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1Kings.1 Chapter Title Slide
1Kings.1.39a Zadok Anointed Solomon As King
1Kings.1.39b Anointing Oil Kept In Tabernacle
1Kings.1.39c Anointing Oil & Tabernacle Sacred
1Kings.1.39d Anointing Is A Reason To Rejoice
1Kings.2 Chapter Title Slide
1Kings.3 Chapter Title Slide
1Kings.3.1 REF-Solomon Made An Alliance With Egypt
1Kings.3.5 REF-God Came To Solomon In A Dream
1Kings.4 Chapter Title Slide
1Kings.5 Chapter Title Slide
1Kings.6 Chapter Title Slide
1Kings.6.1 REF-God’s Power Delivered Israel From Egyptian Slavery
1Kings.6.1a REF-Solomon Began Temple Construction 480 Years After Egypt
1Kings.7 Chapter Title Slide
1Kings.8 Chapter Title Slide
1Kings.8.9 REF-The 10 Commandments Were In The Ark Of The Covenant
1Kings.8.30 REF-God Hears Our Prayers From Heaven
1Kings.8.32 REF-God Hears & Judges From Heaven
1Kings.8.34-49 REF-God Hears & Forgives From Heaven
1Kings.8.47 Repent = Turn From Sin & Evil
1Kings.8.47-Pray Surgical Prayer
1Kings.9 Chapter Title Slide
1Kings.10 Chapter Title Slide
1Kings.10.28 REF-Solomon’s Horses Were Imported From Egypt
1Kings.10.29 REF-Nations Bought Chariots From Egypt
1Kings.11 Chapter Title Slide
1Kings.11.40 REF-Jeroboam Ran From Solomon To Egypt
1Kings.12 Chapter Title Slide
1Kings.13 Chapter Title Slide
1Kings.14 Chapter Title Slide
1Kings.14.25 REF-King Shishak Of Egypt Attacked Rehoboam In Jerusalem
1Kings.15 Chapter Title Slide
1Kings.16 Chapter Title Slide
1Kings.17 Chapter Title Slide
1Kings.18 Chapter Title Slide
1Kings.19 Chapter Title Slide
1Kings.20 Chapter Title Slide
1Kings.21 Chapter Title Slide
1Kings.22 Chapter Title Slide
1Kings.22.19 REF-God Is Lord Of Heaven’s Armies
1Kings.22.19a God Is Sitting On His Throne
1Kings.22.19b God Is Surrounded By His Armies
1Kings.22.19c God Has Multiple Armies
1Kings.22.20a God Involves Angels In Strategy
1Kings.22.20b God Plans Our Time Of Death
1Kings.22.20c God Listens To Angels Suggestions
1Kings.22.20d God Planned Ahab’s Death
1Kings.22.20e Ahab Was To Die In Battle
1Kings.22.20f Ahab To Die Against Ramoth-gilead
1Kings.22.20-21 God Asks Spirits For Suggestions
1Kings.22.21a Spirits (Demons) Can Access God
1Kings.22.21b Demons Converse With God
1Kings.22.21c Demons Submit To God’s Authority
1Kings.22.21d Demons Advance God’s Agenda
1Kings.22.22a Demons Converse With God
1Kings.22.22b Demons Promote Lies
1Kings.22.22c Lies Often Succeed
1Kings.22.22d Lies Succeed With The Ungodly
1Kings.22.22e Demons Advance God’s Agenda
1Kings.22.22f Demons Are Used By God
1Kings.22.22-23a God Uses Lies Against The Ungodly
1Kings.22.22-23b Satan Has His Own Prophets
1Kings.22.22-23c God Orchestrates The Future
1Kings.22.22-23d God Uses Lying Demons
1Kings.22.22-23e God’s Decrees Are Assured
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