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1Samuel.1 Chapter Title Slide
1Samuel.1.3 REF-God Is Lord Of Heaven’s Armies
1Samuel.1.11 REF-God Is Lord Of Heaven’s Armies
1Samuel.2 Chapter Title Slide
1Samuel.2.27 REF-God Revealed Himself To Israel In Their Slavery
1Samuel.3 Chapter Title Slide
1Samuel.4 Chapter Title Slide
1Samuel.4.4 REF-God Is Lord Of Heaven’s Armies
1Samuel.4.22 God’s Glory Is Connected To The Ark
1Samuel.4.22 Surgical Prayer
1Samuel.5 Chapter Title Slide
1Samuel.5.1 God’s Enemies Captured The Ark
1Samuel.5.2 Enemies Put The Ark In Dagon’s Temple
1Samuel.5.3 Dagon Bowed To God’s Ark
1Samuel.5.4 Dagon Bowed To God’s Ark Twice
1Samuel.5.5 Dagon’s Priests Won’t Step On Threshold
1Samuel.5.6 Dagon’s Followers Got Tumors
1Samuel.5.7 God Gave Dagon’s Followers Tumors
1Samuel.5.8 Dagon’s Followers Feared God’s Power
1Samuel.6 Chapter Title Slide
1Samuel.7 Chapter Title Slide
1Samuel.8 Chapter Title Slide
1Samuel.9 Chapter Title Slide
1Samuel.9.27b This World Is Full Of Cracks
1Samuel.10 Chapter Title Slide
1Samuel.10.1a Samuel Anointed Saul As King
1Samuel.10.1b Anointing Marks Territory
1Samuel.10.1c Anointing Marks As God’s
1Samuel.10.25 Scrolls Recorded Rights & Duties Of The King
1Samuel.10.25 Surgical Prayer
1Samuel.11 Chapter Title Slide
1Samuel.12 Chapter Title Slide
1Samuel.13 Chapter Title Slide
1Samuel.14 Chapter Title Slide
1Samuel.14.29 REF – Honey Refreshed Jonathan During The Philistine Battle
1Samuel.15 Chapter Title Slide
1Samuel.15.2 REF-God Is Lord Of Heaven’s Armies
1Samuel.15.29a God IS Israel’s Glory
1Samuel.15.29b God Does Not Lie
1Samuel.15.29c God Does Not Change His Mind
1Samuel.15.29 Surgical Prayer
1Samuel.16 Chapter Title Slide
1Samuel.16.13a Samuel Anointed David As King
1Samuel.16.13b Anointing Invites Holy Spirit
1Samuel.16.13c Anointing Means Power
1Samuel.16.13d Anointing Sets Apart
1Samuel.16.13e Anointing Marks God As Present
1Samuel.16.13f Anointing Marks For God’s Power
1Samuel.16.14a In OT, God’s Spirit Came & Went
1Samuel.16.14b Saul Disobeyed, So God Left Him
1Samuel.16.14c When God Goes, Evil Spirits Come
1Samuel.16.14d God Sometimes Sends Evil Spirits
1Samuel.16.14e Evil Spirits Cause Depression
1Samuel.16.14f Evil Spirits Cause Fear
1Samuel.16.14g Fear Results From A Godless Life
1Samuel.16.14 Surgical Prayer
1Samuel.16.15a Saul’s Servants Saw His Depression
1Samuel.16.15b An Evil Spirit Troubled Saul
1Samuel.16.15c Evil Spirits Are Subject To God
1Samuel.16.16a Evil Spirits Hate Praise Music
1Samuel.16.16b Praise Music Brings Peace
1Samuel.16.16c Praise Music Brings Healing
1Samuel.16.16d Saul’s Evil Spirit Came & Went
1Samuel.16.17a Saul Took His Servant’s Advice
1Samuel.16.17b Saul Sent For A Praise Musician
1Samuel.16.23a God Sent Saul An Evil Spirit
1Samuel.16.23b Evil Spirits Come & Go
1Samuel.16.23c Evil Spirits Hate Praise Music
1Samuel.16.23d Praise Music Is Soothing
1Samuel.16.23e Weapon 5-Worship Removes Demons
1Samuel.16.23 Surgical Prayer
1Samuel.17 Chapter Title Slide
1Samuel.17.26b Faithful Covenant People Are Victorious
1Samuel.17.26b Surgical Prayer
1Samuel.17.28 David’s Brother Had False Accusations
1Samuel.17.45 REF-God Is Lord Of Heaven’s Armies
1Samuel.18 Chapter Title Slide
1Samuel.18.8a Saul Angry When David Praised
1Samuel.18.8b Anger Leads To Jealousy
1Samuel.18.8c Anger Breeds Worry About Future
1Samuel.18.8d Anger Ignores The Facts
1Samuel.18.9a Jealousy Changes Your Priorities
1Samuel.18.9b Saul Was Jealous Of David
1Samuel.18.10a God Sometimes Sends Evil Spirits
1Samuel.18.10b Evil Spirits Answer To God
1Samuel.18.10c Evil Spirits Can Overwhelm
1Samuel.18.10d Evil Spirits Can Cause Insanity
1Samuel.18.10e Evil Spirits Promote Violence
1Samuel.18.11a Saul’s Anger Led To Attempted Murder
1Samuel.18.11b Saul Tried To Murder David Twice
1Samuel.18.11c David Stayed For 2 Murder Attempts
1Samuel.18.11d Godly David Barely Avoided Murder
1Samuel.18.11e The Godly Aren’t Immune To Evil
1Samuel.18.12a Saul Feared Who He Hated
1Samuel.18.12b Saul Feared David After Murder Attempt
1Samuel.18.12c God Left Saul For David
1Samuel.18.12d God Abandons The Ungodly
1Samuel.18.12e God Is With The Godly
1Samuel.19 Chapter Title Slide
1Samuel.20 Chapter Title Slide
1Samuel.21 Chapter Title Slide
1Samuel.22 Chapter Title Slide
1Samuel.23 Chapter Title Slide
1Samuel.23.10-12 David Conversed Often With God
1Samuel.24 Chapter Title Slide
1Samuel.25 Chapter Title Slide
1Samuel.26 Chapter Title Slide
1Samuel.26.23a God Rewards Loyalty & Deeds
1Samuel.27 Chapter Title Slide
1Samuel.28 Chapter Title Slide
1Samuel.29 Chapter Title Slide
1Samuel.30 Chapter Title Slide
1Samuel.31 Chapter Title Slide
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