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1Peter.1 Chapter Title Slide
1Peter.1.3 REF-God Resurrected Jesus
1Peter.1.4 REF-Christians Have A Priceless Inheritance In Heaven
1Peter.1.5 After You’re Saved, You’re Safe
1Peter.1.7 REF-Jesus Will Be Revealed To The World
1Peter.1.10a Salvation Intrigued The Prophets
1Peter.1.10b Prophets Foretold The Age Of Grace
1Peter.1.10-11 God’s Holy Spirit Was In The Prophets
1Peter.1.10-11 Surgical Prayer
1Peter.1.11a The Holy Spirit Predicted Jesus’ Suffering
1Peter.1.11b The Holy Spirit Predicted Jesus’ Glory
1Peter.1.11c Messiah’s Arrival Intrigued Prophets
1Peter.1.11d Prophets Were Intrigued At Messiah’s Suffering
1Peter.1.11e Prophets Were Intrigued At Messiah’s Glory
1Peter.1.11f Suffering Leads To Glory
1Peter.1.11 Surgical Prayer
1Peter.1.12a Prophecies Of Grace Weren’t For OT Folks
1Peter.1.12b Prophecies Of Grace Were For Christians
1Peter.1.12ç Grace Was Preached By The Holy Spirit’s Power
1Peter.1.12d Grace Is Wonderful
1Peter.1.12e Angels Watch Grace Happen
1Peter.1.13 REF-Jesus Will Be Revealed To The World
1Peter.1.17 Rewards Are Based On Deeds
1Peter.1.21 REF-God Resurrected Jesus
1Peter.1.22a Obeying The Truth Purifies Your Soul
1Peter.1.22b Obeying The Truth Leads To A Sincere Love
1Peter.1.22c Love One Another Fervently From The Heart
1Peter.1.22 Surgical Prayer
1Peter.2 Chapter Title Slide
1Peter.2.20 Christians Patiently Endure Suffering
1Peter.2.20 Surgical Prayer
1Peter.2.21a Christians Sometimes Suffer
1Peter.2.21b Jesus Suffered As Our Example
1Peter.2.21c Christians Must Suffer If Called To
1Peter.2.21 Surgical Prayer
1Peter.2.22 REF-Jesus Went To Heaven To The Place Of Highest Honor
1Peter.2.23 Christian Suffering Must Not Lead To Revenge
1Peter.2.23 Surgical Prayer
1Peter.2.24 REF-Jesus Carried Our Sins To A Cross To Make Us Dead To Sin
1Peter.3 Chapter Title Slide
1Peter.3.4 A Gentle Spirit Is Precious To God
1Peter.3.7 Spousal Mistreatment Hinders Prayers
1Peter.3.7 Surgical Prayer
1Peter.3.12 Prayer Is A Weapon
1Peter.3.12 Surgical Prayer
1Peter.3.13 Christians Doing Good Are Invincible
1Peter.3.14 God Rewards Suffering
1Peter.3.14 Surgical Prayer
1Peter.3.17a Some Suffer For Doing Good
1Peter.3.17b Some Suffer For Doing Bad
1Peter.3.17 Surgical Prayer
1Peter.3.18 Jesus Came To Suffer
1Peter.3.18 Surgical Prayer
1Peter 3:20 REF-Only 8 Were Saved From The Flood
1Peter.3.20-21 Baptism – Who, How, Why, When?
1Peter.3.21 Baptism Connects You To Salvation
1Peter.3.21a REF-Baptism Is A Response To God
1Peter.3.21b REF-Baptism Is Effective Because Of Jesus’ Resurrection
1Peter.3.21c REF-Baptism Is Correct Response Because Of Resurrection
1Peter.3.21d Baptism Is Living Water
1Peter.3.21 Surgical Prayer
1Peter.3.22 REF-Jesus Is Seated In The Place Of Highest Honor In Heaven
1Peter.4 Chapter Title Slide
1Peter.4.1 Christians Must Be Ready To Suffer
1Peter.4.1a Jesus Suffered
1Peter.4.1b Willing Suffering Reveals A Pure Heart
1Peter.4.1c Unwilling Suffering Reveals An Impure Heart
1Peter.4.1 Surgical Prayer
1Peter.4.2 The Pure-Hearted Live For God’s Agenda
1Peter.4.2 Surgical Prayer
1Peter.4.3a Everyone Has An Evil Past
1Peter.4.3b Some Turn Away From Their Evil Past
1Peter.4.3c Godless Folks Enjoy Evil Things
1Peter.4.3 Surgical Prayer
1Peter.4.4a Christians Abstain From Former Evil Activities
1Peter.4.4b Christians Are Slandered By Evil Former Friends
1Peter.4.4 Surgical Prayer
1Peter.4.5a Your Old Evil Friends Must One Day Face God
1Peter.4.5b God Will Judge The Living & The Dead
1Peter.4.5 Surgical Prayer
1Peter.4.6a God’s Gospel Message Has Been Preached
1Peter.4.6b Everyone Dies
1Peter.4.6c Dead Christians Now Live Forever With God
1Peter.4.6 Surgical Prayer
1Peter.4.7a This Earthly Life Will Soon Cease To Be
1Peter.4.7b Focus On The Important Until The End Comes
1Peter.4.7c Be Disciplined In Prayer Until The End Comes
1Peter.4.7 Surgical Prayer
1Peter.4.8a Show Love For Each Other
1Peter.4.8b Love Covers Many Sins
1Peter.4.8 Surgical Prayer
1Peter.4.9 Be Hospitable To Others
1Peter.4.9 Surgical Prayer
1Peter.4.10a God Gives Spiritual Gifts To All Christians
1Peter.4.10b Christians Use Their Spiritual Gifts To Serve
1Peter.4.10c Serve One Another
1Peter.4.10d Serving Others Shows Them God’s Grace
1Peter.4.11a Some Christians Are Gifted As Speakers
1Peter.4.11b Gifted Speakers Are To Speak Soberly For God
1Peter.4.11c Some Christians Are Gifted In Helping Others
1Peter.4.11d Gifted Helpers Should Help Enthusiastically
1Peter.4.11e Your Gifts Are Designed To Bring God Glory
1Peter.4.11f Your Gifts Will Bring God Glory Forever
1Peter.4.10-11 Surgical Prayer
1Peter.4.12 Christians DO Have Trials
1Peter.4.12 Surgical Prayer
1Peter.4.13 Suffering Makes You Partners With Jesus
1Peter.4.13a Be Thankful For Trials
1Peter.4.13b Trials Link You To Jesus
1Peter.4.13 Surgical Prayer
1Peter.4.15 Suffering For Disobedience Doesn’t Partner You With Jesus
1Peter.4.15 Surgical Prayer
1Peter.4.16 There’s No Shame In Suffering For Jesus
1Peter.4.16 Surgical Prayer
1Peter.4.19 REF-God Created You
1Peter.4.19a Your Suffering Pleases God 
1Peter.4.19 Surgical Prayer
1Peter.5 Chapter Title Slide
1Peter.5.5a Submit To Your Elders
1Peter.5.5b Be Humble Toward One Another
1Peter.5.5c God Opposes The Proud
1Peter.5.5d God Loves Humility
1Peter.5.5 Surgical Prayer
1Peter.5.3-4 Rewards For Leaders Last Forever
1Peter.5.6a Be Humble Toward God
1Peter.5.6b God’s Power Is Mighty
1Peter.5.6c God Honors The Humble
1Peter.5.6 Surgical Prayer
1Peter.5.7a Give All Worries To God
1Peter.5.7b God Cares About You
1Peter.5.7 Surgical Prayer
1Peter.5.8 Satan Is Our Enemy
1Peter.5.8a Watch For Satanic Attacks
1Peter.5.8b Satan Wants To Eat You Alive
1Peter.5.8 Surgical Prayer
1Peter.5.8-9 WEAPON 8-Submit To God & Resist Evil
1Peter.5.9 All Christians Suffer
1Peter.5.9 Surgical Prayer
1Peter.5.10 Christians Endure Suffering
1Peter.5.10 Surgical Prayer
1Peter.5.14a Greet One Another In Love
1Peter.5.14b Spread Peace To One Another
1Peter.5.14 Surgical Prayer
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