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Joel.1 Chapter Title Slide
Joel.2 Chapter Title Slide
Joel.2.1a Judgment Starts With A Trumpet
Joel.2.1b Judgment Trumpet Brings Trembling
Joel.2.1c Judgment Trumpet Announces Jesus
Joel.2.28 REF-God Will Cause Old Men to Dream Dreams
Joel.2.28a God Promised To Give The Holy Spirit Freely
Joel.2.28b The Holy Spirit Equally On Male & Female
Joel.2.28c The Holy Spirit Enables Prophecy
Joel.2.28d The Holy Spirit Enables Dreams
Joel.2.28e The Holy Spirit Enables Visions
Joel.2.29a The Holy Spirit Equally On Male & Female
Joel.2.29b The Holy Spirit Equally On God’s Servants
Joel.3 Chapter Title Slide
Joel.3.18 At Judgment Living Water Flows From The Temple
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