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Genesis.1 Chapter Title Slide
Genesis.1.1 REF-God SPOKE Everything Into Being
Genesis.1.1a God Made Heaven & Earth
Genesis.1.1b Earth Was Created @ The Beginning
Genesis.1.1c REF-God Created Heaven & Earth
Genesis.1.2a Original Earth Was All Under Water
Genesis.1.2b God’s Spirit Was Present @ Creation
Genesis.1.3a  God Spoke Light Into Existence
Genesis.1.3b God Speaks & Elements Obey
Genesis.1.6a God Commands Earth’s Elements
Genesis.1.6b God Separated Water With Atmosphere
Genesis.1.6c Original Earth Had A Water Canopy
Genesis.1.6 Surgical Prayer
Genesis.1.21 REF-God Created Sea Creatures, Small Animals, & Birds
Genesis.1.26a God Made People In His Image
Genesis.1.26b God Referred To Himself As “Us”
Genesis.1.26c God Included Himself In “Us”
Genesis.1.26d God Made People to Rule Earth
Genesis.1.26e People Were Created To Rule All Creatures
Genesis.1.27 REF-God Created Men & Women
Genesis.1.28 Covenant 1 = Eden
Genesis.1.31 1 Of 5 Earths In Scripture – Original
Genesis.1.31b Earth Is Tangible & Good, Not Evil
Genesis.1.31 Surgical Prayer
Genesis.2 Chapter Title Slide
Genesis.2.5-6 On The Original Earth, Water Just Came Up Everywhere
Genesis.2.5-6 Surgical Prayer
Genesis.2.7a God Made Man
Genesis.2.7b God Made Man From Dirt
Genesis.2.7c God’s Spirit Breathed Life Into Man
Genesis.2.9a God Made Trees
Genesis.2.9b God Made Fruit Trees & Nut Trees
Genesis.2.9c God Made The Tree Of Life
Genesis.2.9d God Made The Tree Of Knowledge Of Good & Evil
Genesis.2.9e Tree Of Knowledge & Tree Of Life Were Both In Middle Of Eden
Genesis.2.9 Surgical Prayer
Genesis.2.19 REF-Adam Named Every Animal
Genesis.3 Chapter Title Slide
Genesis.3.1a Satan Is Cunning & Crafty
Genesis.3.1b Satan Was In Eden
Genesis.3.1-4 REF-Eve Conversed With A Talking Snake
Genesis.3.4-5 God’s Friends Are Satan’s Enemies
Genesis.3.6 REF-Eve & Adam Ate Forbidden Fruit
Genesis.3.8 Adam & Eve Knew God’s Walk
Genesis.3.8 REF-Eve & Adam Hid From God
Genesis.3.16a God Controls Trouble & Pain
Genesis.3.16b God Controls Childbirth
Genesis.3.16c The Curse Made Pregnancy Troubling
Genesis.3.16d The Curse Made Birthing Very Painful
Genesis.3.16e Man Was Designated By God To Rule In Marriage
Genesis.3.16f The Curse Made Women Want Man’s Authority
Genesis.3.16 Surgical Prayer
Genesis.3.17 2 Of 5 Earths In Scripture – Cursed
Genesis.3.17a Adam Disobeyed God’s One Law
Genesis.3.17b Adam Disobeyed & Listened To Eve
Genesis.3.17c Man’s Disobedience Brought A Curse
Genesis.3.17d Sin Brought A Curse On The Earth
Genesis.3.17e Sin Caused Having To Work For Food
Genesis.3.17f Moral: Don’t Listen To Your Wife (Joke)
Genesis.3.17 Surgical Prayer
Genesis.3.18a No Thorns Or Thistles Before Sin
Genesis.3.18b God Created Thorns After Sin
Genesis.3.18 Surgical Prayer
Genesis.3.19a The Curse Means Working For Food
Genesis.3.19b Mankind Was Made From Dirt
Genesis.3.19c The Curse Brought Death
Genesis.3.19 Surgical Prayer
Genesis.3.22a God Knows Good & Evil
Genesis.3.22b The Tree Of Life Is A Real Tree With Real Fruit
Genesis.3.22c The Tree Of Life Fruit Makes Humans Live Forever
Genesis.3.22d Tree Of Knowledge Fruit Makes Us Know Good & Evil
Genesis.3.22e Dangerous For Us To Have Knowledge Of Good & Evil & Live On
Genesis.3.22 Surgical Prayer
Genesis.3.23-24 Covenant 2 = Adam
Genesis.3.24 REF-Adam & Eve Were Banned From Eden
Genesis.3.24a God Didn’t Leave Eden, Mankind Did
Genesis.3.24b God Forced Man Out Of Eden Because Of Sin
Genesis.3.24c God Put Angels To Keep Man From the Tree Of Life
Genesis.3.24d Angels Had A Fire Sword To Protect The Tree Of Life
Genesis.3.24 Surgical Prayer
Genesis.4 Chapter Title Slide
Genesis.4.4 REF-Able Sacrificed A Lamb As Cain Offered God Fruit
Genesis.4.5 REF-Able’s Sacrifice Was Acceptable; Cain Wasn’t
Genesis.4.8 REF-Cain Was Jealous & Killed Abel
Genesis.4.15 REF-God Put A Mark On Cain
Genesis.5 Chapter Title Slide
Genesis.5.1 REF-God Created People Who Look Like Him
Genesis.5.5 Adam Lived 930 Years
Genesis.5.24 Enoch Is In Heaven In His Body
Genesis.6 Chapter Title Slide
Genesis.6 REF-Noah Built A Huge Boat
Genesis.6.2-4 Fallen Angels (Demons) Had Children W/Human Women
Genesis.6.8a God Sees Goodness & Evil In Us
Genesis.6.8b God Noticed Noah’s Goodness
Genesis.6.8c Noah Experienced God’s Grace
Genesis.6.8 Surgical Prayer
Genesis.6.11a God Sees What Happens Here
Genesis.6.11b The World Was Completely Corrupt
Genesis.6.11c The World Was Full Of Violence
Genesis.6.11 Surgical Prayer
Genesis.6.12a God Sees Everyone Here
Genesis.6.12b The Whole World Was Evil
Genesis.6.12 Surgical Prayer
Genesis.6.13a God Destroyed Earth In A Flood
Genesis.6.13b A Flood Purged Earth Of Evil Folks
Genesis.6.13 Surgical Prayer
Genesis.6.17 REF-God Covered Earth With A Flood
Genesis.7 Chapter Title Slide
Genesis.7 REF-God Flooded The Earth
Genesis.7.6 REF-Noah Was 600 When The Flood Came
Genesis.7.10 REF-The Flood Covered The Earth In 7 Days
Genesis.7.11 3 Of 5 Earths In Scripture
Genesis.7.24 REF-The Flood Covered The Earth For 150 Days
Genesis.8 Chapter Title Slide
Genesis.9 Chapter Title Slide
Genesis.9 REF-God Promised To Not Flood All Earth Again
Genesis.9.2a God Commands All Life
Genesis.9.2b God Put Fear Into All Life
Genesis.9.2c No Fear Of Man Before The Flood
Genesis.9.2 Surgical Prayer
Genesis.9.3a No Meat Eaters Before The Flood
Genesis.9.3b God Expanded Man’s Diet To Include Meat
Genesis.9.3 Surgical Prayer
Genesis.9.8-10 Covenant 3 = Noah
Genesis.9.9-10 Noah’s Covenant Included Animals
Genesis.9.28 REF-Noah Lived 350 Years After The Flood
Genesis.10 Chapter Title Slide
Genesis.10.25 Earth’s Land Separated
Genesis.10.25 Surgical Prayer
Genesis.11 Chapter Title Slide
Genesis.11 REF-God Confused The Languages At Babel
Genesis.12 Chapter Title Slide
Genesis.12.1a God Called Abram Away From His Family
Genesis.12.1b Abram Didn’t Know His Destination
Genesis.12.2a God Was To Bless Abram
Genesis.12.2b God Was To Make Abram Famous
Genesis.12.2c God Was To Bless Abram’s Future Kids
Genesis.12.2d God Blesses Others Through Abram
Genesis.12.3a God Blesses Those Kind To Abram
Genesis.12.3b God Curses Those Mean To Abram
Genesis.12.3c God Blesses Others Through Abram
Genesis.12.4a Abram Obeyed God
Genesis.12.4b God Called Abram Away @ Age 75
Genesis.12.4c Abram Disobeyed God
Genesis.12.5a Abram Disobeyed, Taking A Nephew
Genesis.12.5b Abram Obeyed In Going To Canaan
Genesis.12.6a Abram Traveled Into Canaan
Genesis.12.6b Abram Traveled To Shechem
Genesis.12.7a God Appeared & Spoke To Abram
Genesis.12.7b God Promised Canaan To Abram
Genesis.12.7c Abram Marked The Land God Gave
Genesis.12.7d Abram Marked The Land – Shechem
Genesis.12.8a Abram Camped East Of Bethel
Genesis.12.8b Abram Marked The Land – Bethel
Genesis.12.8c Markers Are Places That Honor God
Genesis.12.10 REF-Famine Drove Abram To Egypt
Genesis.13 Chapter Title Slide
Genesis.13.1 Abram Was In Southern Canaan
Genesis.13.10 REF-Egypt Was Once As Beautiful As Eden
Genesis.13.14-15a God Told Abram To Look All Around
Genesis.13.14-15b God Promised Abram The Land
Genesis.13.14-15c God’s Land Gift To Abram Is Eternal
Genesis.13.16a God Control Descendants
Genesis.13.16b God Promised Abram Many Descendants
Genesis.13.17a God Owns All The Land
Genesis.13.17b God Decides Who Gets What
Genesis.13.17c God Told Abram To Walk Canaan
Genesis.13.17d Abram Prayer-Walked Canaan
Genesis.13.18a Israel Had GREAT Trees
Genesis.13.18b Abram Camped In Hebron
Genesis.13.18c Abram Marked The Land – Hebron
Genesis.14 Chapter Title Slide
Genesis.14.19 REF-God Created Heaven
Genesis.14.22 REF-God Created Heaven
Genesis.15 Chapter Title Slide
Genesis.15.1  Reward Is God’s Idea
Genesis.15.1a God Speaks In Visions
Genesis.15.1b God Doesn’t Want His Friends To Be Afraid
Genesis.15.1c God Protected Abraham
Genesis.15.1 Surgical Prayer
Genesis.15.6 Faith Makes You Right With God
Genesis.15.6 Surgical Prayer
Genesis.15.8-9 Abram Asked God For Confirmation
Genesis.15.8-9b God Had Abram Get A Heifer
Genesis.15.10-11 Abram Already Knew What To Do
Genesis.15.13 REF-God Said Israel Would Be Slaves 400 Years
Genesis.15.17-18 God Made A Covenant With Abram
Genesis.16 Chapter Title Slide
Genesis.16.1 REF-Sarai Had An Egyptian Servant
Genesis.17 Chapter Title Slide
Genesis.17.5  Covenants Require Name Change
Genesis.17.9 Covenant 4 = Abram
Genesis.17.10 God’s Covenant Mark Not Optional
Genesis.17.13 God Marked His People
Genesis.17.14a God’s Seal Is A Sign Of His Covenant With You
Genesis.17.14b Those Without God’s Seal Will Be Cut Off
Genesis.18 Chapter Title Slide
Genesis.18.1-2 God Appeared To Abraham In The Form Of 3 Men
Genesis.18.1-2 Surgical Prayer
Genesis.18.17 Abraham Conversed Often With God
Genesis.19 Chapter Title Slide
Genesis.19 REF-Fire From Heaven Destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah
Genesis.19.1-2a Angels Entered Sodom
Genesis.19.1-2b Angels Entered Sodom As Human Men
Genesis.19.1-2c The Male Angels Planned To Sleep On The Street
Genesis.19.3a Lot Insisted The Male Angels Stay At His House
Genesis.19.3b The Male Angels Ate A Meal At Lot’s House
Genesis.19.4-5a Men Of Sodom Are 1st Record Of Men Having Sex W/Men
Genesis.19.4-5b The Men Of Sodom Desired Sex With Other Men
Genesis.19.4-5c The Men Of Sodom Desired Sex With New Male Arrivals
Genesis.19.6-7a Lot Tried To Stop Men Having Same-Sex Sex
Genesis.19.6-7b Men Having Same-Sex Sex Is A Very Wicked Thing
Genesis.19.8a Lot Offered Daughters To Men Wanting Same-Sex Sex
Genesis.19.8b Lot Protected Guests From Men Wanting Same-Sex Sex
Genesis.19.9a Same-Sex Men Rejected Lot’s Offer Of Virgins
Genesis.19.9b Same-Sex Men Demanded Entrance Into Lot’s Home
Genesis.19.9c Same-Sex Men Hated Lot’s “Wicked” Assessment
Genesis.19.9d Same-Sex Men Threatened Lot With Violence
Genesis.19.9e Same-Sex Men Attacked Lot With a Vengeance
Genesis.19.10 Angels Rescued Lot From Men Wanting Same-Sex Sex
Genesis.19.11 Angels Blinded The Men Wanting Same-Sex Sex
Genesis.19:26 REF-Lot’s Wife Looked Back & Turned to Salt
Genesis.20 Chapter Title Slide
Genesis.20.13 REF-God Came To Abimelech In A Dream
Genesis.20.14 REF-Abimelech Gave Abraham Slaves Because Of Sarai
Genesis.20.17 REF-Abraham Prayers Brought Children To Abimelech
Genesis.20.17a God Decides Who Has Kids
Genesis.20.17b Abraham’s Prayer Healed Wombs Of Abimelech’s Women
Genesis.20.17c A Righteous Man’s Prayer To Have Children Works
Genesis.20.17 Surgical Prayer
Genesis.21 Chapter Title Slide
Genesis.21.9 REF-Sarai’s Egyptian Servant Hagar Made Fun Of Isaac
Genesis.21.21 REF-Hagar’s Son Ismael Married A Woman From Egypt
Genesis.21.30 Abraham’s Well Marked God’s Land
Genesis.21.33-34 Abraham’s Tree Marked God’s Land
Genesis.22 Chapter Title Slide
Genesis.22.1 God Tests Our Faith
Genesis.22.1 Surgical Prayer
Genesis.22.2 God Asked Abram For Isaac’s Life
Genesis.22:2 REF-God Tested Abraham By Asking For Isaac’s Life
Genesis.22.9 Covenants Require Son Exchange
Genesis.22.9a God Wanted An Altar On Moriah
Genesis.22.9b Abraham Put An Altar On The Temple Mount
Genesis.22.9c Abram Marked The Land – Moriah
Genesis.23 Chapter Title Slide
Genesis.24 Chapter Title Slide
Genesis.24.7 REF-God Is Lord Of Heaven
Genesis.24.12 Abraham’s Servant Prayed For Success
Genesis.24.12 Surgical Prayer
Genesis.24.15 God Answered The Prayer Before It Was Finished
Genesis.24.15 Surgical Prayer
Genesis.25 Chapter Title Slide
Genesis.25.18 REF-Ismael’s Descendants Lived East Of Egypt
Genesis.25.21 Prayer Can Bring Babies
Genesis.25.21 Surgical Prayer
Genesis.26 Chapter Title Slide
Genesis.26.2 REF-God Told Isaac NOT To Go To Egypt
Genesis.26.18 Isaac Dug Abraham’s Well Again
Genesis.26.23 Isaac Camped In Beersheba
Genesis.26.24a God Appeared To Isaac In A Dream
Genesis.26.24b God’s Covenant Name Became: God Of Abraham
Genesis.26.24c Abraham’s Covenant With God Extended to Isaac
Genesis.26.24d God Was Abraham AND Isaac’s God
Genesis.26.25a Isaac Worshiped After God’s Visit
Genesis.26.25b Isaac Marked The Land – Beersheba
Genesis.27 Chapter Title Slide
Genesis.28 Chapter Title Slide
Genesis.28.12 REF-The Stairway To Heaven Is Near
Genesis.28.13 God’s Land Promise To Israel
Genesis.28.15a God Promised To Always Protect Israel
Genesis.28.15b God Promised To Bring Israel Home
Genesis.28.15c God Promised Israel To Fulfill All His Promises
Genesis.28.15 Surgical Prayer
Genesis.28.17 REF-The Gateway To Heaven Is Near
Genesis.28.18 Jacob Marked Where He Dreamed
Genesis.29 Chapter Title Slide
Genesis.30 Chapter Title Slide
Genesis.30.17 Prayer Can Bring Babies
Genesis.30.17 Surgical Prayer
Genesis.30.22a Prayer Can Bring Babies
Genesis.30.22b God Decides Who Has Babies
Genesis.30.22 Surgical Prayer
Genesis.31 Chapter Title Slide
Genesis.31.10 REF-God Came To Jacob In A Dream
Genesis.31.13 Jacob Vowed To God @ The Stone
Genesis.31.24 REF-God Came To Laban In A Dream
Genesis.31.43-44a Jacob & Laban Made A Covenant
Genesis.31.44-45 Jacob & Laban Set Up A Marker
Genesis.31.46b Jacob’s Covenant Marker
Genesis.32 Chapter Title Slide
Genesis.33 Chapter Title Slide
Genesis.33.18 Jacob Camped East Of Shechem
Genesis.33.19 Jacob Bought A Field Near Shechem
Genesis.33.20 Jacob Marked The Land – Shechem
Genesis.34 Chapter Title Slide
Genesis.35 Chapter Title Slide
Genesis.35.1a God Sent Jacob To Bethel
Genesis.35.1b God Told Jacob To Mark The Land
Genesis.35.1c God Appeared To Jacob At Bethel
Genesis.35.1d Jacob Ran From Esau To Bethel
Genesis.35.1e Jacob Marked The Land – Bethel
Genesis.35.2a Some In Jacob’s Family Had Idols 
Genesis.35.2b Idol Worship = Dirty In God’s Sight
Genesis.35.2c Repent & You’ll Be Clean To God
Genesis.35.2d Covenant People Put On Godliness
Genesis.35.3a God Helps His Own When In Trouble
Genesis.35.3b God Goes With His Own Everywhere
Genesis.35.3c Altars Mark Land For God
Genesis.35.3d God Answers Prayers Of Those In Distress
Genesis.35.3 Surgical Prayer
Genesis.35.4a Jacob’s Family Surrendered Their Idols
Genesis.35.4b Jacob’s Family Surrendered Idol Jewelry Honoring Idols
Genesis.35.4c Jacob Buried Jewelry & Idols In Shechem
Genesis.35.6 Jacob Went To Bethel
Genesis.35.7a Bethel Was Named After God
Genesis.35.7b Jacob Ran From Esau To Bethel
Genesis.35.7c God Appeared To Jacob At Bethel
Genesis.35.7d The Altar Claimed Bethel As God’s
Genesis.35.7e Jacob Marked The Land – Bethel
Genesis.35.13-14a Jacob Marked Where God Spoke
Genesis.35.20 Jacob Marked Rachel’s Grave
Genesis.36 Chapter Title Slide
Genesis.37 Chapter Title Slide
Genesis.37 REF-Jacob Gave Joseph A Beautiful Robe
Genesis.37.5 REF-God Came To Joseph In A Dream
Genesis.37.9 REF-God Came To Joseph In A Second Dream
Genesis.37:24 REF-Joseph’s Brothers Took His Robe & Put Him In A Pit
Genesis.37.25 REF-Ishmaelite Traders Were Headed To Egypt
Genesis.37:28 REF-Joseph’s Brothers Sold Him Into Slavery
Genesis.37.28b REF-Midianites Took Joseph To Egypt
Genesis.37.36 REF-Midianite Traders Sold Joseph To Potiphar
Genesis.38 Chapter Title Slide
Genesis.39 Chapter Title Slide
Genesis.39.1 REF-Potiphar Was Captain Of Pharaoh’s Guard
Genesis.39.2 REF-God Was With Joseph When He Was A Slave
Genesis.39:20 REF-Potiphar Put Joseph In Prison
Genesis.40 Chapter Title Slide
Genesis.40 REF-Joseph Interpreted Dreams For Butler & Baker
Genesis.40.5 REF-Pharaoh’s Butler & Baker Had Dreams
Genesis.40.8 Joseph Conversed Often With God
Genesis.41 Chapter Title Slide
Genesis.41 REF-Joseph Interpreted Pharaoh’s Dreams
Genesis.41.1 REF-God Gave Pharaoh A Dream
Genesis.41.38a Joseph Was Filled With God’s Spirit
Genesis.41.38b Pharaoh Saw Joseph Had God’s Spirit
Genesis.41.46 REF-Joseph Was 30 When He Started Serving Pharaoh
Genesis.41.48 REF-Egypt Had 7 Years Of Plenty
Genesis.41.53 REF-Egypt’s 7 Years Of Plenty Came To An End
Genesis.41.57 REF-People From Every Country Came To Egypt For Food
Genesis.42 Chapter Title Slide
Genesis.42 REF-Jacob Sent Sons (Not Benjamin) To Egypt for Grain
Genesis.42:6 REF-Joseph’s Brothers Found Grain Money In Their Sacks
Genesis.42:25-28 REF-Joseph’s Brothers Found Grain Money In Their Sacks
Genesis.43 Chapter Title Slide
Genesis.43.15 REF-Jacob’s Family Went To Egypt For Food Again
Genesis.43.32 REF-Egyptians Despised Jews
Genesis.43.34 REF-Joseph Gave His Brothers A Feast
Genesis.44 Chapter Title Slide
Genesis.44.12 REF-Joseph’s Cup Was Found In Benjamin’s Grain Sack
Genesis.44.14-34 REF-Judah Begged For Benjamin’s Freedom
Genesis.45 Chapter Title Slide
Genesis.45.1-4 REF-Joseph Revealed Himself To His Brothers
Genesis.45.5-15 REF-Joseph Showed Mercy To His Brothers
Genesis.45.8 REF-God Sent Jacob To Egypt To Rule
Genesis.45.18 REF-Joseph Promised His Family The Best Land In Egypt
Genesis.45.20 REF-Joseph Promised His Family The Best Land In Egypt
Genesis.45.26 REF-Joseph’s Dreams Came True In Egypt
Genesis.45.4  Attacks From Family Hurt The Most
Genesis.46 Chapter Title Slide
Genesis.46.2 God Speaks In Visions
Genesis.46.2 Surgical Prayer
Genesis.46.5-7 REF-Jacob, Joseph, & Benjamin Were Reunited
Genesis.46.6 REF-Jacob’s Family Moved To Egypt
Genesis.46.20 REF-Joseph’s Sons Were Born In Egypt
Genesis.46.26 REF-Jacob’s Family Of 66 Moved To Egypt
Genesis.46.27 REF-Jacob’s Family Totaled 70 In Egypt Counting Joseph’s
Genesis.46.34 REF-Egyptians Despised Shepherds
Genesis.47 Chapter Title Slide
Genesis.47.4 REF-Jacob Asked If He Could Bring His Family To Egypt
Genesis.47.6 REF-Pharaoh Gave Jacob Permission To Move To Egypt
Genesis.47.27 REF-Israel Lived In Goshen In Egypt
Genesis.47.28 REF-Jacob Lived 17 Years In Egypt
Genesis.47.29 REF-Jacob Refused To Be Buried In Egypt
Genesis.48 Chapter Title Slide
Genesis.49 Chapter Title Slide
Genesis.50 Chapter Title Slide
Genesis.50.7 REF-Joseph Removed Jacob’s Body From Egypt
Genesis.50.22 REF-Joseph Lived To The Age Of 110 In Egypt
Genesis.50.24 REF-Joseph Knew God Would Take Israel Out Of Egypt
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