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Haggai.1 Chapter Title Slide
Haggai.1 REF-God Is Lord Of Heaven’s Armies
Haggai.1.1a God Gives Messages Through Prophets
Haggai.1.1b God Had A Message For Zerubbabel
Haggai.1.2a God Has Armies In Heaven
Haggai.1.2b God Commands Heaven’s Armies
Haggai.1.2c God Knows What We Say
Haggai.1.2d God Knows Our Priorities
Haggai.1.2e God Knows We Don’t Put Him First
Haggai.1.4 Jews Had Put THEIR Homes First
Haggai.1.4-Pray Surgical Prayer
Haggai.1.9a God Is All-Powerful
Haggai.1.9b God’s House In Israel Was In Ruins
Haggai.1.9c The Jews Had Focused On Personal Gain
Haggai.1.9d The Jews Had Put Their Own Homes First
Haggai.1.9e God Punished Selfish Israel
Haggai.1.9-Pray Surgical Prayer
Haggai.1.10a  Jewish Selfishness Caused A Drought
Haggai.1.10b God Controls Rainfall
Haggai.1.10c God Kept Crops From Selfish Israel
Haggai.1.10-Pray Surgical Prayer
Haggai.1.11a God Controls The Weather
Haggai.1.11b God Controls Rainfall
Haggai.1.11c God Controls Crop Growth
Haggai.1.11-Pray Surgical Prayer
Haggai.2 Chapter Title Slide
Haggai.2.1a God Communicates With His People
Haggai.2 REF-God Is Lord Of Heaven’s Armies
Haggai.2.1b God Sent Messages By Prophets
Haggai.2.2 God Always Has A Faithful Remnant
Haggai.2.3a Some Remembered Solomon’s Temple
Haggai.2.3b Rebuilt Temple Nothing Like Solomon’s
Haggai.2.4a God Encourages The Faithful
Haggai.2.4b God Encourages The Remnant
Haggai.2.4c God Encourages Us To Work
Haggai.2.4d God Reminds Us He Is Near
Haggai.2.4e Heaven Has Armies
Haggai.2.4f God Commands Heaven’s Armies
Haggai.2.5a God’s Holy Spirit Is Here
Haggai.2.5b God Fulfills His Promises
Haggai.2.5c God Doesn’t Want Us To Fear
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