burned As An Offering To The Lord
Leviticus.3 Chapter Title Slide
Leviticus.4 Chapter Title Slide
Leviticus.4.7 Blood On Doorpost, Blood On The Tabernacle Doorjam
Leviticus.4.18 Blood On Doorpost, Blood On The Tabernacle Doorjam
Leviticus.5 Chapter Title Slide
Leviticus.6 Chapter Title Slide
Leviticus.7 Chapter Title Slide
Leviticus.8 Chapter Title Slide
Leviticus.8.12a Aaron Anointed As High Priest
Leviticus.8.12b Aaron’s Anointing Made Him Holy
Leviticus.8.12c Anointing Precedes Assignment
Leviticus.9 Chapter Title Slide
Leviticus.9.23 God Appeared To Israel In Great Glory
Leviticus.9.23 Surgical Prayer
Leviticus.10 Chapter Title Slide
Leviticus.10.3a God Displays His Holiness Through Worship Leaders
Leviticus.10.3b God’s Holiness & Glory Are Not To Be Mocked
Leviticus.10.3 Surgical Prayer
Leviticus.11 Chapter Title Slide
Leviticus.12 Chapter Title Slide
Leviticus.13 Chapter Title Slide
Leviticus.14 Chapter Title Slide
Leviticus.14.37-38 Priests Inspected Walls Of Israelites In Canaan
Leviticus.14.37-38 Surgical Prayer
Leviticus.14.43-45 Priests RE-Inspected Walls Of Israelites In Canaan
Leviticus.14.43-45 Surgical Prayer
Leviticus.15 Chapter Title Slide
Leviticus.16 Chapter Title Slide
Leviticus.16.31a Worship Promotes Rest
Leviticus.16.31b Worship Promotes Self-Denial
Leviticus.16.31c Worship Will Never End
Leviticus.17 Chapter Title Slide
Leviticus.17.6 Blood On Doorpost, Blood On The Tabernacle Doorjam
Leviticus.17.7a Sacrificing To Idols Is Harlotry
Leviticus.17.7b Idol Worship = Demon Worship
Leviticus.17.7c Some Demons Look Like Goats
Leviticus.18 Chapter Title Slide
Leviticus.18.22a Do Not Practice Same-Sex Sex
Leviticus.18.22b Men Practicing Same-Sex Sex Is Detestable To God
Leviticus.19 Chapter Title Slide
Leviticus.19.16a Never Participate In Slander Of Gossip
Leviticus.19.31 God Rejects All Who Consult Mediums
Leviticus.19.31 Surgical Prayer
Leviticus.19.34 REF-Israel Lived As Foreigners In Egypt
Leviticus.20 Chapter Title Slide
Leviticus.20.13a Men Practicing Same-Sex Sex Is Detestable To God
Leviticus.20.13b Practicing Same-Sex Sex Is A Capital Offense
Leviticus.21 Chapter Title Slide
Leviticus.22 Chapter Title Slide
Leviticus.22.11 REF-Priests Were Allowed To Own Slaves
Leviticus.22.29 Bring Your Thanks & Praise To God
Leviticus.22.29 Surgical Prayer
Leviticus.22.31 Obey God
Leviticus.22.31 Surgical Prayer
Leviticus.22.31a Faith Puts God’s Commands In Practice
Leviticus.22.31a Surgical Prayer
Leviticus.23 Chapter Title Slide
Leviticus.23.26-27a God Told Moses About Worship
Leviticus.23.26-27b Worship Focuses On Cleansing
Leviticus.23.26-27c Worship Focuses On Holiness
Leviticus.23.26-27d Worship Means Meeting Together
Leviticus.23.26-27e Worship Focuses On Self-Denial
Leviticus.23.26-27f Worship Includes An Offering
Leviticus.23.28a Worship Focuses On Rest
Leviticus.23.28b Rest Is Cleansing
Leviticus.23.28c Worship Reaches God’s Presence
Leviticus.23.28d Worship Focuses On Cleansing
Leviticus.23.28e Worship Removes Sin
Leviticus.23.28f Worship Reveals God’s Family
Leviticus.24 Chapter Title Slide
Leviticus.25 Chapter Title Slide
Leviticus.26 Chapter Title Slide
Leviticus.26.13 REF-God’s Power Delivered Israel From Egyptian Slavery
Leviticus.26.13a REF-God Freed Israel From Slavery
Leviticus.27 Chapter Title Slide
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