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Deuteronomy.1 Chapter Title Slide
Deuteronomy.2 Chapter Title Slide
Deuteronomy.3 Chapter Title Slide
Deuteronomy.4 Chapter Title Slide
Deuteronomy.4.13 REF-God Wants His 10 Commandments Kept
Deuteronomy.4.30 Suffering Leads To Repentance
Deuteronomy.4.30 Surgery Prayer
Deuteronomy.4.32 REF-God Created Men & Women
Deuteronomy.4.36 REF-God Spoke To Israel From Heaven
Deuteronomy.4.41 Moses Set Apart Refuge Cities
Deuteronomy.5 Chapter Title Slide
Deuteronomy.5.1 REF-Moses Read Israel God’s Commandments
Deuteronomy.5.22 REF-God Read Israel His Commandments
Deuteronomy.5.6 REF-God’s Power Delivered Israel From Slavery
Deuteronomy.6 Chapter Title Slide
Deuteronomy.6.4a Israel Belongs To God
Deuteronomy.6.4b God Is The Only True God
Deuteronomy.6.5a God Requires Love
Deuteronomy.6.5b Love God With All Your Heart
Deuteronomy.6.5c Love God With All Your Soul
Deuteronomy.6.5d Love God With All Your Strength
Deuteronomy.6.6a God Requires Total Commitment
Deuteronomy.6.6b God Requires Obedience
Deuteronomy.6.7a God Wants Generational Commitment
Deuteronomy.6.7b Teach Your Children Bible At Home
Deuteronomy.6.7c Teach Your Children Bible On Trips
Deuteronomy.6.7d Teach Your Children Bible At Bedtime
Deuteronomy.6.7e Teach Your Children Bible Each Day
Deuteronomy.6.8a Have Scriptures On Your Person
Deuteronomy.6.8b Scriptures Remind Us Of God’s Laws
Deuteronomy.6.9a Put Scriptures On Your Home
Deuteronomy.6.9b Put Scriptures On Your Land
Deuteronomy.6.10-11a God Gave Canaan To Israel
Deuteronomy.6.10-11b God Gave Israel Cities They Did Not Build
Deuteronomy.6.10-11c God Gave Israel Things They Did Not Make
Deuteronomy.6.10-11d God Gave Israel Wells They Did Not Dig
Deuteronomy.6.10-11e God Gave Israel Crops They Did Not Plant
Deuteronomy.6.10-11 Surgical Prayer
Deuteronomy.6.12 REF-God’s Power Delivered Israel From Slavery
Deuteronomy.7 Chapter Title Slide
Deuteronomy.7.1a God Brings His Own Right To Where He Promises
Deuteronomy.7.1b God Drove Out 7 Nations From Canaan For Israel
Deuteronomy.7.1c God Grants Territory As We Have Faith To Advance
Deuteronomy.7.1d God Helped Israel Beat 7 Bigger, Stronger Nations
Deuteronomy.7.1e When God Is On Your Side, Odds Are In Your Favor
Deuteronomy.7.1 Surgical Prayer
Deuteronomy.7.8 REF-God’s Power Delivered Israel From Slavery
Deuteronomy.8 Chapter Title Slide
Deuteronomy.8.2 God Humbles Before He Exalts
Deuteronomy.8.14 REF-God’s Power Delivered Israel From Slavery
Deuteronomy.8.18a Don’t Forget God
Deuteronomy.8.18b God Provides Your Power
Deuteronomy.8.18c God Enables Your Success
Deuteronomy.9 Chapter Title Slide
Deuteronomy.9.11 REF-God Handed His Commandments To Moses
Deuteronomy.9.17 REF-Moses Destroyed  Stone Tablets At Mt. Sinai
Deuteronomy.9.20a God Was Angry At Aaron For Making An Idol For Israel
Deuteronomy.9.20b Moses Prayed Protection For Aaron From God’s Anger
Deuteronomy.9.20c Moses’ Prayer Protected Aaron From God’s Anger
Deuteronomy.9.20 Surgical Prayer
Deuteronomy.9.26 Moses Prayed Protection For Israel From God’s Anger
Deuteronomy.9.26 Surgical Prayer
Deuteronomy.10 Chapter Title Slide
Deuteronomy.10.1 REF-Moses Chiseled Out The Tablets God Wrote On
Deuteronomy.10.4 REF-God Put 10 Commandments On Stone Tablets
Deuteronomy.11 Chapter Title Slide
Deuteronomy.11.14 REF-Pharaoh’s Army Died At The Red Sea
Deuteronomy.12 Chapter Title Slide
Deuteronomy.13 Chapter Title Slide
Deuteronomy.13.5 REF-God’s Power Delivered Israel From Slavery
Deuteronomy.13.10 REF-God’s Power Delivered Israel From Slavery
Deuteronomy.14 Chapter Title Slide
Deuteronomy.14.22-23 Tithing Teaches You to Fear God
Deuteronomy.14.22-23 Surgical Prayer
Deuteronomy.15 Chapter Title Slide
Deuteronomy.16 Chapter Title Slide
Deuteronomy.16.3 Suffering Reminds Us God Delivers
Deuteronomy.16.3 Surgical Prayer
Deuteronomy.16.12 REF-God Freed Israel From Slavery To Obey
Deuteronomy.17 Chapter Title Slide
Deuteronomy.17.18 Scrolls Recorded Copies Of God’s Law For The Kings
Deuteronomy.17.18 Surgical Prayer
Deuteronomy.18 Chapter Title Slide
Deuteronomy.18.10a God Doesn’t Want Us To Sacrifice Our Babies
Deuteronomy.18.10b God Doesn’t Want Us To Practice Witchcraft
Deuteronomy.18.10c God Doesn’t Want Us Consult A Medium
Deuteronomy.18.10 Surgical Prayer
Deuteronomy.19 Chapter Title Slide
Deuteronomy.20 Chapter Title Slide
Deuteronomy.21 Chapter Title Slide
Deuteronomy.22 Chapter Title Slide
Deuteronomy.23 Chapter Title Slide
Deuteronomy.23.17a God Wants His People To Stay Morally Clean
Deuteronomy.23.17b Temples To Demon gods Had Church Prostitutes
Deuteronomy.23.17 Surgical Prayer
Deuteronomy.24 Chapter Title Slide
Deuteronomy.24.18 REF-God’s Power Delivered Israel From Egyptian Slavery
Deuteronomy.24.18a REF-God Redeemed Israel From Slavery
Deuteronomy.24.22 REF-God Freed Israel From Slavery
Deuteronomy.25 Chapter Title Slide
Deuteronomy.26 Chapter Title Slide
Deuteronomy.26.6 REF-The Egyptians Made Israel Slaves
Deuteronomy.26.15 REF-God Dwells In Heaven
Deuteronomy.27 Chapter Title Slide
Deuteronomy.27.6 Altars To God Of Uncut Stones
Deuteronomy.28 Chapter Title Slide
Deuteronomy.28.2-3 Blessings Come Through Obedience
Deuteronomy.28.12 REF-God’s Rich Treasury Is In Heaven
Deuteronomy.28.15a Obey Every Command God Gives
Deuteronomy.28.15b Disobedience Leads To Curses
Deuteronomy.28.33 Some Suffering Is God-Ordained
Deuteronomy.28.33 Surgical Prayer
Deuteronomy.29 Chapter Title Slide
Deuteronomy.30 Chapter Title Slide
Deuteronomy.30.19 REF-Heaven Witnesses All Our Choices
Deuteronomy.31 Chapter Title Slide
Deuteronomy.31.6a Be Brave, Not Fearful
Deuteronomy.31.6ab God Is With You
Deuteronomy.31.6 Surgical Prayer
Deuteronomy.31.19 Scrolls Recorded Songs
Deuteronomy.31.19 Surgical Prayer
Deuteronomy.32 Chapter Title Slide
Deuteronomy.32.8 REF-Heaven Has It’s Own Court
Deuteronomy.32.43 REF-Heaven’s Angels Rejoice Over God’s People
Deuteronomy.33 Chapter Title Slide
Deuteronomy.33.26 REF-God Crosses Heaven To Help People
Deuteronomy.34 Chapter Title Slide
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