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Ecclesiastes.1 Chapter Title Slide
Ecclesiastes.2 Chapter Title Slide
Ecclesiastes.3 Chapter Title Slide
Ecclesiastes.3.11 God Put Part Of Heaven In Man
Ecclesiastes.4 Chapter Title Slide
Ecclesiastes.5 Chapter Title Slide
Ecclesiastes.5.2 REF-God Sits On His Throne In Heaven
Ecclesiastes.5.10-15 Biblical Insights On Money
Ecclesiastes.5.10-15-Pray Surgical Prayer
Ecclesiastes.5.10 Money Won’t Satisfy You
Ecclesiastes.5.10-Pray Surgical Prayer
Ecclesiastes.5.11 People Want Your Money
Ecclesiastes.5.11-Pray Surgical Prayer
Ecclesiastes.5.12 Money Brings Worry
Ecclesiastes.5.12-Pray Surgical Prayer
Ecclesiastes.5.13 Money Can Lead To A Downfall
Ecclesiastes.5.13-Pray Surgical Prayer
Ecclesiastes.5.14 You’ll End Up Losing Your Money
Ecclesiastes.5.14-Pray Surgical Prayer
Ecclesiastes.5.15 You Can’t Take Money With You
Ecclesiastes.5.15-Pray Surgical Prayer
Ecclesiastes.6 Chapter Title Slide
Ecclesiastes.7 Chapter Title Slide
Ecclesiastes.7.26 Immoral Women Are Worse Then Death
Ecclesiastes.7.26-Pray Surgical Prayer
Ecclesiastes.7.29 REF-God Created Men & Women
Ecclesiastes.8 Chapter Title Slide
Ecclesiastes.9 Chapter Title Slide
Ecclesiastes.9.10 Discover Your True Passion
Ecclesiastes.10 Chapter Title Slide
Ecclesiastes.11 Chapter Title Slide
Ecclesiastes.11.15 God’s Activity Is A Mystery
Ecclesiastes.12 Chapter Title Slide
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