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2Thessalonians.1 Chapter Title Slide
2Thessalonians.1.3a Give Thanks For One Another
2Thessalonians.1.3b Be Grateful For Others Growing In Faith
2Thessalonians.1.3c Love One Another
2Thessalonians.1.3 Surgical Prayer
2Thessalonians.1.4 Christians Suffer Hardship & Persecution
2Thessalonians.1.4 Surgical Prayer
2Thessalonians.1.5a Suffering Persecution Makes You Worthy
2Thessalonians.1.5b Christians Suffer For God
2Thessalonians.1.5 Surgical Prayer
2Thessalonians.1.7 REF-Jesus Will Return From Heaven With Angels
2Thessalonians.1.7a REF-Heaven Is A Place Of Rest
2Thessalonians.1.11a God Gives Power To Accomplish Good
2Thessalonians.1.11b Faith Prompts Us To Do Good Things
2Thessalonians.1.11c Faith Empowers Us To Do Good Things
2Thessalonians.1.11 Surgical Prayer
2Thessalonians.2 Chapter Title Slide
2Thessalonians.2.8 Jesus Will Kill The Antichrist
2Thessalonians.2.9a Antichrist Will Do Satan’s Work
2Thessalonians.2.9b Antichrist Will Do Powerful Miracles
2Thessalonians.2.10a Antichrist Will Use Deception
2Thessalonians.2.10b Deception Works On Some
2Thessalonians.2.10c Loving Truth Prevents Deception
2Thessalonians.2.10d The Truth Saves People
2Thessalonians.2.11 No Love For Truth = Deceived
2Thessalonians.2.12a Enjoying Evil = Condemnation
2Thessalonians.2.12b Believe Truth = No Condemnation
2Thessalonians.2.13 The Holy Spirit Makes Us Holy
2Thessalonians.2.13 Surgical Prayer
2Thessalonians.2.16a God Gives Us Eternity
2Thessalonians.2.16b God Gives Us Hope
2Thessalonians.2.16 Surgical Prayer
2Thessalonians.3 Chapter Title Slide
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