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Hebrews.1 Chapter Title Slide
Hebrews.1.1a God Has Spoken Often
Hebrews.1.1b God Has Spoken In Various Ways
Hebrews.1.1c God Has Spoken To Our Ancestors
Hebrews.1.1d God Has Spoken Through Prophets
Hebrews.1.2 God Promised Jesus The Universe
Hebrews.1.2a REF-God Created The Universe
Hebrews.1.2b REF-God Promised All Creation To Jesus
Hebrews.1.3 REF-Jesus Is Seated At God’s Right Hand In Heaven
Hebrews.1.9a Anointing Is An Appointing By God
Hebrews.1.9b Anointing Affirms You Love Justice
Hebrews.1.9c Anointing Affirms You Hate Evil
Hebrews.1.14a Angels Are Servants
Hebrews.1.14b Angels Are GOOD Spirits
Hebrews.1.14c Angels Are Sent By God
Hebrews.1.14d Angels Serve Humans
Hebrews.1.14e Angels Serve Christians
Hebrews.1.14f Angels Serve FUTURE Christians
Hebrews.1.14 Surgical Prayer
Hebrews.2 Chapter Title Slide
Hebrews.2.1a Pay Attention To Bible Truth
Hebrews.2.1b Don’t Drift Away From Bible Truth
Hebrews.2.1c You Can Accept Truth, Then Leave It
Hebrews.2.2a God’s Truth Was Delivered By Angels
Hebrews.2.2b Truth Stands Firm
Hebrews.2.2c Violations Of God’s Law Are Punished
Hebrews.2.3a You Can’t Escape Without Truth
Hebrews.2.3b Jesus Announced The Saving Truth
Hebrews.2.3c Disciples Received The Saving Truth
Hebrews.2.4a God Confirmed Truth With Miracles
Hebrews.2.4b The Holy Spirit’s Gifts Confirm Truth
Hebrews.2.4c God Selectively Confirms Truth
Hebrews.2.8 Jesus Has All Authority
Hebrews.2.9 Jesus Suffered Death For Us
Hebrews.2.9 Surgical Prayer
Hebrews.2.10a Jesus Came To Suffer
Hebrews.2.10b Suffering Develops Leadership
Hebrews.2.10 Surgical Prayer
Hebrews.2.18 Your Suffering Will Help Others
Hebrews.2.18 Surgical Prayer
Hebrews.3 Chapter Title Slide
Hebrews.3.1a REF-Jesus Entered Heaven As Our High Priest
Hebrews.3.1b REF-Jesus Is High Priest In Heaven’s Tabernacle
Hebrews.3.13a Encourage One Another Toward Perseverance
Hebrews.3.13b Encourage One Another To Be Tender-Hearted
Hebrews.3.13c Don’t Be Hard-Hearted & Deceived By Sin
Hebrews.3.13 Surgical Prayer
Hebrews.4 Chapter Title Slide
Hebrews.4.13 Nothing Is Hidden From God
Hebrews.4.14 REF-Jesus Is The High Priest Of Heaven
Hebrews.5 Chapter Title Slide
Hebrews.5.8a Jesus’ Suffering Taught Him To Obey
Hebrews.5.8b Suffering Trains Us To Obey
Hebrews.5.8 Surgical Prayer
Hebrews.6 Chapter Title Slide
Hebrews.6.6 REF-People Who Reject Jesus Nail Him To Cross Again
Hebrews.7 Chapter Title Slide
Hebrews.7.24 Jesus’ New Body Is Immortal
Hebrews.7.26 REF-Jesus Is In The Place Of Highest Honor In Heaven
Hebrews.8 Chapter Title Slide
Hebrews.8.1 REF-Jesus Is Seated At God’s Right Hand In Heaven
Hebrews.8.5 REF-Worship In Heaven Is Real Worship
Hebrews.8.5a God Gives Warnings
Hebrews.8.5b God Gives Patterns
Hebrews.8.5c There’s Worship In Heaven
Hebrews.8.5d Jewish Worship Copied Heavenly Worship
Hebrews.8.5 Surgical Prayer
Hebrews.9 Chapter Title Slide
Hebrews.9.4 REF-10 Commandments Were In Ark Of The Covenant
Hebrews.9.13a There Are Old & New Covenants
Hebrews.9.13b The Old Covenant Required Animal Sacrifices
Hebrews.9.13c Sacrifices Purify The Body
Hebrews.9.14a Jesus’ Blood Purifies Better Than Animals
Hebrews.9.14b Jesus’ Blood Purifies The Mind
Hebrews.9.14c Purification Allows Us To Worship
Hebrews.9.14d God’s Own Must Be Purified
Hebrews.9.14e The Holy Spirit Is Eternal
Hebrews.9.14f The Holy Spirit Is Powerful
Hebrews.9.14g Jesus Was The Perfect Sacrifice
Hebrews.9.14h Jesus Sacrificed Himself To God
Hebrews.9.14i Jesus Accepted OUR Sin Penalty
Hebrews.9.23-24 REF-Worship In Heaven Is Real Worship
Hebrews.9.24 REF-Jesus Went To Heaven To Petition God For Us
Hebrews.9.24b REF-Jesus Went To God On Our Behalf
Hebrews.10 Chapter Title Slide
Hebrews.10.17 God Forgets All Previous Sins Of Christians
Hebrews.10.17 Surgical Prayer
Hebrews.10.19 Jesus’ Blood Gives Us Access To God
Hebrews.10.19a REF-Jesus’ Blood Gives The Right To Worship In Heaven
Hebrews.10.19b REF-Christians Enter Heaven Because Of Jesus’ Blood
Hebrews.10.20 Jesus Is The Only Way To God
Hebrews.10.20 Surgical Prayer
Hebrews.10.22 Baptism Without Faith Gets You Wet, Not Saved
Hebrews.10.22 Surgical Prayer
Hebrews.10.24a Stimulate One Another Toward Love
Hebrews.10.24b Stimulate One Another Toward Good Deeds
Hebrews.10.24 Surgical Prayer
Hebrews.10.25a Don’t Undervalue Church Like Some People Do
Hebrews.10.25b Encourage One Another to Go To Church
Hebrews.10.25c The Second Coming Is Getting Closer
Hebrews.10.25 Surgical Prayer
Hebrews.10.27a God’s Enemies Live In Fear
Hebrews.10.27b God’s Enemies Will Be Judged
Hebrews.10.27c Fire Awaits God’s Enemies
Hebrews.10.28a The Disobedient Are Found Guilty
Hebrews.10.28b The Disobedient Die
Hebrews.10.28c The Disobedient Get No Mercy
Hebrews.10.29a Jesus Deserves Respect
Hebrews.10.29b Jesus’ Blood Seals The Covenant
Hebrews.10.29c Jesus’ Blood Makes Us Holy
Hebrews.10.29d Disrespecting Jesus Insults God
Hebrews.10.29e Disrespecting Jesus Insults The Spirit
Hebrews.10.29f Disrespecting Jesus Insults Grace
Hebrews.10.29g Hell Is Worse For Some
Hebrews.10.32 The Faithful Suffer When Necessary
Hebrews.10.32 Surgical Prayer
Hebrews.10.33 Your Suffering Will Help Others
Hebrews.10.33 Surgical Prayer
Hebrews.10.35-36 Courage Gets Rewarded
Hebrews.11 Chapter Title Slide
Hebrews.11.1 Christians Believe In Heaven & Angels
Hebrews.11.4a Faith Made Abel’s Offering Good In God’s Sight
Hebrews.11.4b No Faith Made Cain’s Offering No Good To God
Hebrews.11.4c Faith Reveals A Man As Righteous In God’s Sight
Hebrews.11.4d God Gives Approval To Worship Done Correctly
Hebrews.11.4e Abel’s Faith Still Speaks
Hebrews.11.4f Faith Speaks Past The Grave
Hebrews.11.4 Surgical Prayer
Hebrews.11.5 REF-Enoch Is Now In Heaven
Hebrews.11.7 REF-The Ark Saved Noah’s Family
Hebrews.11.14 The Faithful Focus On Eternity
Hebrews.11.14 Surgical Prayer
Hebrews.11.16 People Of Faith Long For Heaven
Hebrews.11.16b REF-Heaven Is The Homeland Of Christians
Hebrews.11.19 Abraham Believed In Resurrection
Hebrews.11.26a Moses Suffered For JESUS
Hebrews.11.26b Suffering For Jesus Beats Treasure Here
Hebrews.11.26c God Knows Our Suffering
Hebrews.11.26 Surgical Prayer
Hebrews.11.27 Moses Chose Faith Over Fear
Hebrews.11.28 Blood On The Doorpost, Markers Protect By Faith
Hebrews.11.29 REF-Israel Passed Through The Red Sea By Faith
Hebrews.11.35 REF-The Christian Hope Is In The Resurrection
Hebrews.11.39 The Hebrews 11 Faithful Watch Our Faith-Life
Hebrews.11.39 Surgical Prayer
Hebrews.12 Chapter Title Slide
Hebrews.12.1 The Hebrews 11 Faithful Watch Our Faith-Life
Hebrews.12.1 Surgical Prayer
Hebrews.12.2 REF-Jesus Endured The Cross By Focusing On Joy To Follow
Hebrews.12.23 REF-The Names Of God’s Children Are Written In Heaven
Hebrews.12.25 REF-Jesus Speaks To Us From Heaven
Hebrews.13 Chapter Title Slide
Hebrews.13.2 Angels Imitate Humans
Hebrews.13.2 Surgical Prayer
Hebrews.13.4 Avoid Pornography & All Unfaithfulness
Hebrews.13.4 Surgical Prayer
Hebrews.13.12 REF-Jesus Suffered & Died Outside Jerusalem
Hebrews.13.12a Jesus Suffered To Make Us Holy
Hebrews.13.12 Surgical Prayer
Hebrews.13.14 We Yearn For A Coming City
Hebrews.13.14a THIS World Is Not Our Home
Hebrews.13.20 Covenant 7 = New Covenant
Hebrews.13.20b REF-God Resurrected Jesus
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