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Exodus.1 Chapter Title Slide
Exodus.1.5 REF-Jacob’s Family Totaled 70 In Egypt
Exodus.1.13 REF-The Egyptians Reduced Israel To Slavery
Exodus.2 Chapter Title Slide
Exodus.2.12 REF-Moses Buried The Egyptian He Murdered
Exodus.2.15 REF-Moses Fled Egypt
Exodus.2.23 REF-Israel Cried Out To God From Slavery In Egypt
Exodus.2.23b REF-Israel Groaned Under Egyptian Slavery
Exodus.3 Chapter Title Slide
Exodus.3 REF-God Spoke To Moses From A Burning Bush
Exodus.3.2 God Has Fire That Doesn’t Burn Up
Exodus.3.4 Moses Conversed Often With God
Exodus.3.7 God Knows Our Suffering
Exodus.3.7 Surgical Prayer
Exodus.3.8 Israel Was A Fertile Land Of Milk & Honey
Exodus.3.8 Surgical Prayer
Exodus.4 Chapter Title Slide
Exodus.4.10 Was This True; Was Moses A Bad Speaker?
Exodus.4.24-26 Circumcision Was Required
Exodus.4.24-26 Surgical Prayer
Exodus.5 Chapter Title Slide
Exodus.5.2 REF-Pharaoh Refused To Let Israel Go
Exodus.6 Chapter Title Slide
Exodus.6.9 REF-Israel Was Depressed Under Egyptian Slavery
Exodus.7 Chapter Title Slide
Exodus.7.5 REF-God Wanted Egypt To Know He Was The Lord
Exodus.7.17 Plague 1 – Nile Into Blood
Exodus.8 Chapter Title Slide
Exodus.8.6 Plague 2 – Frogs
Exodus.8.13 Plague 3 – Lice From Dust
Exodus.8.22 Goshen Was Marked Off
Exodus.8.24 Plague 4 – Flies
Exodus.8.28 Pharaoh Asked Moses To Pray For Him
Exodus.8.28 Surgical Prayer
Exodus.9 Chapter Title Slide
Exodus.9.6 Plague 5 – Cattle Die
Exodus.9.10-11 Plague 6 – Boils From Ashes
Exodus.9.23 Plague 7 – Hail & Fire From The Sky
Exodus.10 Chapter Title Slide
Exodus.10.14 Plague 8 – Locust Eat Grain
Exodus.10.22 Plague 9 – Darkness
Exodus.11 Chapter Title Slide
Exodus.12 Chapter Title Slide
Exodus.12.7 Blood On The Doorpost, A Marker Commanded By God
Exodus.12.11 Passover = God’s Covenant Meal
Exodus.12.13 Blood Marked The Doorpost
Exodus.12.22 Blood On The Doorpost, A Marker Protecting In The Night
Exodus.12.23 Blood On The Doorpost, A Marker Protecting From Death
Exodus.12.29 Plague 10 – Death Of First Born
Exodus.12.40 REF-Israel Lived In Egypt 430 Years
Exodus.13 Chapter Title Slide
Exodus.13 REF-God Led Israel In Pillars Of Cloud & Fire
Exodus.13.14 REF-God’s Power Delivered Israel From Egyptian Slavery
Exodus.14 Chapter Title Slide
Exodus.14 REF-Red Sea Parting
Exodus.14.4a God Planned For Pharaoh To Chase Israel
Exodus.14.4b The Plagues Revealed God To The Egyptians
Exodus.14.4c God Was Glorified By The Plagues In Egypt
Exodus.14.4 Surgical Prayer
Exodus.14.14a God Will Fight For You
Exodus.14.14b You Stay Calm
Exodus.14.14 Surgical Prayer
Exodus.14.16a God Made The Water Of The Red Sea Come Alive
Exodus.14.16b Israel Walked Through The Red Sea On Dry Ground
Exodus.14.16 Surgical Prayer
Exodus.14.17a God Planned For Egypt To Chase Israel
Exodus.14.17b God Was Glorified In Defeating The Egyptian Army
Exodus.14.17 Surgical Prayer
Exodus.14.18a God’s Glorification Reveals Himself
Exodus.14.18b God’s Glorication Leads To Faith In Him
Exodus.14.18 Surgical Prayer
Exodus.14.22 God Made The Water Of The Red Sea Stand Up
Exodus.14.27a God Made The Water Of The Red Sea Return To Normal
Exodus.14.27b God Used The Water Of The Red Sea To Eliminate Enemies
Exodus.14.22-27 Surgical Prayer
Exodus.14.31 Seeing God’s Power Causes Faith
Exodus.14.31 Surgical Prayer
Exodus.15 Chapter Title Slide
Exodus.15.4 REF-Pharaoh’s Army Died At The Red Sea
Exodus.15.22 Israel Followed God In Dangerous Conditions
Exodus.15.23 God Led Israel To Marah
Exodus.15.23-25a Death Water Became Life Water
Exodus.15.23-25a Surgical Prayer
Exodus.15.24 God Led Israel To A Place Without Water
Exodus.15.25 God’s Laws Test Your Faith
Exodus.15.25 Surgical Prayer
Exodus.16 Chapter Title Slide
Exodus.16 REF-Manna From Heaven
Exodus.16.10 God Displayed His Glory To Israel In A Cloud
Exodus.16.10 Surgical Prayer
Exodus.16.34 REF-The 10 Commandments Are In the Ark Of The Covenant
Exodus.17 Chapter Title Slide
Exodus.17.6 REF-Water From A Rock
Exodus.17.6a God Is With You During A Crisis
Exodus.17.6b God Always Provides A Way Out For His People
Exodus.17.6c Life Water In A Dead, Desert Place
Exodus.17.6 Surgical Prayer
Exodus.17.8 Amalek Attacked Israel At Rephidim
Exodus.17.9a Moses Said To Get The Israeli Army Ready
Exodus.17.9b Moses Planned To Hold His Staff Up During The Fight
Exodus.17.10a Joshua Got The Israeli Army Ready
Exodus.17.10b Moses, Aaron, & Hur Climbed A Hill
Exodus.17.11 REF-Victory Because Moses Raised His Hands
Exodus.17.11a Israel Won While Moses Raised His Staff
Exodus.17.11b Israel Lost When Moses Lowered His Staff
Exodus.17.11-12 Moses Held Up His Hands A Visible Sign Of Faith
Exodus.17.12a Israel Fought Amalek As Moses Tired
Exodus.17.12b Aaron & Hur Held Moses’ Arms Up
Exodus.17.12c Aaron & Hur Helped Moses All Day
Exodus.17.13 Israel Defeated Amalek
Exodus.17.14 Scrolls Recorded Important Events
Exodus.17.14a Moses Wrote About Amalek’s Defeat (@ God’s Command)
Exodus.17.14b God Vowed Even Memories Of Amalek Would Be Erased
Exodus.17.14 Surgical Prayer
Exodus.17.15 Moses Marked The Land – Rephidim
Exodus.17.16a Amalek Defied God
Exodus.17.16b God Vowed Ongoing War On Amalek
Exodus.18 Chapter Title Slide
Exodus.19 Chapter Title Slide
Exodus.19.11-12 Markers Around Sinai
Exodus.19.9 God Spoke To Moses From A Cloud
Exodus.19.18 God Was On Mt. Sinai In Fire
Exodus.20 Chapter Title Slide
Exodus.20.1 REF-God Gave 10 Commandments
Exodus.20.2 REF-God’s Power Delivered Israel From Egyptian Slavery
Exodus.20.11 God Made The World In 6 Days
Exodus.20.22 REF-God Spoke To Israel From Heaven
Exodus.20.22-23a God Spoke To Israel Through Moses
Exodus.20.22-23b God Spoke To Israel Directly From Heaven
Exodus.20.22-23c God Wants Total Commitment
Exodus.20.22-23d Idols Are Considered A Rival To God
Exodus.20.24a God Desires Your Sacrifices
Exodus.20.24b God Wants His Name Remembered
Exodus.20.24c God Blesses All Who Are Committed To Him
Exodus.20.25 God’s Altar Used Only Uncut Stones
Exodus.20.26a God’s Forbid Steps To His Altars
Exodus.20.26b Steps To An Altars Were Immodest
Exodus.21 Chapter Title Slide
Exodus.21.12 God Endorses Death To Murderers
Exodus.21.13a God Sometimes Permits Accidental Death
Exodus.21.13b God Provides Safety For Those Who Cause Accidental Death
Exodus.21.14a God Endorses Death To Murderers
Exodus.21.14b The Altar Is A Place of Life, Not Death
Exodus.22 Chapter Title Slide
Exodus.23 Chapter Title Slide
Exodus.23.24a God Wants ALL Your Heart
Exodus.23.24b Don’t Put Anything In Your Life Above God
Exodus.23.24 Surgical Prayer
Exodus.24 Chapter Title Slide
Exodus.24.4a God Gave His Commands At Mount Sinai
Exodus.24.4b Moses Wrote Down God’s Instructions
Exodus.24.4c Moses Marked The Land – Mount Sinai
Exodus.24.4d Moses Marked The Land – 12 Pillars
Exodus.24.5 Israel Sacrificed To God At Mount Sinai
Exodus.24.6a Moses Put Blood Into Basins
Exodus.24.6b Moses Put Blood On The Altar
Exodus.24.7 Covenant 5 = Moses
Exodus.24.7a There Is A Book Of The Covenant
Exodus.24.7b The Book Of The Covenant Contains God’s Laws
Exodus.24.7c Israel Promised To Obey The Covenant
Exodus.24.8a Moses Put Blood On Israel
Exodus.24.8b Blood Confirms The Covenant
Exodus.24.12 REF-God Wants His Commandments Taught To His People
Exodus.24.16a God Settled On Mount Sinai In His Glory
Exodus.24.16b God Talked To Moses From Inside A Cloud
Exodus.24.16 Surgical Prayer
Exodus.24.17a God Appeared To Israel On Mount Sinai In His Glory
Exodus.24.17b God’s Holiness Looks Like Fire To Human Eyes
Exodus.24.17 Surgical Prayer
Exodus.25 Chapter Title Slide
Exodus.25.16 REF-The 10 Commandments Were Put In The Ark When Finished
Exodus.26 Chapter Title Slide
Exodus.26 REF-The Tabernacle Instructions Came From God
Exodus.27 Chapter Title Slide
Exodus.28 Chapter Title Slide
Exodus.28.9 Stones Marked With Israel’s Tribes
Exodus.29 Chapter Title Slide
Exodus.29:42 REF-The Tabernacle Was A Place To Meet With God
Exodus.30 Chapter Title Slide
Exodus.31 Chapter Title Slide
Exodus.31.1-2 God Gave Instructions To Moses
Exodus.31.1-3a God Picks People For Specific Tasks
Exodus.31.1-3b God Fills Some With The Holy Spirit
Exodus.31.1-3c The Holy Spirit Provides Wisdom
Exodus.31.1-3d The Holy Spirit Provides Ability
Exodus.31.1-3e The Holy Spirit Provides Expertise
Exodus.31.18 REF-The 10 Commandments Were On 2 Stone Tablets
Exodus.31.18b REF-The 10 Commandments Were Written By God’s Finger
Exodus.32 Chapter Title Slide
Exodus.32.15 REF-God Wrote Commandments On Both Sides Of A Stone
Exodus.32.16 God’s Words Are Powerful
Exodus.32.16 Surgical Prayer
Exodus.32.19 REF-Moses Destroyed The First Stone Tablets At Mt. Sinai
Exodus.33 Chapter Title Slide
Exodus.34 Chapter Title Slide
Exodus.34.1 REF-Moses Chiseled Out The Stone Tablets God Wrote On
Exodus.34.1b REF-God Wrote The Same Words On The 2nd Set Of Stone Tablets
Exodus.34.27 Scrolls Recorded Covenant Details
Exodus.34.27 Surgical Prayer
Exodus.34.28 REF-God Dictated The Terms Of The 10 Commandments
Exodus.35 Chapter Title Slide
Exodus.35:11 REF-The Tabernacle Was Sacred
Exodus.36 Chapter Title Slide
Exodus.37 Chapter Title Slide
Exodus.38 Chapter Title Slide
Exodus.39 Chapter Title Slide
Exodus.39:32 REF-Israel Built The Tabernacle Just As God Instructed
Exodus.40 Chapter Title Slide
Exodus.40.9a God Marked His Tabernacle
Exodus.40.9b God’s Mark Makes It Holy
Exodus.40.9c God Marks What’s Set Apart
Exodus.40.10a God’s Mark Makes It Holy
Exodus.40.10b God’s Sacrifices Are Marked Holy
Exodus.40.13a God Marks Us For Specific Tasks
Exodus.40.13b Marks Declare Something Sacred
Exodus.40.13c Marks Set Someone Apart For God
Exodus.40.15 Marks Are Also Generational
Exodus.40.20 REF-The 10 Commandments Were Put In The Ark When Finished
Exodus.40.34 The Tabernacle Was Filled With God’s Glory
Exodus.40.34 Surgical Prayer
Exodus.40:38 REF-God Went With Israel In The Tabernacle Everywhere
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