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1John.1 Chapter Title Slide
1John.1a REF-Walk With God In The Light
1John.1a Surgical Prayer
1John.1.5-7 God’s Light Overcomes Satan’s Darkness
1John.1.5-7 Surgical Prayer
1John.1.7a Walk In The Light With One Another
1John.1.7b Have Fellowship With One Another
1John.1.7 Jesus’ Blood Removes Sin
1John.1.7 Surgical Prayer
1John.1.9a Confess All Sin To God
1John.1.9b Confession Brings Forgiveness
1John.1.9c God Is Faithful & Just
1John.1.9d God Is Faithful To Forgive
1John.1.9e God’s Forgiveness Makes Us Clean
1John.1.9f God’s Forgiveness Removes All Wickedness
1John.1.9 Surgical Prayer
1John.2 Chapter Title Slide
1John.3 Chapter Title Slide
1John.3.11 Love One Another
1John.3.11 Surgical Prayer
1John.3.14a Love One Another
1John.3.14b Love Proves Life
1John.3.14c No Love Proves Death
1John.3.14 Surgical Prayer
1John.3.23a Faith In Jesus As God’s Son Is Commanded
1John.3.23b Love One Another
1John.3.23c Jesus Commanded Us To Love One Another
1John.3.23 Surgical Prayer
1John.3.24a God Gave Us Commands
1John.3.24b Obey God’s Commands
1John.3.24c Obedience Connects People To God
1John.3.24d God Gave Us His Holy Spirit
1John.3.24e God Lives In Us Through His Holy Spirit
1John.3.24a Surgical Prayer
1John.4 Chapter Title Slide
1John.4.3a Enemies Can’t Confess Jesus Is Lord
1John.4.3b Enemies Won’t Say Jesus Came In The Flesh
1John.4.3 Surgical Prayer
1John.4.4 Christians Overcome Demon Spirits
1John.4.4b Christians Belong To God
1John.4.4c Satan Is In The World
1John.4.4d God’s Holy Spirit Is In Christians
1John.4.4e God’s Holy Spirit In Christians Is Greater Than Satan
1John.4.4 Surgical Prayer
1John.4.7a Love One Another
1John.4.7b Love Comes From God
1John.4.7c Love Shows That God’s Children Know Him
1John.4.7 Surgical Prayer
1John.4.11 Love One Another
1John.4.11 Surgical Prayer
1John.4.12a Love One Another
1John.4.12b Love Reveals God In Us
1John.4.12 Surgical Prayer
1John.4.12-15 God’s Holy Spirit Lives In Us
1John.4.12-15 Surgical Prayer
1John.4.4 Christians Overcome Demon Spirits
1John.4.6b We Must Distinguish Truth & Error
1John.4.18a Faithful Love Displaces Fear
1John.4.18b Love Is Fearless
1John.4.18c Fear Shows We Don’t Love God
1John.4.18-20 Love & Fear Displace Each Other
1John.4.18-20b Fear Focuses On Punishment
1John.4.18-20c Fear Prevents Perfect Love
1John.4.20 Hating Man = No Love For God
1John.5 Chapter Title Slide
1John.5.2 God’s Children Obey
1John.5.2 Surgical Prayer
1John.5.5 REF-Faith In Jesus Defeats The World
1John.5.6 REF-Baptism Revealed Jesus Christ As God’s Son
1John.5.6a Jesus Christ Is God’s Son
1John.5.6b Baptism Reveals God’s Relatives
1John.5.6c Baptism Reveals Jesus As God’s Son
1John.5.6d Sacrifice Reveals Jesus As God’s Son
1John.5.6e Water Reveals Jesus As God’s Son
1John.5.6f Blood Reveals Jesus As God’s Son
1John.5.6g The Holy Spirit Is Truth
1John.5.6h The Holy Spirit Testifies To Jesus
1John.5.6i REF-Jesus’ Blood On The Cross Revealed He Is God’s Son
1John.5.6j Baptism – Who, How, Why, When?
1John.5.7-8a Jesus Had 3 Unanimous Witnesses
1John.5.7-8b The Holy Spirit Testifies To Jesus
1John.5.7-8c The Water Testifies To Jesus
1John.5.7-8d The Blood Testifies To Jesus
1John.5.9a People Trust Witnesses
1John.5.9b Christians Trust God’s Witness
1John.5.9c Jesus Is Son Of God
1John.5.10a Christians Believe Jesus Is God’s Son
1John.5.10b Unbelievers Say God Lies
1John.5.10c Unbelievers Say Jesus Isn’t God’s Son
1John.5.10d Jesus Is Son Of God
1John.5.19 Satan Rules Earth For Now
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