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2Timothy.1 Chapter Title Slide
2Timothy.1.4 People Look Forward To Reunions
2Timothy.1.6a God Gives Christians Spiritual Gifts
2Timothy.1.6b God Wants You To Use Your Spiritual Gifts
2Timothy.1.6 Surgical Prayer
2Timothy.1.7a Fear & Timidity Doesn’t Come From God
2Timothy.1.7b God Offers A Spirit Of Power
2Timothy.1.7c God Offers A Spirit Of Love
2Timothy.1.7d God Offers A Spirit Of Self-Discipline
2Timothy.1.7 Surgical Prayer
2Timothy.1.8 Christians Are Ready To Suffer
2Timothy.1.8 Surgical Prayer
2Timothy.1.10 Jesus Is The Only Way To God
2Timothy.1.10 Surgical Prayer
2Timothy.1.12 Christians Are Not Ashamed To Suffer
2Timothy.1.12 Surgical Prayer
2Timothy.1.14a The Power Of The Holy Spirit Lives In Christians
2Timothy.1.14b The Holy Spirit Lives In Christians
2Timothy.1.14 Surgical Prayer
2Timothy.2 Chapter Title Slide
2Timothy.2.1 Jesus Is The Source Of Strength
2Timothy.2.3 Christians Endure Suffering
2Timothy.2.3 Surgical Prayer
2Timothy.2.9 Preachers Endure Suffering
2Timothy.2.9 Surgical Prayer
2Timothy.2.18 REF-Some Claim The Resurrection Was Long Ago
2Timothy.2.23 Avoid Foolish Arguments
2Timothy.2.24a Be Kind, Not Quarrelsome
2Timothy.2.24b Be Prepared To Teach Others
2Timothy.2.24c Be Patient With Everyone
2Timothy.2.24d Be Extra Patient With Difficult Folks
2Timothy.2.25a Be Gentle With Your Enemies
2Timothy.2.25b God Is Able To Change Hearts
2Timothy.2.25c Gentleness Helps People Learn
2Timothy.2.26a Satan Has People Trapped
2Timothy.2.26b Satan’s Inmates Do His Bidding
2Timothy.2.26c Gentle Teaching Helps Folks Think
2Timothy.3 Chapter Title Slide
2Timothy.3.1  End Times Will Be Hard Times
2Timothy.3.2a End Times People Will Love Self
2Timothy.3.2b End Times People Will Love Money
2Timothy.3.2c End Times People Will Brag
2Timothy.3.2d End Times People Will Scoff @ God
2Timothy.3.2e End Times Kids Will Disobey
2Timothy.3.2f End Times People Are Ungrateful
2Timothy.3.2g End Times Folks Trample The Sacred
2Timothy.3.3a End Times People Are Mean
2Timothy.3.3b End Times People Are Out Of Control
2Timothy.3.3c End Times People Have Cruel Hatred
2Timothy.3.4a End Times People Betray Friends
2Timothy.3.4b End Times People Are Reckless
2Timothy.3.4c End Times People Are Prideful
2Timothy.3.4d End Times People Love Pleasure
2Timothy.3.5 End Times People ACT Religious
2Timothy.3.11 Christians Endure Suffering
2Timothy.3.11 Surgical Prayer
2Timothy.3.12 Christians Will Suffer
2Timothy.3.12 Surgical Prayer
2Timothy.3.16 Satan Uses Our Lack Of Bible Study
2Timothy.3.16a God Speaks Through Scripture
2Timothy.3.16b God Gave Us His Word
2Timothy.3.16 Surgical Prayer
2Timothy.3.16-17a You Can Trust The Bible As The Word Of God
2Timothy.3.16-17b Bible Instructions Can Make You A Man Of God
2Timothy.3.16-17c Bible Instructions Can Equip You To Do Good
2Timothy.3.16-17 Surgical Prayer
2Timothy.4 Chapter Title Slide
2Timothy.4.5 Christians Shouldn’t Fear Suffering
2Timothy.4.5 Surgical Prayer
2Timothy.4.18 God Delivers From Evil
2Timothy.4.18 Surgical Prayer
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