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2Peter.1 Chapter Title Slide
2Peter.1.18 REF-God Speaks From Heaven
2Peter.1.19a Pay Attention To Prophecies
2Peter.1.21a Prophecy Doesn’t Come From People
2Peter.1.21b Prophecy Comes Through People
2Peter.1.21c Prophecy Comes From The Holy Spirit
2Peter.1.21d Prophecy Is Under God’s Direction
2Peter.2 Chapter Title Slide
2Peter.2.1a Churches Have False Teachers
2Peter.2.1b The World Has False Teachers
2Peter.2.1c False Teachers Are Clever
2Peter.2.1d False Teachers Teach Destructive Lies
2Peter.2.1e False Teachers Cause You To Be Eternally Lost
2Peter.2.1f False Teachers Deny Jesus Christ
2Peter.2.1g False Teachers Bring Destruction On Themselves
2Peter.2.1 Surgical Prayer
2Peter.2.2a False Teachers Promote A Shameful Immorality
2Peter.2.2b False Teachers Distort The Truth About Morality
2Peter.2.2 Surgical Prayer
2Peter.2.5 REF-Noah Warned The World About The Flood
2Peter.2.5b REF-God Protected Noah From The Flood
2Peter.2.5c REF-God Destroyed The Ungodly With A Flood
2Peter.2.6a God Condemns A Distorted Morality
2Peter.2.6b God Destroys Distorted Morality
2Peter.2.6c God Makes Examples Of Distorted Morality
2Peter.2.6 Surgical Prayer
2Peter.2.8 Wickedness Torments God’s People
2Peter.2.8 Surgical Prayer
2Peter.2.9a God Rescues The Godly
2Peter.2.9b God Lets Immorality Continue For Now…
2Peter.2.9c God Will Punish Immorality At Judgment
2Peter.2.9 Surgical Prayer
2Peter.2.10a God Hates Sexual Perversion
2Peter.2.10b Sexual Perversion Reveals Spite For God’s Authority
2Peter.2.10c Sexual Perversion Reveals Prideful Arrogance
2Peter.2.10d Sexual Perversion Scoffs At The Supernatural
2Peter.2.10 Surgical Prayer
2Peter.2.12a False Teachers Must Be Destroyed
2Peter.2.12b False Teachers Deny What They Don’t Understand
2Peter.2.12c False Teachers Refuse To Accept Plain Scripture
2Peter.2.12 Surgical Prayer
2Peter.2.13a False Teachers Harm
2Peter.2.13b False Teachers Will Be Destroyed
2Peter.2.13c False Teachers Flaunt Their Evil Message
2Peter.2.13d False Teachers Disgrace The Church
2Peter.2.13e False Teachers Attend Church Fellowships
2Peter.2.13 Surgical Prayer
2Peter.2.14a False Teachers Stare In Lustful Desire
2Peter.2.14b False Teachers’ Sinful Desires Are Insatiable
2Peter.2.14c False Teachers Lure Others Into Sin
2Peter.2.14d False Teachers Are Greedy
2Peter.2.14e False Teachers Live Under God’s Curse
2Peter.2.14 Surgical Prayer
2Peter.2.19 REF-Without Jesus, All Are Slaves To Sin
2Peter.3 Chapter Title Slide
2Peter.3.5-6 God Destroyed Earth With Water
2Peter.3.7a This Earth’s Judgment Will Be Fire
2Peter.3.7b Judgment Fire Destroys The Ungodly
2Peter.3.7c God Will Destroy Earth Again
2Peter.3.7d Fire Will Destroy Godless People
2Peter.3.13 5 Of 5 Earths In Scripture
2Peter.3.15a God Is Patient
2Peter.3.15b God Gives Everyone Enough Time To Be Saved
2Peter.3.15c God Gives Wisdom
2Peter.3.15 Surgical Prayer
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