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Ephesians.1 Chapter Title Slide
Ephesians.1.5a God Gave Us Adoption
Ephesians.1.5b God Wanted To Make Us Family
Ephesians.1.5c God Made Us A Family Through Jesus
Ephesians.1.5d God Pleasured In Making Us Family
Ephesians.1.5 Surgical Prayer
Ephesians.1.9 God’s Mysterious Plan Was Revealed
Ephesians.1.10 REF-Jesus Has Authority Over Merged Heaven & Earth
Ephesians.1.13 Christians Are Identified By The Holy Spirit Until Redemption
Ephesians.1.13 Surgical Prayer
Ephesians.1.14a God Will Give Christians An Inheritance
Ephesians.1.14b The Holy Spirit Guarantees Christian Inheritance
Ephesians.1.14c The Holy Spirit’s Presence Shows We Are God’s
Ephesians.1.14d God Gave Us His Holy Spirit So We Would Praise Him
Ephesians.1.14e Glorify God Because He Gave Us His Holy Spirit
Ephesians.1.14 Surgical Prayer
Ephesians.1.17a Paul Prayed For Revelations For Us
Ephesians.1.17b Paul Prayed We’d Know Christ Better
Ephesians.1.17-18 Christians Will Inherit A Fortune
Ephesians.1.18-19 Paul Prayed We’d Know Our Riches
Ephesians.1.20 REF-God Resurrected Jesus
Ephesians.1.20a REF-Jesus Is Seated At God’s Right Hand In Heaven
Ephesians.1.22 God Gave Us The Church
Ephesians.1.22 Surgical Prayer
Ephesians.2 Chapter Title Slide
Ephesians.2.2a Living In Sin = Obeying Satan
Ephesians.2.2b The World Obeys Satan
Ephesians.2.2c Demon Powers Are In The Unseen
Ephesians.2.2d Satan Commands Demon Powers
Ephesians.2.2e Satan Is At Work In Hearts
Ephesians.2.2f Satan Wants You To Disobey God
Ephesians.2.4-5 God Loves Us Greatly
Ephesians.2.4-5 Surgical Prayer
Ephesians.2.5 REF-God Resurrected Jesus
Ephesians.2.5a God Gave Us Grace
Ephesians.2.5b God Gave Us Salvation
Ephesians.2.5c God Gave Us Life After Death
Ephesians.2.5 Surgical Prayer
Ephesians.2.6 God Saved A Place In Heaven For Us
Ephesians.2.6 Surgical Prayer
Ephesians.2.8 Salvation Is A Gift Of Grace From God
Ephesians.2.8 Surgical Prayer
Ephesians.2.9 Salvation Is Not A Reward
Ephesians.2.10 You’re Unique & God Has Plans For You
Ephesians.2.10b REF-God Created People As His Masterpiece
Ephesians.2.14 REF-The Cross Of Jesus Christ Unifies Jews & Gentiles
Ephesians.2.14a God Could’ve Acknowledged Jesus On The Cross
Ephesians.2.16 REF-The Cross Of Christ Reconciles Jews & Gentiles
Ephesians.2.22a Gentiles Can Be One With God
Ephesians.2.22b Jesus Joins Gentiles To God
Ephesians.2.22c God Lives In Christian Gentiles
Ephesians.2.22d God Lives In Us By The Holy Spirit
Ephesians.3 Chapter Title Slide
Ephesians.3.2 God Gave Us Responsibilities
Ephesians.3.2 Surgical Prayer
Ephesians.3.3 God Revealed His Mysterious Plan
Ephesians.3.8 God Gave Us The Responsibility To Evangelize
Ephesians.3.8 Surgical Prayer
Ephesians.3.9 God’s Mysterious Plan Is For Everyone
Ephesians.3.10 REF-In Heaven, God Displays Church To All Authorities
Ephesians.3.13 Christians Rejoice In Suffering
Ephesians.3.13 Surgical Prayer
Ephesians.3.16 God Empowers Christians Through The Holy Spirit
Ephesians.3.16 Surgical Prayer
Ephesians.3.17 Jesus Lives In Us By Faith
Ephesians.3.17 Surgical Prayer
Ephesians.4 Chapter Title Slide
Ephesians.4.2a Be Humble, Gentle, & Patient With One Another
Ephesians.4.2b Tolerate One Another In Love
Ephesians.4.2 Surgical Prayer
Ephesians.4.5 REF-There Is Only One Baptism
Ephesians.4.9 REF-Jesus Descended & Then Ascended
Ephesians.4.17 Don’t Live In Hopeless Confusion
Ephesians.4.18a Don’t Close Your Mind To God
Ephesians.4.18b Don’t Harden Your Heart To God
Ephesians.4.19 Don’t Live Shamefully For Pleasure
Ephesians.4.26a Satan Uses Anger Against Us
Ephesians.4.22-24 The Holy Spirit Transforms Us To Be Like God
Ephesians.4.22-24 Surgical Prayer
Ephesians.4.25a Be Honest With One Another
Ephesians.4.25b We Are Members Of One Another
Ephesians.4.25 Surgical Prayer
Ephesians.4.26a Satan Uses Anger Against Us
Ephesians.4.29a Only Say Encouraging Things (Even To Yourself)
Ephesians.4.29b Only Say Needed Things (Even To Yourself)
Ephesians.4.29c Only Say Helpful Things (Even To Yourself)
Ephesians.4.29d Encouraging Things HELP
Ephesians.4.29 Surgical Prayer
Ephesians.4.30a The Holy Spirit Can Be Sad
Ephesians.4.30b Evil Living Can Make The Spirit Sad
Ephesians.4.30c The Holy Spirit Sees Your Life
Ephesians.4.30d The Holy Spirit Knows Christians
Ephesians.4.30e The Spirit Assures Your Salvation
Ephesians.4.32a Be Kind To One Another
Ephesians.4.32b Forgive One Another
Ephesians.4.32c Forgive Because God Forgave You
Ephesians.4.32 Surgical Prayer
Ephesians.5 Chapter Title Slide
Ephesians.5.10-11a Study & Discover The Things That Please God
Ephesians.5.10-11b Avoid All Deeds Of Evil & Darkness
Ephesians.5.10-11c Expose All Deeds Of Evil & Darkness
Ephesians.5.10-11 Surgical Prayer
Ephesians.5.14 REF-Prophets Predicted Jesus’ Resurrection
Ephesians.5.18a Alcohol Will Ruin Your Life
Ephesians.5.18b It’s Possible To Be FILLED With The Holy Spirit
Ephesians.5.18 Surgical Prayer
Ephesians.5.19a Sing To One Another
Ephesians.5.19b Sing Joyfully To God
Ephesians.5.19 Surgical Prayer
Ephesians.5.21 Submit To One Another
Ephesians.5.31-32 Marriage Unveils The Mystery Of The Church & Jesus
Ephesians.5.32 Jesus & The Church Are One
Ephesians.5.32 Surgical Prayer
Ephesians.6 Chapter Title Slide
Ephesians.6.8 God Rewards Every Good Deed
Ephesians.6.8 Surgical Prayer
Ephesians.6.10 We Can Find Strength In God
Ephesians.6.10 Surgical Prayer
Ephesians.6.11 Get Dressed For Battle
Ephesians.6.11b God’s Armor Is Vital
Ephesians.6.11c Evil Forces Are Organized
Ephesians.6.11 Surgical Prayer
Ephesians.6.12 The Enemy Is NOT Flesh & Blood People
Ephesians.6.12a Your True Enemies Are Invisible
Ephesians.6.12b Organized Ranks Of The Enemy
Ephesians.6.12ba Your Enemies Are Powerful
Ephesians.6.12c The Enemy Is PLURAL
Ephesians.6.12d There Is A Demonic Chain Of Command
Ephesians.6.12 Surgical Prayer
Ephesians.6.13 God’s Armor Ensures Survival
Ephesians.6.13 Surgical Prayer
Ephesians.6.14a Know The Truth
Ephesians.6.14b Wear Righteousness As Armor
Ephesians.6.14 Surgical Prayer
Ephesians.6.15 Walk Daily In Peace
Ephesians.6.15 Surgical Prayer
Ephesians.6.16 Have Your Shield Of Faith Ready
Ephesians.6.16 Surgical Prayer
Ephesians.6.17 Covenant Means Using God’s Sword:  Scripture
Ephesians.6.17a Wear The Helmet Of Salvation
Ephesians.6.17b Know Your Sword – The Bible
Ephesians.6.17 Surgical Prayer
Ephesians.6.18a Prayer Is The Battle
Ephesians.6.18b Pray Persistently & Stay Alert
Ephesians.6.18 Surgical Prayer
Ephesians.6.19 God’s Mysterious Plan Is For Everyone
Ephesians.6.19a Pray For The Right Words
Ephesians.6.19b Pray For Boldness
Ephesians.6.19c Pray For Unity
Ephesians.6.19 Surgical Prayer
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