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1Corinthians.1 Chapter Title Slide
1Corinthians.1.12-16 Baptism – Who, How, Why, When?
1Corinthians.1.13 REF-Baptism Is Done Calling On Jesus
1Corinthians.1.18a REF-The Message Of The Cross Is Foolish To The Lost
1Corinthians.1.18b REF-The Message Of The Cross Is Power To The Saved
1Corinthians.2 Chapter Title Slide
1Corinthians.2.7 God’s Plans Are Mysterious
1Corinthians.2.9 Can We Know About Heaven?
1Corinthians.2.9-10a The Spirit Reveals Heaven
1Corinthians.2.9-10b The Spirit Shows Heaven To Christians
1Corinthians.2.9-10c The Spirit Reveals God’s Secrets
1Corinthians.2.10 Christians Can Know About Heaven
1Corinthians.2.11a Everyone Has A Spirit
1Corinthians.2.11b Your Spirit Knows Your Thoughts
1Corinthians.2.11c God Has Thoughts
1Corinthians.2.11d The Spirit Knows God’s Thoughts
1Corinthians.2.11e Christians Can Know God’s Thoughts
1Corinthians.2.12a Christians Don’t Have The World’s Spirit
1Corinthians.2.12b Christians Have The Holy Spirit
1Corinthians.2.12c The Holy Spirit Is From God
1Corinthians.2.12d The Holy Spirit Helps Us Know God’s Blessings
1Corinthians.2.13a The Holy Spirit Helps Us Teach
1Corinthians.2.13b The Holy Spirit Tells Us What To Say
1Corinthians.2.13c The Holy Spirit Gives God’s Wisdom
1Corinthians.2.13d The Holy Spirit Helps Us Share Spiritual Things
1Corinthians.2.14 Non-Christians Can’t Understand
1Corinthians.3 Chapter Title Slide
1Corinthians.3.3a Don’t Let Sin Control You
1Corinthians.3.5 God Gave Us A Job
1Corinthians.3.5 Surgical Prayer
1Corinthians.3.11a Jesus Is Our Foundation
1Corinthians.3.11b No Foundation But Jesus Will Endure
1Corinthians.3.11 Surgical Prayer
1Corinthians.3.12 Use Whatever You Have To Build On Jesus
1Corinthians.3.12 Surgical Prayer
1Corinthians.3.13 Judgment Fires Will Test Our Work
1Corinthians.3.13a Judgment Exposes Everything
1Corinthians.3.14 Work That Survives Fire Is Rewarded
1Corinthians.3.14a God Will Reward Deeds That Survive The Fire
1Corinthians.3.14 Surgical Prayer
1Corinthians.3.15 Work That Burns Is Not Rewarded
1Corinthians.3.16a Christian Unity Creates A Sanctuary
1Corinthians.3.16b Christians Are God’s Dwelling Place
God’s Holy Spirit Lives In Christians
1Corinthians.3.17a God Has The Power To Destroy
1Corinthians.3.17b God Protects The People He Lives In
1Corinthians.3.17c God Destroys Enemies Of His People
1Corinthians.3.17d Christians Are God’s Dwelling Place
1Corinthians.3.17e Christians Are God’s Temple
God’s People Are Holy
1Corinthians.4 Chapter Title Slide
1Corinthians.5 Chapter Title Slide
1Corinthians.6 Chapter Title Slide
1Corinthians.6.9 Practicing Homosexuals Miss Heaven
1Corinthians.6.9-11 Sexual Sinners Miss Heaven
1Corinthians.6.11 The Holy Spirit Makes Us Holy
1Corinthians.6.11 Surgical Prayer
1Corinthians.6.13b-14 Resurrection Is a Reason For Morality
1Corinthians.6.14 REF-God Resurrected Jesus
1Corinthians.6.18a Avoid Sexual Sins
1Corinthians.6.18b Sexual Sins Are Different
1Corinthians.6.18c Non-Sexual Sins Don’t Affect The Body
1Corinthians.6.18d Sexual Sins Do Affect The Body
1Corinthians.6.19a The Holy Spirit Lives In A Temple
1Corinthians.6.19b A Christians Body Is A Temple
1Corinthians.6.19c The Holy Spirit Lives In Christians
1Corinthians.6.19d The Holy Spirit Is A Gift From God
1Corinthians.6.19e The Holy Spirit Owns You
1Corinthians.6.20a God Bought You
1Corinthians.6.20b God Paid A Lot For You (Jesus)
1Corinthians.6.20c Honor God With Your Body
1Corinthians.7 Chapter Title Slide
1Corinthians.7.5 Don’t Deprive One Another Of Sex In Marriage
1Corinthians.7.5 Surgical Prayer
1Corinthians.7.31a Don’t Cling To The Things Of This World
1Corinthians.7.31b The Things Of This World Are Temporary
1Corinthians.7.31c This Post-Flood Earth Won’t Last
1Corinthians.7.31 Surgical Prayer
1Corinthians.8 Chapter Title Slide
1Corinthians.8.6a REF-God Created Everything
1Corinthians.8.6b REF-God Created Everything Through Jesus
1Corinthians.9 Chapter Title Slide
1Corinthians.9.19a Christians Are Free
1Corinthians.9.19b Freedom Allows You To Serve Others
1Corinthians.9.19c Serving Others Wins Them To Jesus
1Corinthians.9.19 Surgical Prayer
1Corinthians.9.20a Jews Submit To Mosaic Law
1Corinthians.9.20b Become Like A Jew To Win Them To Jesus
1Corinthians.9.20 Surgical Prayer
1Corinthians.9.21a Gentiles Don’t Submit To Jewish Law
1Corinthians.9.21b Paul Ignored Jewish Law To Win Gentiles
1Corinthians.9.21c Paul Adapted To Win Others To Jesus
1Corinthians.9.21d Christians Must Obey Jesus
1Corinthians.9.21 Surgical Prayer
1Corinthians.9.22a Paul Adapted To Win Others To Jesus
1Corinthians.9.22b Paul Focused On Serving Others To Save Them
1Corinthians.9.22 Surgical Prayer
1Corinthians.9.23a Paul Focused On Sharing The Gospel
1Corinthians.9.23b The Gospel Is A Blessing To Everyone
1Corinthians.9.23 Surgical Prayer
1Corinthians.9.24 Run To Win The Prize From God
1Corinthians.9.25 Train Hard For An Eternal Crown
1Corinthians.9.26 Focus On The Goal
1Corinthians.9.27 Don’t Be Disqualified From Heaven
1Corinthians.10 Chapter Title Slide
1Corinthians.10.1-3  Baptism – Who, How, Why, When?
1Corinthians.10.2 REF-All Followers Of Moses Were Baptized
1Corinthians.10.11a Bible Stories Show How God Works
1Corinthians.10.11b Bible Stories Are Examples To Us
1Corinthians.10.11c Bible Stories Are There To Teach Us
1Corinthians.10.13a Everyone Is Tempted By The Same Things
1Corinthians.10.13b You Can Trust God
1Corinthians.10.13c Temptation Won’t Exceed Your Ability To Overcome
1Corinthians.10.13d You Will Be Tempted
1Corinthians.10.13e When You Are Tempted God Provides A Way Out
1Corinthians.10.13 Surgical Prayer
1Corinthians.10.14a Don’t Worship Idols
1Corinthians.10.14b Love God Above All Else
1Corinthians.10.19-20 Demons Accepted Food Sacrifices
1Corinthians.10.21a Satan Has His Own Communion
1Corinthians.10.21b God Won’t Allow Dual Citizenship
1Corinthians.11 Chapter Title Slide
1Corinthians.11.33 Wait For One Another (Esp. During Lord’s Supper)
1Corinthians.11.33 Surgical Prayer
1Corinthians.12 Chapter Title Slide
1Corinthians.12.3 Only Christians Can Say, “Jesus Is Lord”
1Corinthians.12.3 Surgical Prayer
1Corinthians.12.4a The Holy Spirit Is The Source Of All Spiritual Gifts
1Corinthians.12.4b There Are Different Kinds Of Spiritual Gifts
1Corinthians.12.4 Surgical Prayer
1Corinthians.12.7a The Holy Spirit Is Visible In Christians
1Corinthians.12.7b The Holy Spirit’s Gifts Help Everyone
1Corinthians.12.8a The Holy Spirit Gives Wisdom To Some
1Corinthians.12.8b The Holy Spirit Gives Knowledge To Some
1Corinthians.12.9a The Holy Spirit Gives Faith To Some
1Corinthians.12.9b The Holy Spirit Gives Healing To Some
1Corinthians.12.10a The Holy Spirit Gives Power To Some
1Corinthians.12.10b The Holy Spirit Gives Miracles To Some
1Corinthians.12.10c The Holy Spirit Gives Discernment To Some
1Corinthians.12.10d Some Messages Are From God
1Corinthians.12.10e Some Messages Are From Demons
1Corinthians.12.10f The Holy Spirit Gives Languages To Some
1Corinthians.12.10g The Holy Spirit Gives Interpretation To Some
1Corinthians.12.11a The Holy Spirit Has A Mind
1Corinthians.12.11b The Holy Spirit Makes Choices
1Corinthians.12.11c The Holy Spirit Chooses Individual Gifts
1Corinthians.12.11d Gifts Are From The Holy Spirit
1Corinthians.12.11e Achievements Are From The Holy Spirit
1Corinthians.12.11f Abilities Are From The Spirit
1Corinthians.12.12-13 Baptism – Who, How, Why, When?
1Corinthians.12.13 Baptism Unites Christians
1Corinthians.12.13b REF-There Is Only One Baptism
1Corinthians.12.13c REF-Baptism Joins You To The Holy Spirit
1Corinthians.12.13d REF-Baptism Unites All Believers
1Corinthians.12.13e Baptism Is The Sign Of A Covenant With God
1Corinthians.12.13 Surgical Prayer
1Corinthians.12.25a Care For One Another
1Corinthians.12.25b Lack Of Care For One Another Causes Division
1Corinthians.12.25 Surgical Prayer
1Corinthians.12.26 Christians Suffer Together
1Corinthians.12.26 Surgical Prayer
1Corinthians.13 Chapter Title Slide
1Corinthians.13.8a Love Will Never End
1Corinthians.13.8b Prophecy Will End
1Corinthians.13.8c Tongues Will End
1Corinthians.13.8d Knowledge Will End
1Corinthians.13.8e Prophecy, Tongues, & Knowledge All Have Same Future
1Corinthians.13.8f If Prophecy, Tongues, & Knowledge Still Exist, They All Do
1Corinthians.13.8 Surgical Prayer
1Corinthians.13.9-10a Knowledge & Prophecy Are Currently Incomplete
1Corinthians.13.9-10b When The Perfect Arrives, Knowledge & Prophecy End
1Corinthians.13.12a Our Current Knowledge Is Incomplete (BEFORE Perfect comes)
1Corinthians.13.12b Our Future Knowledge Will Be Complete (AFTER Perfect comes)
1Corinthians.14 Chapter Title Slide
1Corinthians.14.1a Give & Show Love To All
1Corinthians.14.1b Desire & Pray For Spiritual Gifts
1Corinthians.14.1c Especially Desire & Pray For The Gift Of Prophecy
1Corinthians.14.1 Surgical Prayer
1Corinthians.14.2 God’s Spirit Is Powerful & Mysterious
1Corinthians.14.2a Speaking In Tongues Is Confusing To People
1Corinthians.14.2b Speaking In Tongues Unveils Truth Before God
1Corinthians.14.2c The Gift Of Tongues Is Only Understood By God
1Corinthians.14.3a The Gift Of Prophecy Strengthens Others
1Corinthians.14.3b The Gift Of Prophecy Encourages Others
1Corinthians.14.3c The Gift Of Prophecy Comforts Others
1Corinthians.14.4a Speaking In Tongues Only Strengthens The Speaker
1Corinthians.14.4b The Gift Of Prophecy Strengthens The Entire Church
1Corinthians.14.12a Christians Should Want Spiritual Gifts
1Corinthians.14.12b Some Spiritual Gifts Are Better Than Others
1Corinthians.14.12c Some Spiritual Gifts Strengthen The Church
1Corinthians.14.12 Surgical Prayer
1Corinthians.14.13 Interpreting Tongues Is Better Than Speaking In Tongues
1Corinthians.14.14 Praying In Tongues Does Nothing For You Mentally
1Corinthians.14.15a Praying In Tongues Happens By The Holy Spirit
1Corinthians.14.15b Praying In Tongues Is OK For Us To Do
1Corinthians.14.15c Praying With Your Mind Is OK For Us To Do
1Corinthians.14.15d Singing In Tongues Happens By The Holy Spirit
1Corinthians.14.15e Singing In Tongues Is OK For Us To Do
1Corinthians.14.15f Singing With Our Minds Is OK For Us To Do
1Corinthians.14.16a Don’t Honor God With Tongues Alone
1Corinthians.14.16b Tongues Confuse Non-Christians
1Corinthians.14.16c Some Christians Won’t Be Able To Speak In Tongues
1Corinthians.14.16d Tongues Confuse Christians With Other Spiritual Gifts
1Corinthians.14.16e It’s OK To Use Tongues, But Limit It
1Corinthians.14.16 Surgical Prayer
1Corinthians.14.17 Tongues Glorify God, But Not All Who Don’t Understand
1Corinthians.15 Chapter Title Slide
1Corinthians.15.2 God Rescues All His Friends
1Corinthians.15.4 REF-Prophets Predicted Jesus’ Resurrection
1Corinthians.15.12 REF-Some Say There Is No Resurrection
1Corinthians.15.13 REF-Doubting Resurrection Means Doubting Jesus
1Corinthians.15.15 REF-Doubting Resurrection Means Doubting Jesus
1Corinthians.15.16 REF-Doubting Resurrection Means Doubting Jesus
1Corinthians.15.21 REF-Resurrection Began Through The Man Jesus
1Corinthians.15.23 REF-Resurrection Order: 1-Jesus, 2-Christians
1Corinthians.15.24a Jesus’ Power Trumps All Others
1Corinthians.15.24b The Kingdom Will Belong To God
1Corinthians.15.25 Jesus Will Rule His Enemies
1Corinthians.15.26 Death Is A Temporary Enemy
1Corinthians.15.27 God Gave Jesus Authority
1Corinthians.15.27 Surgical Prayer
1Corinthians.15.28 God Gave Jesus Authority Over Everything Everywhere
1Corinthians.15.28 Surgical Prayer
1Corinthians.15.32 REF-No Resurrection Means No Hope For Tomorrow
1Corinthians.15.38 God Chooses Your Heavenly Body
1Corinthians.15.40 There Are Bodies In Heaven
1Corinthians.15.42 Your New Body Will Be Immortal
1Corinthians.15.42a REF-Resurrection First Requires Death
1Corinthians.15.50 Flesh & Blood Not = Kingdom
1Corinthians.15.52b Flesh & Blood Transformed = Kingdom
1Corinthians.16 Chapter Title Slide
1Corinthians.16.1a God Gave Us An Opportunity To Give Back
1Corinthians.16.1b God Gave Us Church Procedural Examples
1Corinthians.16.1 Surgical Prayer
1Corinthians.16.3 Scrolls Recorded Recommendation Letters
1Corinthians.16.3 Surgical Prayer
1Corinthians.16.20 Greet One Another Affectionately
1Corinthians.16.20 Surgical Prayer
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