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1Thessalonians.1 Chapter Title Slide
1Thessalonians.1.6 God’s Message Brings Suffering
1Thessalonians.1.6 Surgical Prayer
1Thessalonians.1.10 REF-Christians Look Forward To Jesus’ Return
1Thessalonians.1.10b REF-Christians Look Forward To Jesus’ Return From Heaven
1Thessalonians.1.10c REF-God Resurrected Jesus
1Thessalonians.2 Chapter Title Slide
1Thessalonians.2.2 God Knows Our Suffering
1Thessalonians.2.2 Surgical Prayer
1Thessalonians.2.2a God Gives Courage
1Thessalonians.2.2b God Gives Boldness
1Thessalonians.2.2c God Gives Strength To Face The Opposition
1Thessalonians.2.2d God Gives The Ability To Declare His Good News
1Thessalonians.2.2a Surgical Prayer
1Thessalonians.2.4a Christians Are God’s Approved Messengers
1Thessalonians.2.4b Christians Are Entrusted With The Good News
1Thessalonians.2.4c Christians Have A Purpose: Pleasing God
1Thessalonians.2.4d Christians Don’t Worry About Pleasing People
1Thessalonians.2.4e God ALONE Knows Your Motives
1Thessalonians.2.4 Surgical Prayer
1Thessalonians.2.14a Christians Can Suffer Persecution
1Thessalonians.2.14b Suffering Often Comes From Family
1Thessalonians.2.14 Surgical Prayer
1Thessalonians.3 Chapter Title Slide
1Thessalonians.3.7 Don’t Let Suffering Discourage You
1Thessalonians.3.7 Surgical Prayer
1Thessalonians.3.12 Grow In Love For One Another
1Thessalonians.3.12 Surgical Prayer
1Thessalonians.4 Chapter Title Slide
1Thessalonians.4.8  GOD Gives Us The Holy Spirit
1Thessalonians.4.8  Surgical Prayer
1Thessalonians.4.9 Scrolls Encourage Love
1Thessalonians.4.9b Love One Another
1Thessalonians.4.9c God Teaches Us To Love One Another
1Thessalonians.4.9 Surgical Prayer
1Thessalonians.4.13 REF-Believers Hope In The Resurrection
1Thessalonians.4.14 Dead Christians Will Live Forever
1Thessalonians.4.14b REF-Jesus Died On The Cross
1Thessalonians.4.16 REF-Jesus Will Return From Heaven With A Shout & A Trumpet
1Thessalonians.4.18 Resurrection Is Encouragement
1Thessalonians.4.18b Comfort One Another With The Resurrection
1Thessalonians.4.18 Surgical Prayer
1Thessalonians.5 Chapter Title Slide
1Thessalonians.5.1  Scrolls Recorded Scheduling Information
1Thessalonians.5.1 Surgical Prayer
1Thessalonians.5.1-2 The Second Coming Of Jesus Will Be A Surprise
1Thessalonians.5.1-2 Surgical Prayer
1Thessalonians.5.3a The Second Coming Will Bring Destruction Of Many
1Thessalonians.5.3b Those Destined For Destruction Won’t Escape
1Thessalonians.5.3 Surgical Prayer
1Thessalonians.5.4a Christians Do Not Live In Darkness
1Thessalonians.5.4b Christians Won’t Be Surprised At The Second Coming
1Thessalonians.5.4 Surgical Prayer
1Thessalonians.5.5-6a Christians Belong To The Light (God Is Light)
1Thessalonians.5.5-6b Christians Are To Be Alert & Self-Controlled
1Thessalonians.5.5-6 Surgical Prayer
1Thessalonians.5.7-8a Christians Not To Be Clueless Or In Sin At 2nd Coming
1Thessalonians.5.7-8b Christians Have Faith & Love For Protection
1Thessalonians.5.7-8c Christians Have Hope Of Salvation For Protection
1Thessalonians.5.7-8 Surgical Prayer
1Thessalonians.5.9a Christians Aren’t Destined For God’s Wrath
1Thessalonians.5.9b Christians Aren’t Destined For Condemnation
1Thessalonians.5.9c Christians Are Destined For Salvation In Jesus
1Thessalonians.5.9 Surgical Prayer
1Thessalonians.5.10a Jesus Died For Us
1Thessalonians.5.10b Some Will Be Alive At The Second Coming
1Thessalonians.5.10c Christians Will Be With Jesus At The Second Coming
1Thessalonians.5.10d Christians Will Live With Jesus Forever
1Thessalonians.5.10 Surgical Prayer
1Thessalonians.5.11 God Wants Everyone Saved
1Thessalonians.5.11b Build One Another Up
1Thessalonians.5.11 Surgical Prayer
1Thessalonians.5.13a Honor One Another In Their Successes
1Thessalonians.5.13b Live In Peace With One Another
1Thessalonians.5.13 Surgical Prayer
1Thessalonians.5.15a Forgive One Another
1Thessalonians.5.15b Seek Good For One Another
1Thessalonians.5.15 Surgical Prayer
1Thessalonians.5.17-18a Pray All The Time
1Thessalonians.5.17-18b Pray Always Thanking God No Matter What
1Thessalonians.5.17-18c God Wants Christians To Be A Thankful People
1Thessalonians.5.17-18 Surgical Prayer
1Thessalonians.5.19a Don’t Stifle The Holy Spirit
1Thessalonians.5.19b Don’t Restrain The Holy Spirit
1Thessalonians.5.19c Don’t Suppress The Holy Spirit
1Thessalonians.5.19d Don’t Turn Away The Holy Spirit
1Thessalonians.5.19e Don’t Stop Works Of The Holy Spirit
1Thessalonians.5.20a Don’t Ignore Prophecies
1Thessalonians.5.20b Don’t Scoff At Prophecies
1Thessalonians.5.20c Don’t Treat Prophecy As Unimportant
1Thessalonians.5.20d Don’t Despise Prophecy
1Thessalonians.5.20e Prophecies Are Inspired By God
1Thessalonians.5.20f Don’t Spurn Gifts & Words Of Prophecy
1Thessalonians.5.21a Test Everything & Keep The Good
1Thessalonians.5.21b Learn To Recognize Good & Bad
1Thessalonians.5.22a There Are Different Kinds Of Evil
1Thessalonians.5.22b Always Avoid Evil
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