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2Corinthians.1 Chapter Title Slide
2Corinthians.1.5 More Suffering Means More Comfort
2Corinthians.1.5 Surgical Prayer
2Corinthians.1.6 Your Suffering Can Help Others
2Corinthians.1.6 Surgical Prayer
2Corinthians.1.7 Shared Suffering Leads To Shared Comfort
2Corinthians.1.7 Surgical Prayer
2Corinthians.1.21a God Helps Christians Endure
2Corinthians.1.21b Christians Stand Firm For Jesus
2Corinthians.1.21c God Empowers Christians
2Corinthians.1.22a God Recognizes Christians As His Own
2Corinthians.1.22b Christians Are Identified By Having The Holy Spirit
2Corinthians.1.22c God Puts The Holy Spirit In Christians
2Corinthians.1.22d The Holy Spirit Is In Christian Hearts
2Corinthians.1.22e The Holy Spirit Is An Installment On Eternity
2Corinthians.1.22f The Holy Spirit Guarantees God’s Promises
2Corinthians.2 Chapter Title Slide
2Corinthians.3 Chapter Title Slide
2Corinthians.3.1 Scrolls Recorded Recommendation Letters
2Corinthians.3.1 Surgical Prayer
2Corinthians.4 Chapter Title Slide
2Corinthians.4.4a Satan Is The god Of This World
2Corinthians.4.4b Satan Blinds Minds Of Non-Christians
2Corinthians.4.4 Surgical Prayer
2Corinthians.4.8a Troubles Attack Christians
2Corinthians.4.8b Troubles Confuse Christians
2Corinthians.4.8c Don’t Let Troubles Lead You To Despair
2Corinthians.4.8 Surgical Prayer
2Corinthians.4.9a Christians Are Hunted
2Corinthians.4.9b God Won’t Abandon Us
2Corinthians.4.9c Christians Are Attacked
2Corinthians.4.9d Christians Are Together
2Corinthians.4.9e Christians Are Protected
2Corinthians.4.9 Surgical Prayer
2Corinthians.4.10 Suffering Connects Us To Jesus
2Corinthians.4.10 Surgical Prayer
2Corinthians.4.15 Bring Your Thanks & Praise To God
2Corinthians.4.15 Surgical Prayer
2Corinthians.4.18 Set Your Focus On Eternity
2Corinthians.5 Chapter Title Slide
2Corinthians.5.3 REF-We Will Have A Body In Heaven; Not Just Spirits
2Corinthians.5.5 The Holy Spirit Is A Downpayment On Your Eternal Body
2Corinthians.5.5 Surgical Prayer
2Corinthians.5.7 Christians Live By Faith
2Corinthians.5.7 Surgical Prayer
2Corinthians.5.17 Baptism Is The Beginning Of A New Life
2Corinthians.5.17 Surgical Prayer
2Corinthians.5.19a God Gives Us A Message Through Jesus
2Corinthians.5.19b God Gives Us A Way Out Of Sin
2Corinthians.5.19c God Gives Us A Message Of Reconciliation
2Corinthians.5.19 Surgical Prayer
2Corinthians.6 Chapter Title Slide
2Corinthians.6.16a God’s People Are His Temple
2Corinthians.6.16b God Lives In His People By His Holy Spirit
2Corinthians.6.16 Surgical Prayer
2Corinthians.7 Chapter Title Slide
2Corinthians.7.12 Scrolls Recorded Loyalty
2Corinthians.7.12 Surgical Prayer
2Corinthians.8 Chapter Title Slide
2Corinthians.9 Chapter Title Slide
2Corinthians.10 Chapter Title Slide
2Corinthians.10.1 Scrolls Traveled Great Distances
2Corinthians.10.1 Surgical Prayer
2Corinthians.10.3-5 War Against Satan Is Mental
2Corinthians.10.4 Footholds Can Become Strongholds
2Corinthians.10.4-5a God’s Weapons Are Not The World’s Weapons
2Corinthians.10.4-5b God’s Weapons Defeat Human Reasoning
2Corinthians.10.4-5c God’s Weapons Destroy False Arguments
2Corinthians.10.4-5d God’s Weapons Destroy Things Stopping Us Knowing Him
2Corinthians.10.4-5e God’s Weapons Control Rebellious Thoughts
2Corinthians.10.4-5 Surgical Prayer
2Corinthians.10.4b-5 Stop Ideas That Oppose God
2Corinthians.10.5 Make Every Thought Obey Jesus
2Corinthians.10.8 God Gave Paul His Authority
2Corinthians.10.13 Assigned Boundaries Of Authority
2Corinthians.11 Chapter Title Slide
2Corinthians.11.3 A Tricked Mind Abandons Jesus
2Corinthians.11.4a Some Preach A False Jesus
2Corinthians.11.4b Some Accept A False Jesus
2Corinthians.11.4c You Can Receive An Unholy Spirit
2Corinthians.11.4d An Unholy Spirit Can Replace God’s
2Corinthians.11.4e Some Accept An Unholy Spirit
2Corinthians.11.4f Some Will Distort The Gospel
2Corinthians.11.4g Some Accept A Distorted Gospel
2Corinthians.11.12 The Church Is The Bride Of Jesus
2Corinthians.11.12 Surgical Prayer
2Corinthians.11.14a Satan Can Disguise Himself
2Corinthians.11.14b Satan Morphs Into A Good Angel
2Corinthians.12 Chapter Title Slide
2Corinthians.12.1-4  Paul Saw Paradise & Can’t Tell Details
2Corinthians.12.2 3 Heavens: Air, Space, & God’s Home
2Corinthians.12.5 Paul Could Have Bragged About His Vision
2Corinthians.12.7 Paul’s Thorn Was A Demon
2Corinthians.12.7a Paul’s Revelation Was From GOD
2Corinthians.12.7b Paul’s Thorn Was To Prevent Conceit
2Corinthians.12.7c Greek For Messenger Is Angel
2Corinthians.12.8-9 Paul Asked For Relief From His Thorn
2Corinthians.12.8-9a God Cut Paul Off After 3 Prayers
2Corinthians.12.10 Christians Rejoice In Suffering
2Corinthians.12.10 Surgical Prayer
2Corinthians.13 Chapter Title Slide
2Corinthians.13.12 Greet One Another Affectionately
2Corinthians.13.12 Surgical Prayer
2Corinthians.13.14a Christians Have Fellowship With God, Jesus, & The Holy Spirit
2Corinthians.13.14b The Holy Spirit In Us Enables Fellowship With God & Jesus
2Corinthians.13.14 Surgical Prayer
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