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James.1 Chapter Title Slide
James.1.2a Trouble WILL Come
James.1.2b Troubles Are Opportunities
James.1.2c Troubles Can Bring Joy
James.1.2 Surgical Prayer
James.1.2-3 Have Joy In Troubles – They Produce Patience
James.1.2-3 Surgical Prayer
James.1.3a Your Faith Will Be Tested
James.1.3b Faith Tests Teach Endurance
James.1.3c Endurance Needs To Grow
James.1.3 Surgical Prayer
James.1.4a Endurance Makes Christians Complete
James.1.4b Impatient Christians Are Incomplete
James.1.4 Surgical Prayer
James.1.6a Doubt Keeps Prayers From Being Answered
James.1.6b Pray With Faith
James.1.6 Surgical Prayer
James.1.17 REF-God Created The Lights In The Heavens
James.1.19a Be Quick To Listen
James.1.19b Be Slow To Speak
James.1.19c Be Slow To Get Angry
James.1.19 Surgical Prayer
James.1.20 Anger Will Ruin Your Life
James.1.25 Bible Study Leads To Happiness
James.2 Chapter Title Slide
James.2.23 Abraham Was God’s Friend
James.3 Chapter Title Slide
James.4 Chapter Title Slide
James.4.3 Pray God’s Agenda
James.4.3b Selfishness Keeps Prayers From Being Answered
James.4.3 Surgical Prayer
James.4.7 Weapon 8-Submit To God & Resist Evil
James.4.7 Surgical Prayer
James.4.11a Talk Good About One Another
James.4.11b Don’t Judge One Another
James.4.11 Surgical Prayer
James.5 Chapter Title Slide
James.5.4 REF-God Is Lord Of Heaven’s Armies
James.5.9a Don’t Complain Against One Another
James.5.9b Complaints Against Others Brings Judgement On Self
James.5.9c The True Judge (God) Is Close At Hand
James.5.9 Surgical Prayer
James.5.10 Prophets Suffer
James.5.10 Surgical Prayer
James.5.11 Suffering Leads To Honor
James.5.11 Surgical Prayer
James.5.13 Suffering People Pray
James.5.13 Surgical Prayer
James.5.14a Sick People Need Elder Prayer
James.5.14b Sick People Need Anointing
James.5.14c Prayer + Anointing = Healing
James.5.16 Prayer Is A Surgical Tool
James.5.16a Confess Your Sins To One Another
James.5.16b Pray For One Another
James.5.16c Confession Makes Your Prayer Effective
James.5.16d Confession And Prayer Brings Healing
James.5.16 Surgical Prayer
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