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1Timothy.1 Chapter Title Slide
1Timothy.1.3a False Teachers “Reinterpret” Truth
1Timothy.1.3b False Teachers Contradict Truth
1Timothy.1.3c False Teachers Must Be Stopped
1Timothy.1.3 Surgical Prayer
1Timothy.1.9-10a God’s Law Doesn’t Judge Good People Who Obey
1Timothy.1.9-10b God’s Law Judges Evil People Who Disobey
1Timothy.1.9-10c Evil People Disobey By Committing Murder
1Timothy.1.9-10d Evil People Disobey By Committing Sexual Sin
1Timothy.1.9-10e Evil People Disobey By Committing Same-Sex Sex
1Timothy.1.9-10f Evil People Disobey By Telling Lies
1Timothy.1.9-10g Evil People Disobey By Speaking Against Scripture
1Timothy.1.9-10 Surgical Prayer
1Timothy.1.15 REF-Jesus Came Into The World To Save Sinners
1Timothy.1.17 God Is The Only Eternal Unseen King
1Timothy.1.17 Surgical Prayer
1Timothy.2 Chapter Title Slide
1Timothy.2.6a God Gave Us Life
1Timothy.2.6b God Gave Us Freedom
1Timothy.2.6c God Gave Us A Message Of Hope
1Timothy.2.6d God’s Timing Is Perfect
1Timothy.2.6 Surgical Prayer
1Timothy.2.8 God Gave Us Prayer
1Timothy.2.8 Surgical Prayer
1Timothy.3 Chapter Title Slide
1Timothy.3.9 God’s Mysterious Plan Uses Faith
1Timothy.3.16 God’s Mysterious Plan Is Jesus In A Body
1Timothy.4 Chapter Title Slide
1Timothy.4.1 The Holy Spirit Speaks To Us
1Timothy.4.1a God’s Spirit Warns About End Times
1Timothy.4.1b Faith Of Some Fades In End Times
1Timothy.4.1c Demons Deceive In End Times
1Timothy.4.1d False Teachings Come From Demons
1Timothy.4.3 REF-God Created All Our Food
1Timothy.4.4 REF-God’s Creation Was All Good
1Timothy.4.8 Serving God Helps You Now & Later
1Timothy.4.8b Good Deeds Make Eternity Better
1Timothy.5 Chapter Title Slide
1Timothy.6 Chapter Title Slide
1Timothy.6.12a God Calls You To Eternity
1Timothy.6.12b You Must FIGHT For Life
1Timothy.6.12c You Must FIGHT For Faith
1Timothy.6.12d Declare Your Faith Before Witnesses In This World
1Timothy.6.12 Surgical Prayer
1Timothy.6.15 REF-Jesus Will Be Revealed At Just The Right Time
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