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Acts.1 Chapter Title Slide
Acts.1.2 REF-Jesus Instructed His Disciples & Went To Heaven
Acts.1.3 Jesus Suffered & Died
Acts.1.3 Surgical Prayer
Acts.1.4a Before Leaving, Jesus Said Stay In Jerusalem
Acts.1.4b Jesus Said Wait For The Holy Spirit
Acts.1.4c God Had Promised The Holy Spirit
Acts.1.5a John Practiced Water Baptism
Acts.1.5b John Predicted Holy Spirit Baptism
Acts.1.8a The Holy Spirit Gives Christians Power
Acts.1.8b Christians Witness About Jesus
Acts.1.8c Christians Make Jesus Known Worldwide
Acts.1.9 Jesus Left In The Clouds
Acts.1.10 REF-The Disciples Strained To See Jesus Rising Up To Heaven
Acts.1.21-26 REF-Matthias Replaces Judas As An Apostle
Acts.1.22 REF-Christians Are Witnesses Of Jesus’ Resurrection
Acts.1.24a God Knows Every Heart
Acts.2 Chapter Title Slide
Acts.2.1a Believers In Jesus Unite
Acts.2.1b Believers Worship Together
Acts.2.2a Some Heaven Sounds Are Heard Here
Acts.2.2b Heaven Sounds Can Fill A Place
Acts.2.3 Fire(?) Appeared On The Disciples
Acts.2.4a The Disciples Were Filled With The Holy Spirit
Acts.2.4b Language Abilities Are From The Holy Spirit
Acts.2.17 REF-God Will Cause Old Men To Dream Dreams
Acts.2.17a God Reveals More In The End Times
Acts.2.17b End Times People Get The Holy Spirit
Acts.2.17c End Times Youth Will Prophesy
Acts.2.17d End Times Boys Will Have Visions
Acts.2.17e End Times Old Men Will Dream
Acts.2.17-18 Dreams & Visions In The Last Days
Acts.2.23 REF-God Knew Jesus Would Die On A Cross
Acts.2.24 God Could’ve Acknowledged Jesus @ Resurrection
Acts.2.31 REF-David Looked Forward To Jesus’ Resurrection
Acts.2.32 REF-Disciples Witnessed That God Resurrected Jesus
Acts.2.32-35 REF-Christians Sold Stuff To Help The Poor
Acts.2.32-35 Surgical Prayer
Acts.2.33 REF-Jesus Went To Heaven To The Place Of Highest Honor
Acts.2.33a Jesus Is Honored In Heaven
Acts.2.33b Jesus Is At God’s Right Hand In Heaven
Acts.2.33c God Gave Us His Holy Spirit
Acts.2.33 Surgical Prayer
Acts.2.38 Christians Get The Holy Spirit @ Baptism
Acts.2.38a Baptism Ushers In The Holy Spirit
Acts.2.38 Surgical Prayer
Acts.2.38-39a The Holy Spirit Is A Gift
Acts.2.38-39b The Holy Spirit Is Promised
Acts.2.38-39c The Holy Spirit Is For All Baptized Believers
Acts.2.38-39d The Holy Spirit Is Generational
Acts.2.38-39e The Holy Spirit Unifies Jew & Gentile
Acts.2.38-39f God Calls People To Himself
Acts.2.38-39g God’s Holy Spirit Is On Called Believers
Acts.2.38-39h The Holy Spirit Is For All Those Baptized For Remission Of Sins
Acts.2.38-39 Surgical Prayer
Acts.2.41 REF-Believers Practice Baptism
Acts.2.45 Christians Help Those In Need
Acts.2.45 REF-Christians Sold Stuff To Help The Poor
Acts.2.45 Surgical Prayer
Acts.3 Chapter Title Slide
Acts.3.15 REF-God Resurrected Jesus
Acts.3.16 REF-Faith Healing
Acts.3.16 Faith In Jesus’ Name Heals
Acts.3.16 Surgical Prayer
Acts.3.18 Jesus Came To Suffer
Acts.3.18 Surgical Prayer
Acts.3.21 4 Of 5 Earths In Scripture
Acts.3.21a REF-Jesus Will Stay In Heaven Until Time To Restore All
Acts.3.21b Jesus Returns & God Restores
Acts.3.23a Peter Quoted Moses
Acts.3.23b Moses Said To Listen To Jesus
Acts.3.23c Accept Jesus Or Be Cut Off Forever
Acts.3.23 Surgical Prayer
Acts.4 Chapter Title Slide
Acts.4.1 Peter & John Were Confronted By Those In Authority
Acts.4.1 Surgical Prayer
Acts.4.2 REF-Peter & John Were Teaching On Jesus’ Resurrection
Acts.4.2a Peter & John Taught Literal Resurrection
Acts.4.2b Authorities Are Disturbed By Literal Resurrection Teaching
Acts.4.2c Authorities Are Disturbed By Jesus’ Literal Resurrection
Acts.4.2 Surgical Prayer
Acts.4.3 Peter & John Were Jailed For Teaching Literal Resurrection
Acts.4.3 Surgical Prayer
Acts.4.4 Many Believed The Literal Resurrection Teaching
Acts.4.4 Surgical Prayer
Acts.4.5-6 Jewish Leaders Met About The Literal Resurrection Teaching
Acts.4.5-6 Surgical Prayer
Acts.4.7 Jews Wanted Authority Source Of Literal Res. Teaching
Acts.4.7 Surgical Prayer
Acts.4.8a Peter Was Full Of The Holy Spirit
Acts.4.8b Peter’s Defense Was Inspired By The Holy Spirit
Acts.4.8 Surgical Prayer
Acts.4.9 They Healed A Man While Teaching Literal Resurrection
Acts.4.9 Surgical Prayer
Acts.4.10a The Name Of Jesus Has Power
Acts.4.10b Jesus Heals & Resurrects
Acts.4.10c Healing & Resurrection Are Connected
Acts.4.10d Healing Comes By The Name Of Jesus Christ
Acts.4.10e Resurrection Comes By The Name Of Jesus Christ
Acts.4.10 Surgical Prayer
Acts.4.11a Jesus Was Rejected
Acts.4.11b Jesus Is The Cornerstone
Acts.4.11 Surgical Prayer
Acts.4.12 Jesus Is The Only Way To Eternal Salvation
Acts.4.12 Surgical Prayer
Acts.4.13a Peter & John Were Ordinary – Just Like Us
Acts.4.13b Peter & John Had Been With Jesus
Acts.4.13c Peter & John Boldly Promoted Jesus
Acts.4.13d The Jews Were Amazed At Peter & John’s Boldness
Acts.4.13e Spending Time With Jesus Makes Christians Bold
Acts.4.13 Surgical Prayer
Acts.4.18 Jewish Leaders Told Peter & John NOT To Teach Jesus
Acts.4.18 Surgical Prayer
Acts.4.23-24a Peter & John Were Released From Jail
Acts.4.23-24b The Church Prayed After Peter & John Were Freed
Acts.4.23-24 Surgical Prayer
Acts.4.29 The Church Prayed For Boldness
Acts.4.29 Surgical Prayer
Acts.4.31a God LOVED Their Prayer & Shook The Building!
Acts.4.31b God LOVED Their Prayer & Gave Them The Holy Spirit
Acts.4.31c God Answered Their Prayer & They Spoke Boldly
Acts.4.31 Surgical Prayer
Acts.4.33 REF-The Apostles Testified Powerfully To Jesus’ Resurrection
Acts.5 Chapter Title Slide
Acts.5.3a Satan Can Fill Your Heart
Acts.5.3b Satan Fills Your Heart If Allowed
Acts.5.3c Some Know Satan’s In A Heart
Acts.5.3d Some Try To Lie To The Holy Spirit
Acts.5.3e The Holy Spirit Can’t Be Lied To
Acts.5.29 Obey God Above godless Laws
Acts.5.29b God’s Authority Exceeds Human Authority
Acts.5.29 Surgical Prayer
Acts.5.30 REF-God Resurrected Jesus
Acts.5.30a Jewish Leaders Killed Jesus
Acts.5.30b Jesus Died On A Cross
Acts.5.30c God Raised Jesus From Death
Acts.5.31a God Exalted Jesus After The Resurrection
Acts.5.31b Jesus Is At God’s Right Hand
Acts.5.31c Jesus Is Prince & Savior
Acts.5.31d God Wants To Forgive Israel’s Sins
Acts.5.31e God Used Jesus To Get Israel Back
Acts.5.32a The Disciples Saw Jesus’ Departure
Acts.5.32b The Disciples Saw The Holy Spirit’s Arrival
Acts.5.32c God Gives The Holy Spirit To The Obedient
Acts.5.34-42 REF-Gamaliel Advised Against Killing Peter & The Apostles
Acts.5.38-39a Plans That Come From God Cannot Be Stopped
Acts.5.38-39b Plans That Originate From People WILL Fail
Acts.5.38-39c Some Are Unknowingly Fighting Against God
Acts.5.38-39 Surgical Prayer
Acts.5.41 Only The Worthy Suffer For Jesus
Acts.5.41 Surgical Prayer
Acts.6 Chapter Title Slide
Acts.6.3 The First Deacons Were “Full of the Holy Spirit”
Acts.6.3 Surgical Prayer
Acts.6.8 Stephen Wasn’t An Apostle, & He Performed Miracles
Acts.6.8 Surgical Prayer
Acts.7 Chapter Title Slide
Acts.7.6 REF-God Said Israel Would Be Slaves 400 Years
Acts.7.8a God Gave A Covenant Through Abraham
Acts.7.8b God’s Covenant With Abraham Had A Symbol
Acts.7.8c The Covenant Symbol Continued Through Generations
Acts.7.8 Surgical Prayer
Acts.7.9 REF-Jealousy Made Joseph’s Brothers Sell Him Into Slavery
Acts.7.10a God Gives Favor
Acts.7.10b God Gives Wisdom
Acts.7.10 Surgical Prayer
Acts.7.15 REF-Jacob Died In Egypt
Acts.7.22 Moses Was A Powerful Speaker
Acts.7.26 Satan Uses Unreconciliation Against Us
Acts.7.36 REF–God Led Israel Out Of Egypt Through The Red Sea
Acts.7.39 REF-Israel Wanted To Go Back To Egypt
Acts.7.49 REF-Heaven Is God’s Throne & Earth Is His Footstool
Acts.7.51a Some Israelites Were Stubborn
Acts.7.51b Some Israelites Were Hard-Hearted
Acts.7.51c Some Israelites Ignored God
Acts.7.51d Some Israelites Fight The Spirit
Acts.7.51e The Holy Spirit Tries To Teach Us
Acts.7.55-56 REF-Some See Into Heaven Just Before They Die
Acts.8 Chapter Title Slide
Acts.8.4 Satan Targets Christians, But That Backfires
Acts.8.4 Surgical Prayer
Acts.8.6 Phillip Wasn’t An Apostle, & He Performed Miracles
Acts.8.6 Surgical Prayer
Acts.8.12 REF-Believers Practice Baptism
Acts.8.13 REF-Baptism Is Done In Jesus’ Name
Acts.8.14a Gentiles Became Christians
Acts.8.14b Apostles Visited Gentile Christians
Acts.8.15-16a Baptism In Jesus ONLY Is Incomplete
Acts.8.15-16b Gentile’s Baptism Was Incomplete
Acts.8.15-16c The Apostles Prayed The Holy Spirit On Gentiles
Acts.8.17a Baptism In Jesus ONLY Means No Holy Spirit
Acts.8.17b The Apostles Brought The Holy Spirit
Acts.8.23 Sinful Bitterness Holds Us Captive
Acts.8.36 REF-Believers Practice Baptism
Acts.8.39a Philip & The Eunuch Were Down In The Water
Acts.8.39b Philip Job Was Done After The Baptism
Acts.8.39c The Holy Spirit Transported Philip
Acts.8.39d New Believers Need Baptism
Acts.8.39e The Eunuch Never Saw Philip Again
Acts.8.39f The Eunuch Rejoiced After Baptism
Acts.9 Chapter Title Slide
Acts.9.3-4 REF-Jesus Got Paul’s Attention
Acts.9.16 Some Suffer Much For Jesus
Acts.9.16 Surgical Prayer
Acts.9.17 Non-Apostles Help Others To Be Filled With The Holy Spirit
Acts.9.17 Surgical Prayer
Acts.10 Chapter Title Slide
Acts.10.38a The Holy Spirit Is Powerful
Acts.10.38b The Holy Spirit’s Presence Is An Anointing
Acts.10.38c God Anointed Jesus With The Holy Spirit
Acts.10.38d Jesus Did Good After The Holy Spirit Came
Acts.10.38e Jesus Healed After The Holy Spirit Came
Acts.10.38f Jesus Evicted Demons After The Holy Spirit Came
Acts.10.38g God Was With Jesus For The Healings
Acts.10.38h God Was With Jesus For The Demon Removal
Acts.10.39 REF-Jesus Died On A Cross
Acts.10.44 Peter Taught As The Holy Spirit Fell On Gentiles
Acts.10.45a Jewish Christians Were With Peter
Acts.10.45b Jews Were Amazed Others Got The Holy Spirit
Acts.10.45c The Holy Spirit Is A Gift
Acts.10.45d The Holy Spirit Is Available To All
Acts.10.46a Non-Jews Spoke Other Languages
Acts.10.46b The Holy Spirit Enables Languages
Acts.10.46c The Holy Spirit Empowers Praise
Acts.10.46d The Holy Spirit Praises God
Acts.10.47a Jews Questioned Baptizing Gentiles
Acts.10.47b The Holy Spirit Confirms Christians
Acts.10.47c Baptism Accompanies The Holy Spirit
Acts.10.47d Jews & Gentiles Get The Holy Spirit
Acts.10.47e Jews & Gentiles Baptized Into Christ
Acts.10.48 REF-Baptism Is Commanded
Acts.10.48a Peter Ordered Baptism
Acts.10.48b Baptism Is Done Is Jesus Name
Acts.10.48c Peter Stayed With Baptized Gentiles
Acts.11 Chapter Title Slide
Acts.11.24a Barnabas Was Good & Full Of The Holy Spirit
Acts.11.24b Barnabas Was Full Of The Holy Spirit, But Did No Miracles
Acts.11.24c Those Full Of The Holy Spirit Bring Many To Jesus
Acts.11.24 Surgical Prayer
Acts.11.26b Covenants Require Name Change
Acts.12 Chapter Title Slide
Acts.12.5 Christians Pray Earnestly
Acts.12.5-8a Christians Are Sometimes Imprisoned
Acts.12.5-8b Angels Sometimes Rescue
Acts.13 Chapter Title Slide
Acts.13.10 Satan Perverts Truth
Acts.13.17 REF-God Rescued Israel Powerfully From Slavery
Acts.13.20a God Gave Israel Judges
Acts.13.20b Judges Ruled Israel
Acts.13.20 Surgical Prayer
Acts.13.21 God Gave Israel A King
Acts.13.21 Surgical Prayer
Acts.13.29 REF-Jesus Fulfilled Prophecy On A Cross
Acts.13.30 REF-God Resurrected Jesus
Acts.13.34 REF-God Had Promised To Resurrect Jesus
Acts.14 Chapter Title Slide
Acts.14.22 Some Suffer Much For The Kingdom
Acts.14.22 Surgical Prayer
Acts.15 Chapter Title Slide
Acts.15.20 Scrolls Record How To Live Life
Acts.15.20 Surgical Prayer
Acts.16 Chapter Title Slide
Acts.16.6a Christians Go Where The Spirit Leads
Acts.16.6b The Spirit Leads To Fertile Fields
Acts.16.6c The Spirit’s Timing Is Perfect
Acts.16.6d Sometimes, The Spirit Prevents
Acts.16.6 Surgical Prayer
Acts.16.7a Christians Go Where The Spirit Leads
Acts.16.7b The Spirit Leads To Fertile Fields
Acts.16.7c The Spirit’s Timing Is Perfect
Acts.16.7d Sometimes, The Spirit Prevents
Acts.16.7e The Holy Spirit IS Jesus
Acts.16.10 Paul Conversed Often With God
Acts.16.16-18 Only Consult God About The Future
Acts.16.16-18 Surgical Prayer
Acts.16.33 REF-Baptism Can Be Done Night Or Day
Acts.17 Chapter Title Slide
Acts.17.3 REF-Jesus Explained The Prophecies About His Resurrection
Acts.17.3a Jesus Came To Suffer
Acts.17.3 Surgical Prayer
Acts.17.18 REF-Paul Debated With Others About Jesus’ Resurrection
Acts.17.18a Paul Preached Jesus’ Resurrection
Acts.17.18 Surgical Prayer
Acts.17.20 God-Stories Can Include Some Strange Things
Acts.17.20 Surgical Prayer
Acts.17.31 REF-Jesus’ Resurrection Proves He Will Judge The World
Acts.17.32a REF-Some Laugh At The Idea Of Resurrection
Acts.17.32b REF-Are Curious About The Resurrection
Acts.18 Chapter Title Slide
Acts.18.8 REF-Believers Practice Baptism
Acts.19 Chapter Title Slide
Acts.19.5 REF-Baptism Is Done Immediately After Understanding
Acts.19.11 God Gave Paul Power
Acts.19.11 Surgical Prayer
Acts.20 Chapter Title Slide
Acts.20.23a Some Suffer Much For Jesus
Acts.20.23b The Holy Spirit Predicts Suffering
Acts.20.23 Surgical Prayer
Acts.20.24 Jesus Has An Assignment For You
Acts.20.29a False Teachers Will Be In The Church
Acts.20.29b False Teachers Are Like Vicious Wolves
Acts.20.29c False Teachers Try To Destroy The Church
Acts.20.29 Surgical Prayer
Acts.20.32 Christians Are Set Apart For God
Acts.21 Chapter Title Slide
Acts.22 Chapter Title Slide
Acts.22.16 Baptism Should Be Done Right Away
Acts.22.16a REF-Baptism Is Done Immediately After Understanding
Acts.22.16b REF-Baptism Is Done Calling On Jesus
Acts.22.16c REF-Baptism Is Connected To The Removal Of Sin
Acts.22.16 Surgical Prayer
Acts.23 Chapter Title Slide
Acts.23.6 REF-Paul’s Hope Was In The Resurrection
Acts.23.8 REF-Sadducees Say There Is No Resurrection
Acts.24 Chapter Title Slide
Acts.25 Chapter Title Slide
Acts.26 Chapter Title Slide
Acts.26.18b Faith Sets Us Apart For God
Acts.26.18 Surgical Prayer
Acts.26.22 God Protects You, So Witness For Him
Acts.26.23 REF-Prophets Predicted Jesus’ Resurrection
Acts.26.23a Jesus Came To Suffer
Acts.26.23 Surgical Prayer
Acts.27 Chapter Title Slide
Acts.28 Chapter Title Slide
Acts.28.11-15 REF-Paul Arrives In Rome
Acts.28.25a The Holy Spirit Spoke Through Prophets
Acts.28.25b The Holy Spirit Spoke Through Isaiah
Acts.28.26 ”Israel Won’t Understand” The Holy Spirit
Acts.28.27a ”Israel Has Hard Hearts” The Holy Spirit
Acts.28.27b ”Israel Won’t Hear” The Holy Spirit
Acts.28.27c ”Israel Won’t See” The Holy Spirit
Acts.28.27d ”Israel Won’t Understand” The Holy Spirit
Acts.28.27e ”Israel Won’t Turn To God” The Holy Spirit
Acts.28.27f ”Israel Won’t Let God Heal” The Holy Spirit
Acts.28.30 Paul Lived In A Rent House
Acts.28.30 Surgical Prayer
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