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Galatians.1 Chapter Title Slide
Galatians.1.1 REF-God Resurrected Jesus
Galatians.1.4 REF-Jesus Came To Rescue Us From This Evil World
Galatians.1.4a Jesus Gave His Life For Our Sins
Galatians.1.4b God Planned For Jesus To Give His Life For Us
Galatians.1.4c Jesus Rescued Us From All Our Sins
Galatians.1.4d Jesus Rescued Us From This Evil World
Galatians.1.4 Surgical Prayer
Galatians.1.8a Satan Has His Own Gospel
Galatians.1.8b Demons Try To Distort The Gospel
Galatians.1.8c Distort The Gospel = Cursed
Galatians.1.10a Don’t Try To Please PEOPLE
Galatians.1.10b Try To Please GOD
Galatians.1.10c Pleasing PEOPLE Displeases GOD
Galatians.1.10 Surgical Prayer
Galatians.2 Chapter Title Slide
Galatians.2.21 Heaven-Bound Folks Require God’s Grace
Galatians.2.21 Surgical Prayer
Galatians.3 Chapter Title Slide
Galatians.3.1a The Truth Isn’t Always Convincing
Galatians.3.1b You Can Be Tricked Out Of Truth
Galatians.3.2a The Holy Spirit Does Not Come By Law-Keeping
Galatians.3.2b The Holy Spirit Comes By Faith-Keeping
Galatians.3.2 Surgical Prayer
Galatians.3.13 People Without Jesus Are Cursed
Galatians.3.13b REF-Jesus Rescued Us From A Curse By The Cross
Galatians.3.14 Jesus Paid For Our Blessings
Galatians.3.26-27 Baptism = New Covenant Robe
Galatians.3.27 REF-Baptism Clothes You In Jesus Christ
Galatians.3.27b Covenant Means Putting On Christ’s Attributes
Galatians.3.27 Surgical Prayer
Galatians.4 Chapter Title Slide
Galatians.4.3 REF-Christians Are No Longer Slaves To Sin
Galatians.4.4 Covenants Require Son Exchange
Galatians.4.4a God Sent Jesus To Earth
Galatians.4.4b God Sent Jesus @ The Right Time
Galatians.4.4c God Preplanned Jesus’ Arrival Time
Galatians.4.4d Jesus Came To Live Under Law
Galatians.4.5a God Sent Jesus To Buy Our Freedom
Galatians.4.5b People Under Law Are Slaves
Galatians.4.5c God’s Children Aren’t Slaves To Law
Galatians.4.5d God Wanted Us As His Children
Galatians.4.6a Christians Are God’s Children
Galatians.4.6b Christians Have The Holy Spirit
Galatians.4.6c The Holy Spirit Cries To God For Us
Galatians.4.6d God’s Holy Spirit In Us Proves Our Sonship
Galatians.4.6 Surgical Prayer
Galatians.4.17a False Teachers Try For Favor Among Church Folk
Galatians.4.17b False Teachers Have Evil Intentions
Galatians.4.17c False Teachers Try To Separate Us From Good Teachers
Galatians.4.17 Surgical Prayer
Galatians.5 Chapter Title Slide
Galatians.5.1 REF-Christians Are No Longer Slaves To Sin
Galatians.5.5a The Holy Spirit Is Powerful
Galatians.5.5b The Holy Spirit Works In Christians
Galatians.5.5c Christians Faithfully Trust God
Galatians.5.5d Christians Expect Righteousness
Galatians.5.5e Christian Hopes Will Be Fulfilled
Galatians.5.9 False Teachers Spread Lies Among Church Folk
Galatians.5.9 Surgical Prayer
Galatians.5.10a False Teachers Can Confuse Church Folk
Galatians.5.10b False Teachers Can Deceive Church Folk
Galatians.5.10c False Teachers Will Be Judged By God
Galatians.5.10 Surgical Prayer
Galatians.5.11 REF-Salvation Comes Through The Cross Of Christ
Galatians.5.13a Christians Are Called To Live In Freedom
Galatians.5.13b Christians Don’t Use Freedom For Personal Gain
Galatians.5.13c Serve One Another In Love
Galatians.5.13 Surgical Prayer
Galatians.5.15 Don’t Devour One Another
Galatians.5.15 Surgical Prayer
Galatians.5.16a The Holy Spirit Guides
Galatians.5.16b Let The Holy Spirit Guide You
Galatians.5.16c The Holy Spirit Guides Away From Sin
Galatians.5.17a People Naturally Desire Evil
Galatians.5.17b Natural Desires Oppose The Holy Spirit
Galatians.5.17c The Holy Spirit Guides Away From Evil
Galatians.5.17d The Holy Spirit Fights Our Sinful Nature
Galatians.5.17e Sin Slaves Aren’t Free To Do Good
Galatians.5.18 Spirit-Led Folks Follow Grace
Galatians.5.19-21 The Final Result
Galatians.5.22-23a The Holy Spirit Helps Us Love
Galatians.5.22-23b The Holy Spirit Gives Us Joy
Galatians.5.22-23c The Holy Spirit Brings Us Peace
Galatians.5.22-23d The Holy Spirit Helps Our Patience
Galatians.5.22-23e The Holy Spirit Helps Us Be Good
Galatians.5.22-23f The Holy Spirit Improves Our Faith
Galatians.5.22-23g The Holy Spirit Helps Us Be Gentle
Galatians.5.22-23h The Holy Spirit Helps Our Self-Control
Galatians.5.24 REF-Christians Nail Their Sinful Nature To The Cross
Galatians.5.24a Christians Belong To Jesus
Galatians.5.24b Christians Have Selfish Feelings
Galatians.5.24c Christians Suppress Selfish Feelings
Galatians.5.24d Christians Have Selfish Desires
Galatians.5.24e Christians Suppress Selfish Desires
Galatians.5.25a The Holy Spirit Gives New Life
Galatians.5.25b The Holy Spirit Leads
Galatians.5.25c Follow The Holy Spirit
Galatians.5.26a Christians Suppress Pride
Galatians.5.26b Christians Suppress Jealousy
Galatians.5.26c Don’t Boast To One Another
Galatians.5.26d Don’t Envy One Another
Galatians.5.26 Surgical Prayer
Galatians.6 Chapter Title Slide
Galatians.6.2a Bear One Another’s Burdens
Galatians.6.2b Bearing One Another’s Burdens Fulfills Christ’s Law
Galatians.6.2 Surgical Prayer
Galatians.6.9a Do Good Deeds
Galatians.6.9b Don’t Give Up
Galatians.6.9c Don’t Tire Of Doing Good Deeds
Galatians.6.9d Good Deeds Will Bring You Great Blessings
Galatians.6.9 Surgical Prayer
Galatians.6.11 Scrolls Recorded Paul’s Large Letters
Galatians.6.11 Surgical Prayer
Galatians.6.12 REF-The Cross Of Christ Alone Can Save
Galatians.6.14a REF-It’s OK To Boast In The Cross Of Christ
Galatians.6.14b REF-Christians Nail Interest In The World To The Cross
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