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Daniel.1 Chapter Title Slide
Daniel.1.17 REF-God Gave Daniel The Ability To Interpret Dreams
Daniel.2 Chapter Title Slide
Daniel.2.1 Nebuchadnezzar Had Nightmares
Daniel.2.2-3a Nebuchadnezzar’s Nightmares Confused Him
Daniel.2.2-3b Nebuchadnezzar Sent For Mediums
Daniel.2.4a The Astrologers Praised The King
Daniel.2.4b They Asked The King To Tell His Dream
Daniel.2.4c They Claimed They Could Interpret Dreams
Daniel.2.22 God Reveals Mysteries
Daniel.2.28 REF-God Reveals Secrets From Heaven
Daniel.2.29 REF-God Gave Daniel The Ability To Interpret Dreams
Daniel.3 Chapter Title Slide
Daniel.4 Chapter Title Slide
Daniel.4.9 God Understands All Mysteries
Daniel.4.13 REF-God’s Messengers Come Down From Heaven
Daniel.4.23 REF-God’s Messengers Come Down From Heaven
Daniel.4.26 REF-God Is Lord Of Heaven’s Armies
Daniel.4.37 REF-God Is King Of Heaven
Daniel.5 Chapter Title Slide
Daniel.5.23 REF-God Is Lord Of Heaven
Daniel.6 Chapter Title Slide
Daniel.6.10b Daniel Prayed 3 Times A Day
Daniel.7 Chapter Title Slide
Daniel.7.13 Daniel’s 2nd Coming Vision
Daniel.8 Chapter Title Slide
Daniel.8.11 REF-God Is Lord Of Heaven’s Armies
Daniel.9 Chapter Title Slide
Daniel.9.27a The Sacrilegious Object Set Up In The Middle Of 7-Year Period
Daniel.9.27b The Sacrilegious Will Mark The End Of Sacrifices & Offerings
Daniel.9.27c The Sacrilegious Will Stand Until End Of Evil Ruler’s Reign
Daniel.9.27 Surgical Prayer
Daniel10 Chapter Title Slide
Daniel11 Chapter Title Slide
Daniel.11.31a The Sacrilegious Object Will Be Marked By Armies In Jerusalem
Daniel.11.31b The Sacrilegious Object Will Cause The End Of Sacrifices
Daniel.11.31c A Pagan Altar In The Holy Place IS Abomination Of Desecration
Daniel.11.31 Surgical Prayer
Daniel12 Chapter Title Slide
Daniel.12.11 The Time Between The Sacrifice Stop & The Object = 1290 Days
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