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Colossians.1 Chapter Title Slide
Colossians.1.3 Bring Your Thanks & Praise To God
Colossians.1.3 Surgical Prayer
Colossians.1.5 REF-Christians Live In Hope Of Their Heavenly Reservation
Colossians.1.5a REF-Some Are Pre-Registered For Heaven
Colossians.1.11a Pray – Strength, Endurance, Patience
Colossians.1.11b God’s Power Can Get You Through
Colossians.1.12a Thank God Continually
Colossians.1.12b God Enables, So Share
Colossians.1.12c God Gives Christians Inheritance
Colossians.1.12d God’s People Live In Light
Colossians.1.12b-13 Christians Transferred – Dark To Light
Colossians.1.12b-13b Christians Rescued – Dark To Light
Colossians.1.13a God Rescued Us From Darkness
Colossians.1.13b Jesus’ Kingdom Is Available To Transfers
Colossians.1.13c There Are Only 2 Kingdoms
Colossians.1.13-14a Jesus Bought Our Freedom
Colossians.1.13-14b Jesus Forgives Sins
Colossians.1.15 REF-God Rules His Creation
Colossians.1.16 God Made Invisible Territorial Authorities
Colossians.1.16a There Is A Demonic Chain Of Command
Colossians.1.16b REF-God Created Everything
Colossians.1.16c REF-God Created Heaven
Colossians.1.16 Surgical Prayer
Colossians.1.18 REF-Jesus Will Reign Over All Who Are Resurrected
Colossians.1.20 REF-Creation Was Reconciled Through Jesus’ Blood
Colossians.1.24 When We Suffer For Others We Connect To Jesus
Colossians.1.24 Surgical Prayer
Colossians.2 Chapter Title Slide
Colossians.2.2 God’s Mysterious Plan Is Jesus
Colossians.2.8a Human Teaching Can Lead Astray
Colossians.2.8b False Teaching Is From Demons
Colossians.2.8c Some Demons Rule Territories
Colossians.2.11-12a Baptism Is Spiritual Circumcision
Colossians.2.12 Baptism In Faith Connects To Christ
Colossians.2.12a REF-Baptism Is A Burial
Colossians.2.12b REF-Baptism Connects You To Jesus Christ
Colossians.2.12c REF-Baptism Is The Beginning Of A New Life
Colossians.2.12d REF-Baptism Is A Demonstration Of Faith
Colossians.2.12e REF-Baptism Is How You Tap Into God’s Power
Colossians.2.12f REF-God Resurrected Jesus
Colossians.2.14 REF-Jesus Cancelled Our Sins By Nailing Them To A Cross
Colossians.2.15 There Is A Demonic Chain Of Command
Colossians.2.15a REF-Jesus Defeated Demonic Authorities On The Cross
Colossians.2.15b REF-Jesus Shamed Demonic Authorities On The Cross
Colossians.2.15 Surgical Prayer
Colossians.2.20a Christian Death To This World Brings Freedom
Colossians.2.20b Demon Powers Exist In The New Testament World
Colossians.2.20c Demon Powers Enslave Many Humans
Colossians.2.20d Don’t Follow The World’s Rules, Follow God’s
Colossians.2.20 Surgical Prayer
Colossians.3 Chapter Title Slide
Colossians.3.1 REF-Christians Set Their Sights On Heaven
Colossians.3.1a REF-Heaven Is Real
Colossians.3.1-2 Think About Heaven
Colossians.3.2 Heaven-Thinking Is Commanded
Colossians.3.3 Baptism Connects You To God
Colossians.3.3 Surgical Prayer
Colossians.3.5a Avoid All Sexual Immorality
Colossians.3.5b Satan Uses Greed Against Us
Colossians.3.5ba Greed Is Idolatry
Colossians.3.9a Don’t Lie To One Another
Colossians.3.9b Lying Is An Evil Practice
Colossians.3.9c Stop All Evil Practices
Colossians.3.9 Surgical Prayer
Colossians.3.13a Be Patient With One Another
Colossians.3.13b Forgive One Another
Colossians.3.13c Forgive Just As God Forgave You:  Completely
Colossians.3.13 Surgical Prayer
Colossians.3.15-17 Covenant Means One Body:  Christ’s
Colossians.3.15-17 Surgical Prayer
Colossians.3.16a Make Jesus’ Teachings Your Lifestyle
Colossians.3.16b Teach One Another In Song
Colossians.3.16c Sing To God In Thankfulness
Colossians.3.16 Surgical Prayer
Colossians.4 Chapter Title Slide
Colossians.4.3 God’s Mysterious Plan Is Jesus
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