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John.1 Chapter Title Slide
John.1.3 REF-God Created Everything Through Jesus
John.1.12a God Offers Family Rights
John.1.12b Faith Leads To Inclusion In God’s Family
John.1.12 Surgical Prayer
John.1.32a John Is A Witness Of The Holy Spirit
John.1.32b John Saw The Holy Spirit On Jesus
John.1.33a God Told John to Baptize With Water
John.1.33b Water Baptism Came From God
John.1.33c John Didn’t Know Jesus Was Messiah
John.1.33d The Holy Spirit Was To Rest On The Messiah
John.1.33e Messiah Was To Baptize With The Holy Spirit
John.1.33f John Saw The Holy Spirit On Jesus
John.1.33g John Is A Witness:  Jesus Is Messiah
John.2 Chapter Title Slide
John.2.22 REF-Jesus Predicted His Death & Resurrection
John.3 Chapter Title Slide
John.3.1 Nicodemus Was A Jewish Pharisee
John.3.2a Nicodemus Came To Jesus At Night
John.3.2b Jesus Was A Rabbi
John.3.2c Nicodemus Recognized God In Jesus
John.3.2d Nicodemus Accepted Jesus’ Teaching
John.3.2e Nicodemus Acknowledged Jesus’ Miracles
John.3.3a Jesus Teaches Truth
John.3.3b Jesus Commands Rebirth
John.3.3c Only The Reborn See Heaven
John.3.4a Nicodemus Was Confused
John.3.4b Nicodemus Thought You Had To Be A Baby Again
John.3.5a Jesus Clarified Salvation
John.3.5b Heaven Requires 2 Steps
John.3.5c Heaven Requires Water Baptism
John.3.5d Heaven Requires A Heart Change
John.3.5e The Spirit Regenerates
John.3.6a We Procreate Physical Life
John.3.6b The Holy Spirit Changes You
John.3.6c The Holy Spirit Makes Immortals
John.3.6d The Holy Spirit Makes Christians
John.3.6e The Holy Spirit Brings You Into God’s Family
John.3.7a Many Are Surprised At Spiritual Birth Requirement
John.3.7b Spiritual Birth Comes From Above
John.3.7c Spiritual Birth Is Required
John.3.8a New Life Only Comes From The Holy Spirit
John.3.8b The Holy Spirit Is Currently Invisible
John.3.8c The Holy Spirit Is Like The Wind
John.3.8d The Holy Spirit Is Only Heard About
John.3.12 Jesus Declares The Bible Literal
John.3.13 REF-Jesus – First To Go To Heaven & Then Return
John.3.16 REF-God Sent Jesus Because He Loves The World
John.3.16a God Loves Every Person
John.3.16b God Gave Us His Only Son
John.3.16c God Doesn’t Want Anyone to Miss Life
John.3.16d Faith In Jesus Leads To Eternal Life With God
John.3.16 Surgical Prayer
John.3.23 REF-John Baptized People Where Lots Of Water
John.3.27 REF-Everything We Get Comes From Heaven
John.3.34a Jesus Came To Speak For God
John.3.34b God Sent A Message Through Jesus
John.3.34c Jesus Had The Holy Spirit’s Full Power
John.3.34d The Holy Spirit Is Powerful
John.3.34e Measures Of The Holy Spirit’s Power
John.4 Chapter Title Slide
John.4.10 Jesus Is A Gift From God
John.4.10a Jesus Offers Living Water
John.4.10b Many Don’t Understand That Jesus Offers Living Water
John.4.10 Surgical Prayer
John.4.11 Where Does Living Water Come From?
John.4.14a Regular Water Only Quenches Temporarily
John.4.14b Living Water Quenches Eternally
John.4.14c Living Water Comes From Jesus
John.4.14d Living Water Is Produced Inside Christians
John.4.14e Living Water Flows Continually From Christians
John.4.14f Living Water Satisfies Your Thirst For God
John.4.14g Living Water Becomes Eternal Life
John.4.14 Surgical Prayer
John.5 Chapter Title Slide
John.5.21 REF-God & Jesus Enable The Resurrection
John.5.28b-29a Dead Will Hear From The Grave
John.6 Chapter Title Slide
John.6.19 REF–Disciples Terrified When Jesus Walked On Water
John.6.29a Faith Is A Work
John.6.29b God Wants Us To Believe
John.6.29c Believe Jesus Christ
John.6.29 Surgical Prayer
John.6.31 REF-Manna Came From Heaven
John.6.33 REF-Jesus Comes From Heaven & Gives Life To The World
John.6.38 REF-Jesus Came From Heaven To Do The Will Of God
John.6.44a God Draws People To Jesus
John.7 Chapter Title Slide
John.7.3 Attack From Jesus’ Family
John.7.37 Jesus Reaches Out To The Thirsty
John.7.38a Scripture Says Christians Have Living Water
John.7.38b Living Water Comes From The Heart
John.7.38-39a Living Water = The Holy Spirit
John.7.39a The Holy Spirit Came After Jesus Left
John.7.39b Christians Get The Holy Spirit
John.8 Chapter Title Slide
John.8.12 REF-Jesus Said He Is The Light Of The World
John.8.28 REF-Jesus Said He Would End Up On A Cross
John.8.32b Satan Hides Truth Because It Frees
John.8.34 REF-All Who Sin Are Slaves To Sin
John.8.44 Satan Invented Lies
John.8.54a Self-Glory Doesn’t Count
John.8.54b God Will Glorify Jesus
John.8.54 Surgical Prayer
John.9 Chapter Title Slide
John.9.31a Jews Thought God Rejected Sinners’ Prayers
John.9.31b God Hears Prayers Of All Who Fear & Obey Him
John.9.31c Disobedience Might Hinder Prayers
John.9.31 Surgical Prayer
John.10 Chapter Title Slide
John.10.10 Satan’s Plans
John.10.36 Jesus – Set Apart For God’s Purpose
John.11 Chapter Title Slide
John.11.25 REF-Jesus Is The Key To The Resurrection Of Everyone
John.12 Chapter Title Slide
John.12.12-13 Hosanna To The King
John.12.28 REF-God Speaks From Heaven
John.13 Chapter Title Slide
John.13.14a Follow Jesus’ Example
John.13.14b Wash One Another’s Feet
John.13.14 Surgical Prayer
John.13.34 Love One Another
John.13.34 Surgical Prayer
John.13.35a Love Reveals Christianity
John.13.35b Love One Another
John.13.35 Surgical Prayer
John.14 Chapter Title Slide
John.14.1a Don’t Sit Around & Worry
John.14.1b Have Faith In God
John.14.1c Have Faith In Jesus Christ
John.14.2a Jesus Reveals Truth
John.14.2b Jesus Reveals Truth About Heaven
John.14.2c God Has A Big House
John.14.2d God’s House Has Lots Of Rooms
John.14.2e Jesus Is Preparing Our Room At God’s House
John.14.2f Christians Have A Room At God’s House
John.14.3a When All Is Ready, Jesus Will Return
John.14.3b Jesus Will Return To Take Us To God
John.14.3c When Jesus Returns We’ll Be Together Forever
John.14.4a Jesus Left & Went To Heaven
John.14.4b Christians Know The Way To Heaven
John.14.5a Some Disciples Were Confused
John.14.5b Some Disciples Didn’t Know Jesus’ Itinerary
John.14.6 Jesus Is The Only Way To God
John.14.6a Jesus Is The Way To God
John.14.6b Jesus Is The Only Way To God
John.14.6c Jesus Reveals Truth
John.14.6d Jesus Reveals The Way To Life
John.14.6 Surgical Prayer
John.14.7a Learn To Recognize Jesus
John.14.7b Recognize Jesus & You Know God
John.14.8 Christians Yearn To See God
John.14.8-9a NEAR Jesus Isn’t KNOWING Jesus
John.14.8-9b Knowing Jesus Is Knowing God
John.14.10a Don’t Doubt Jesus’ Connection To God
John.14.10b God Is The Source Of Jesus’ Teachings
John.14.10c God Lives In Jesus
John.14.10d God Does Whatever He Wants
John.14.11a Jesus Is God
John.14.11b You Can Trust Jesus
John.14.11c Jesus’ Miracles Reveal He Is God
John.14.12a Have Faith In Jesus
John.14.12b The Faithful Can Do Like Jesus Did
John.14.12c The Faithful Can Do More Than Jesus Did
John.14.12d Jesus Departure = Christian Power
John.14.13-14a Always Pray To God In Jesus’ Name
John.14.13-14b Pray To God In Jesus Name & Get Results
John.14.13-14c God Is Glorified Because Of Jesus
John.14.13-14d Prayers Involve Us In Jesus’ Work
John.14.13-14e Prayers Affect The Future
John.14.13-14f Prayer Requests Bring God Glory
John.14.15a All Who Love Jesus Must Obey Him
John.14.15b Obedience Demonstrates Love
John.14.15c Disobedience Demonstrates NO Love
John.14.16a Jesus Gets Agreement From God
John.14.16b Jesus & God Always Agree
John.14.16c Jesus Asked For Our Advocate To Come
John.14.16d The Holy Spirit Never Leaves Christians
John.14.16-17a The Holy Spirit Is Christian’s Advocate
John.14.16-17b The Holy Spirit Comforts
John.14.16-17c The Holy Spirit Advocates
John.14.16-17d The Holy Spirit Intercedes
John.14.16-17e The Holy Spirit Counsels
John.14.16-17f The Holy Spirit Strengthens
John.14.16-17g The Holy Spirit Stays Always
John.14.16-17h The Holy Spirit Indwells
John.14.16-17 Surgical Prayer
John.14.17a The Holy Spirit Guides To Truth
John.14.17b Not Everyone Gets The Holy Spirit
John.14.17c The World Can’t See The Holy Spirit
John.14.17d The World Can’t Use The Holy Spirit
John.14.17e The World Can’t Know The Holy Spirit
John.14.17f Christians Can Know The Holy Spirit
John.14.17g The Holy Spirit Lives In Christians
John.14.18-19a Jesus Will Return
John.14.18-19b Jesus Will Not Leave Us All Alone
John.14.18-19c Jesus Left Bodily, But Is Still Here
John.14.18-19d Jesus Is Invisible to The World
John.14.18-19e Only Christians Can See Jesus
John.14.18-19f Jesus & Christians Will Live Forever
John.14.18-19g Christians Live On Because Of Jesus
John.14.20a Jesus’ Resurrection Is Proof Of God
John.14.20b Jesus’ Resurrection Is Proof Of Jesus
John.14.20c Jesus’ Resurrection Validates Faith
John.14.20d Jesus & God Are One
John.14.20e Jesus & Christians Are One
John.14.20f Jesus Lives In Christians
John.14.21a Love = Obedience
John.14.21b Obedience Proves Love
John.14.21c God Loves Those Who Love Jesus
John.14.21d God Loves Those Who Obey Jesus
John.14.21e Jesus Loves Those Who Love Him
John.14.21f Jesus Loves Those Who Obey Him
John.14.21g Jesus Reveals Himself To Christians
John.14.22a The Disciples Asked Jesus Questions
John.14.22b Jesus Is Real To Christians
John.14.22c Jesus Isn’t Real to The World
John.14.23a Jesus Expects Obedience
John.14.23b Obedience Proves Love
John.14.23c God Loves All Who Obey Jesus
John.14.23d God & Jesus Are Coming To Live Here
John.14.24a The Disobedient Don’t Love Jesus
John.14.24b The Obedient Love Jesus
John.14.24c Obedience Proves Love
John.14.24d God Says Obedience Proves Love
John.14.24e God Sent Jesus To Earth
John.14.25 Jesus Revealed Much While Here
John.14.26a The Holy Spirit Helps
John.14.26b The Holy Spirit Teaches
John.14.26c The Holy Spirit Brings To Mind
John.14.26d God Sent The Holy Spirit
John.14.26e The Holy Spirit Came In Jesus’ Name
John.14.27a The World Cannot Offer Peace
John.14.27b Jesus Offers Peace Over Worry
John.14.27c Jesus Offers Peace Over Fear
John.14.27 Surgical Prayer
John.14.28a Jesus Prophesied That He Would Leave
John.14.28b Jesus Prophesied That He Would Return
John.14.28c God Is Greater Than Jesus
John.14.28d Christians Are Happy Jesus Left
John.14.29a Jesus Knows The Future
John.14.29b Jesus Revealed Future Events
John.14.29c Fulfilled Prophecy Creates Faith
John.14.30a Satan Rules Earth For Now
John.14.30b Satan Has No Power Over Jesus
John.14.31a Jesus Obeyed God When Facing Satan
John.14.31b Jesus Loves God
John.14.31c Jesus Lets Us All Know That He Loves God
John.14.31d Jesus Only Does What God Says
John.15 Chapter Title Slide
John.15.12a Love One Another
John.15.12b Love Is Commanded
John.15.12 Surgical Prayer
John.15.15 The Disciples Were Jesus’s Friends
John.15.17a Love One Another
John.15.17b Love Is Commanded
John.15.17 Surgical Prayer
John.15.26a The Holy Spirit Testifies
John.15.26b The Holy Spirit Testifies About Jesus
John.15.26c The Holy Spirit Is Our Advocate
John.15.26d The Holy Spirit Tells The Truth
John.15.26e The Holy Spirit Comes From God
John.15.26f Jesus Lives In Us Through The Holy Spirit
John.15.26 Surgical Prayer
John.16 Chapter Title Slide
John.16.7a Jesus Does What’s Best For Us
John.16.7b Jesus Left So The Holy Spirit Could Come
John.16.7c The Holy Spirit Helps Us
John.16.8a The Holy Spirit Reveals Truth
John.16.8b The Holy Spirit Reveals Sin
John.16.8c The Holy Spirit Reveals Justice
John.16.8d The Holy Spirit Reveals Judgment
John.16.12-13 The Spirit Helps Us Bear More
John.16.13a God’s Spirit Guides Toward Truth
John.16.13b God’s Spirit Reveals The Future
John.16.13c The Holy Spirit Guides
John.16.13d The Holy Spirit Came When Jesus Went
John.16.13e The Holy Spirit Doesn’t Speak Alone
John.16.13f The Holy Spirit Speaks For God
John.16.14a The Holy Spirit Talks To Christians
John.16.14b The Holy Spirit Brings Jesus Glory
John.16.14c The Holy Spirit Knows Jesus’ Will
John.16.14d The Holy Spirit Tells Christians Jesus’ Will
John.16.15a Jesus Owns What God Owns
John.16.15b The Holy Spirit Talks To Christians
John.16.15c The Holy Spirit Tells Christians Jesus’ Will
John.16.33 Earthly Life Has Many Trials – Jesus
John.16.33 Surgical Prayer
John.17 Chapter Title Slide
John.17.3 Jesus Is The Only Way To God
John.17.3 Surgical Prayer
John.17.11a God’s Name Has Power To Protect
John.18 Chapter Title Slide
John.18.11 Jesus Came To Suffer
John.18.11 Surgical Prayer
John.18.14 Caiaphas Accidentally Prophesied
John.18.36 Jesus’ Kingdom Isn’t From Here
John.18.37 REF-Jesus Came To Earth To Testify To Truth
John.19 Chapter Title Slide
John.19.18 REF-They Nailed Jesus To A Cross
John.19.18a Jesus’ Body Was Marked
John.19.19 REF-Pilate Put A Sign Over Jesus: King Of The Jews
John.19.25 REF-Mark Watched Jesus Die On A Cross
John.20 Chapter Title Slide
John.20.1 REF-Two Marys Visited Jesus’ Tomb On Sunday Morning
John.20.9 REF-After Resurrection Disciples Understood Prediction
John.20.17 Jesus Refused Touch Right After Resurrection
John.20.17 Surgical Prayer
John.20.19 Jesus’ New Body Could Appear
John.21 Chapter Title Slide
John.21.19a Peter Followed Jesus By Dying On A Cross
John.21.19b Peter’s Death Ultimately Glorified God
John.21.19 Surgical Prayer
John.21.25 The Bible Is A Symbol
John.21.25 Surgical Prayer


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