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2Kings.1 Chapter Title Slide
2Kings.2 Chapter Title Slide
2Kings.2.11 Elijah Went To Heaven In Fire
2Kings.2.11b Elijah Is In Heaven In His Body
2Kings.3 Chapter Title Slide
2Kings.4 Chapter Title Slide
2Kings.5 Chapter Title Slide
2Kings.5.1 God Knows Our Suffering
2Kings.5.1-Pray Surgical Prayer
2Kings.5.27a Some Suffering Is Self-Inflicted
2Kings.5.27b Some Suffering Is From Parental Sin
2Kings.5.27-Pray Surgical Prayer
2Kings.6 Chapter Title Slide
2Kings.7 Chapter Title Slide
2Kings.8 Chapter Title Slide
2Kings.8.19 Covenant 6 = David
2Kings.9 Chapter Title Slide
2Kings.10 Chapter Title Slide
2Kings.11 Chapter Title Slide
2Kings.12 Chapter Title Slide
2Kings.13 Chapter Title Slide
2Kings.14 Chapter Title Slide
2Kings.14.26 God Knows Our Suffering
2Kings.14.26-Pray Surgical Prayer
2Kings.15 Chapter Title Slide
2Kings.16 Chapter Title Slide
2Kings.17 Chapter Title Slide
2Kings.18 Chapter Title Slide
2Kings.19 Chapter Title Slide
2Kings.19.15 REF-God Created Heaven & Earth
2Kings.19.15a REF-God Created Heaven
2Kings.19.31 REF-God Is Lord Of Heaven’s Armies
2Kings.20 Chapter Title Slide
2Kings.21 Chapter Title Slide
2Kings.21.1a Manasseh Became King At Age 12
2Kings.21.1b Manasseh Ruled Israel 55 Years
2Kings.21.1-Pray Surgical Prayer
2Kings.21.2a Manasseh Practiced Evil
2Kings.21.2b Manasseh Copied Canaan’s Evil
2Kings.21.2c Canaan Was Evil So God Gave It To Israel
2Kings.21.2d God Forced The Canaanites Out
2Kings.21.2-Pray Surgical Prayer
2Kings.21.3a God Made Idol Worship Illegal
2Kings.21.3b Hezekiah Had Destroyed All The Idols
2Kings.21.3c Manasseh Promoted Idol Worship
2Kings.21.3d King Ahab Promoted Idol Worship
2Kings.21.3e Manasseh Served Evil Authorities
2Kings.21.3f King Ahab Served Evil Authorities
2Kings.21.3-Pray Surgical Prayer
2Kings.21.4-5a God Claimed Jerusalem For Himself
2Kings.21.4-5b Manasseh Put Idols In The Temple
2Kings.21.4-5-Pray Surgical Prayer
2Kings.21.6a Manasseh Sacrificed His Son In Fire
2Kings.21.6b Manasseh Consulted Fortunetellers
2Kings.21.6c Manasseh Cast Demonic Spells
2Kings.21.6d Manasseh Appointed Royal Mediums
2Kings.21.6e Manasseh Made God Very Angry
2Kings.21.6-Pray Surgical Prayer
2Kings.21.7a Manasseh Put An Idol In The Temple
2Kings.21.7b Manasseh Put Asherah In The Temple
2Kings.21.7c Asherah Was A Sexual Symbol
2Kings.21.7d God – Eternally Worshipped In Jerusalem
2Kings.21.7-Pray Surgical Prayer
2Kings.22 Chapter Title Slide
2Kings.22.8 Scrolls Recorded God’s Law
2Kings.22.8-Pray Surgical Prayer
2Kings.22.16 Scrolls Recorded Prophecies
2Kings.22.16-Pray Surgical Prayer
2Kings.23 Chapter Title Slide
2Kings.23.3 Scrolls Recorded Covenant Terms
2Kings.23.3-Pray Surgical Prayer
2Kings.24 Chapter Title Slide
2Kings.25 Chapter Title Slide
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