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Ezekiel.1 Chapter Title Slide
Ezekiel.1.1b Ezekiel Saw God & Part Of Heaven
Ezekiel.2 Chapter Title Slide
Ezekiel.2.1 God Gave Instructions To Ezekiel
Ezekiel.2.2a The Holy Spirit Entered Ezekiel
Ezekiel.2.2b The Holy Spirit Stood Ezekiel Up
Ezekiel.2.2c The Holy Spirit Spoke To Ezekiel
Ezekiel.2.9 Scrolls Exist In Heaven
Ezekiel.2.9 Surgical Prayer
Ezekiel.3 Chapter Title Slide
Ezekiel.4 Chapter Title Slide
Ezekiel.5 Chapter Title Slide
Ezekiel.6 Chapter Title Slide
Ezekiel.7 Chapter Title Slide
Ezekiel.8 Chapter Title Slide
Ezekiel.8.3a The Holy Spirit Has Hands
Ezekiel.8.3b The Holy Spirit Lifted Ezekiel By The Hair
Ezekiel.8.3c The Holy Spirit Gave Ezekiel Visions
Ezekiel.8.3d God Is Jealous
Ezekiel.8.3e God’s Temple Courtyard Had An Idol
Ezekiel.9 Chapter Title Slide
Ezekiel.10 Chapter Title Slide
Ezekiel.11 Chapter Title Slide
Ezekiel.11.1a The Holy Spirit Carried Ezekiel
Ezekiel.11.24a The Holy Spirit Carried Ezekiel
Ezekiel.11.24b The Holy Spirit Took Ezekiel Home To Babylon
Ezekiel.11.24c Israel Was In Captivity In Babylon
Ezekiel.11.24d Ezekiel’s Vision Of Jerusalem Ended
Ezekiel.11.24e The Holy Spirit Enabled Ezekiel’s Vision
Ezekiel.12 Chapter Title Slide
Ezekiel.13 Chapter Title Slide
Ezekiel.14 Chapter Title Slide
Ezekiel.15 Chapter Title Slide
Ezekiel.16 Chapter Title Slide
Ezekiel.16.49a Sodom Sinned by Pride
Ezekiel.16.49b Sodom Sinned by Gluttony
Ezekiel.16.49c Sodom Sinned by Laziness
Ezekiel.16.49d Sodom Sinned by Blindness To Suffering
Ezekiel.16.49 Surgical Prayer
Ezekiel.17 Chapter Title Slide
Ezekiel.18 Chapter Title Slide
Ezekiel.19 Chapter Title Slide
Ezekiel.20 Chapter Title Slide
Ezekiel.21 Chapter Title Slide
Ezekiel.22 Chapter Title Slide
Ezekiel.23 Chapter Title Slide
Ezekiel.23.49 Some Suffering Is Self-Inflicted
Ezekiel.23.49 Surgical Prayer
Ezekiel.24 Chapter Title Slide
Ezekiel.24.2 Scrolls Recorded Battle Dates
Ezekiel.24.2 Surgical Prayer
Ezekiel.25 Chapter Title Slide
Ezekiel.26 Chapter Title Slide
Ezekiel.27 Chapter Title Slide
Ezekiel.28 Chapter Title Slide
Ezekiel.28.11-12a God Spoke To Ezekiel
Ezekiel.28.11-12b God Lamented The King Of Tyre (& Satan; Double Prophecy?)
Ezekiel.28.11-12c The King Of Tyre Was Wise (& Satan; Double Prophecy?)
Ezekiel.28.11-12d The King Of Tyre Was Beautiful (& Satan; Double Prophecy?)
Ezekiel.28.11-12e The King Of Tyre Was Perfect (& Satan; Double Prophecy?)
Ezekiel.28.13 REF-God Created Satan
Ezekiel.28.13a Satan Was In Eden
Ezekiel.28.13b Eden Was God’s Garden
Ezekiel.28.13c Satan Was Covered In Royal Stones
Ezekiel.28.13d Satan Was Covered In Gold
Ezekiel.28.13e Satan Was Created By God
Ezekiel.28.14a Satan Has Wings
Ezekiel.28.14b Satan Was A Guardian Angel
Ezekiel.28.14c Satan Was On Fiery Mount Sinai
Ezekiel.28.14d Satan Was In A Position Of Honor
Ezekiel.28.15a Satan Was Created
Ezekiel.28.15b Satan Was Blameless At First
Ezekiel.28.15c Satan Ultimately Became Wicked
Ezekiel.28.16a The King Of Tyre Traveled/Traded (& Satan; Double Prophecy?)
Ezekiel.28.16b The King Of Tyre Became Violent (& Satan; Double Prophecy?)
Ezekiel.28.16c Satan Expelled From Heaven (& King of Tyre; Double Prophecy?)
Ezekiel.28.16d God Disgraced The King of Tyre (& Satan; Double Prophecy?)
Ezekiel.28.16e Heaven Has a Guardian Angel
Ezekiel.28.16f Heaven’s Guardian Angel Expelled Satan
Ezekiel.28.17a Satan Was Beautiful (& King of Tyre; Double Prophecy?)
Ezekiel.28.17b Satan’s Beauty Led To Pride (& King of Tyre; Double Prophecy?)
Ezekiel.28.17c Satan’s Greatness Ruined His Wisdom (& King of Tyre; Double?)
Ezekiel.28.17d God Expelled Satan To The Earth
Ezekiel.28.17e Demon Authorities Saw Satan Fall
Ezekiel.28.17f Satan Was A Spectacle To Kings (& King of Tyre; Double Prophecy?)
Ezekiel.28.18a Satan Ruined All He Touched (& King of Tyre; Double Prophecy?)
Ezekiel.28.18b Satan Became Profane & Unrighteous (& King of Tyre; Double?)
Ezekiel.28.18c Satan Was Enormously Guilty (& King of Tyre; Double Prophecy?)
Ezekiel.28.18d God Sent A Consuming Fire (or WILL on Satan & King; Double?)
Ezekiel.28.18e Many Witnessed Satan’s Punishment (& King of Tyre; Double?)
Ezekiel.29 Chapter Title Slide
Ezekiel.30 Chapter Title Slide
Ezekiel.31 Chapter Title Slide
Ezekiel.32 Chapter Title Slide
Ezekiel.33 Chapter Title Slide
Ezekiel.34 Chapter Title Slide
Ezekiel.35 Chapter Title Slide
Ezekiel.36 Chapter Title Slide
Ezekiel.36.28a God Promised An Indwelling Of His Holy Spirit
Ezekiel.36.28b The Holy Spirit Helps Us Follow God’s Laws
Ezekiel.36.28 Surgical Prayer
Ezekiel.37 Chapter Title Slide
Ezekiel.38 Chapter Title Slide
Ezekiel.39 Chapter Title Slide
Ezekiel.40 Chapter Title Slide
Ezekiel.41 Chapter Title Slide
Ezekiel.42 Chapter Title Slide
Ezekiel.43 Chapter Title Slide
Ezekiel.43.26 God Altars Were Set Apart
Ezekiel.44 Chapter Title Slide
Ezekiel.45 Chapter Title Slide
Ezekiel.45.19 Blood On The Doorpost, Blood Marked The Temple Door
Ezekiel.46 Chapter Title Slide
Ezekiel.47 Chapter Title Slide
Ezekiel.47.1 Living Water Flows From The Temple Of God
Ezekiel.47.9a The River Of Life Supports All Kinds Of Life
Ezekiel.47.9b The River Of Life Will Turn The Dead Sea Into The Live Sea
Ezekiel.47.9c The River Of Life Will Bring Life Wherever It Flows
Ezekiel.47.9 Surgical Prayer
Ezekiel.47.10 The River Of Life Will Fill The Dead Sea With Life (Fish)
Ezekiel.47.12a The River Of Life Will Support Many Fruit Trees
Ezekiel.47.12b Fruit Trees By The River Of Life Will Never Die
Ezekiel.47.12c Water For The River Of Life Comes From The Temple
Ezekiel.47.12d Fruit By The River Of Life Will Be Our Food
Ezekiel.47.12e Fruit Tree Leaves By The River Of Life Will Heal
Ezekiel.47.12 Surgical Prayer
Ezekiel.48 Chapter Title Slide
Ezekiel.48.1 Territorial Boundaries For Dan
Ezekiel.48.8 The Temple’s Marked Border
Ezekiel.48.29 Israel’s Tribes Had Allotted Areas
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